How to Move your Career to Canada – Relocation Guide

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Are you thinking of how to move your career to Canada, but seems confused about how to make things happen? It is one thing for an individual to decide on relocating to Canada, and then implementing it with the right action. These are two different things that must be put into consideration.

When an individual gets to Canada, he or she might become emotional for the first few weeks or months. Even as a person, there are lots of things that will cross your mind. Sometimes, the thought on how to move your career to Canada can be overwhelming.

The process of relocating in pursuit of one’s career is a gradual step that should be followed sequentially. An individual who has been able to build up his skills and working experience(s) have higher chances of meeting potential employers in Canada.

This will help the employee to maximize his or her job prospects. At this point, the employee needs focus and self-motivation to make his or her dream come to actualization. It is required for one to plan thoroughly before thinking about moving their career to Canada.

๐Ÿ‘‰๐ŸปTips on How to Move Your Career to Canada

The following tips are essential to moving your career to Canada:

1. Research your Career in Canada Job Market:

Research your Career in Canada Job Market

This is the first thing to be done since the major aim of relocating to Canada is for the sake of your career. It is needful to check a job that’s related to your profession for you to know all the requirements or documents regarding the career. Some of these requirements are skills, educational qualifications, certifications, licenses, working experiences, etc. All these must be cross-checked to know either you have a chance of getting a job if you relocate to Canada.

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2. Preparation of Documents:

Preparation of Documents

Getting a credential evaluation will go a long way for you on how to move your career to Canada. The tool offers an avenue for employees to market themselves. In Canada, they have an educational credential assessment in which different employees can use to find out all the credentials that are related to a given career, by employers, and educational institutions. The intending immigrant can do this in his or her country of residence. It is important to note that different organizations have their recognition process, and immigration documents should be available.

3. Have an Online Network:

Have an Online Network

Different online platforms can help you build a large network of like minds. As an applicant, you must do this before thinking about how to move your career to Canada. We have different online networks to meet up professionals in your given career. A good example of this is LinkedIn which has helped lots of persons in connecting with employers from Canada. These people you have in your LinkedIn are capable of giving you the right connection to numerous jobs that are available in Canada.

๐Ÿ‘‰๐ŸปHow can I move to Canada for a Career?

There are two ways you can use to move your career to Canada. The first one is through getting a permanent residence visa, while the other one is by getting a temporary work permit. Every year, nearly 250,000 immigrants are entering Canada to become permanent residents. While on the other hand, the number of employees who come in as temporary residents are 180,000 people, and 170,000 as international students. The people who enter as a permanent resident is through their sibling or relatives who reside in Canada

๐Ÿ‘‰๐ŸปWhat’s the Best Way to Relocate to Canada?

There are three different ways on how to move your career to Canada:

  • Express Entry
  • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)
  • The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

1. Express Entry:

This is an Immigration program skillful workers can use to migrate to Canada, because of their skills they can become permanent residents in Canada. It works based on several factors such as age, language, work experience, education, skills, etc. From there the workers with the right requirements will be chosen. The good thing about this program is you as an employer who is thinking on how to move your career to Canada, can also move your family with you. It has one of the fastest processing times for permanent residence.

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2. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs):

In all the 13 provinces and territories in Canada, there’s an immigration program that is attached to them. The PNPs in these territories can nominate any candidate who will be given permanent residence. The people who are normally nominated are foreign workers with skills and work experiences in fields that require more hands. For instance, a province like Vancouver could be in search of employing software developers. Therefore, foreign employees who are software developers can be nominated for these PNPs to make them stay in Canada permanently.

3. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program:

This program was established in 2017, and it has assisted in bringing foreign workers to Canada’s Atlantic Region. Employers who reside in this area have used it to employed foreign workers to their company. Any employer who employs a foreign worker will also assist them in obtaining immigration support for them to become a permanent citizen in Canada.

๐Ÿ‘‰๐ŸปIs it Possible to Migrate to Canada without Work Experience?

Having work experience in your profession increases your marketability in Canada’s job markets. No employer will like to employ a novice to their company. They believe having someone who is experienced in the job will help in the growth of the company. It is good to have educational degrees and certifications regarding the job, but work experience is also an essential commodity if you are making plans on how to move your career to Canada. An immigrant who has work experience will be able to exude confidence in the Canadian job market.


Moving your career to Canada involves having the right documents and also meeting up with the required criteria. As an individual who is concerned about relocating to Canada, all these tips in this article can play an important role in taking you to your dream country. ย Also, after you mustโ€™ve processed your visa to Canada, you can always check CIC processing time through the Canada and Immigration official website.