How To Remove Dark Circles Fast And Easily

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how to remove dark circles

How several times have you woken up in the morning with the same dark circles as when you are late, even if you had a long and peaceful sleep? Have you ever wondered what they are due to and, above all, how to eliminate them? We explain it to you here. In the meantime, we carry on, and if none of the methods we propose will succeed – or you have little time available – in this video, we will explain how to remove dark circles.

Why do dark circles appear?- how to remove dark circles

By dark circles, we mean that area under the eyes that takes on a darker or even bluish color

Physiologically, the formation of dark circles is given by the vasodilation of the capillaries of the lower eyelids.

But why are they formed?

Many think that dark circles are due only to little rest, but in reality, they can be caused by several factors, including:

  • Incorrect feeding
  • Excessive rubbing of the eyes
  • Stress and insomnia
  • Poor hydration
  • Kidney problems
  • Excessive sun exposure

Having said this, let’s now see how to eliminate dark circles by treating ourselves internally and externally.

Before proceeding, we suggest you some easy and effective natural remedies to combat tired and swollen eyes, also valid in case of annoying dark circles.

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Dark circles: how to eliminate them with natural do-it-yourself remedies

The simplest natural and DIY remedy is cucumbers. Make rest in the freezer two slices of cucumber and lay them on the eyes for a few minutes.

If you have not cucumbers can also use two slices of potatoes, alternatively. Before making this, however, it is advisable to pass a cotton ball soaked in olive oil or cold chamomile around the eyes. An excellent do-it-yourself remedy to eliminate dark circles, it is also an infusion obtained by putting chamomile, mallow, rosemary, and rose petals in hot water. After cooling the mixture, it is necessary to filter it and apply it to the eyes with gauze or cotton pads.

If you have all these ingredients available, you are fine, even two bio chamomile tea bags.

More things you should know on how to remove dark circles

Even pink clay is delicate enough to be used for the preparation of masks suitable for sensitive skin around the eyes. Generally, all clay masks soothe, eliminate toxins, perform an anti-inflammatory action, and balance blood microcirculation, but pink clay, in particular, promotes cell renewal, so it is also suitable for those with more skin. Mature.

Eliminate dark circles with food: top foods!

Nutrition plays a crucial role in countering the appearance of dark circles. In particular, you must not miss foods that contain vitamins C and K. The latter has the fundamental characteristic of being an anticoagulant; that is, it helps the blood not to stagnate.

Where to find them? Kiwis, citrus fruits, grapes, and peppers are particularly rich in them.

However, excesses of alcohol and tobacco should be avoided, which often cause drainage problems .


A valid help against dark circles: creams for the eye contour

If you are looking for help from creams and beauty products then it is important to buy those specific for the eye area , which make use of natural substances – such as caffeine – which are essentially used to deflate and strengthen the capillaries under the eyes. Here are some that may be right for you .

Bags under the eyes

We commonly refer to bags under the eyes as the classic swelling that forms under our eyes. They are an aesthetic imperfection that usually appears with advancing age but can also occur in young people. Among the leading causes of bags under the eyes there is indeed, apart from the advancement of age, our lifestyle. An unregulated lifestyle has only bad influences on our health . The first piece of advice we want to give you to overcome this problem is to get enough sleep. Another cause of bags under the eyes is undoubtedly excessive stress. Even if, in some cases, it is due to a personal predisposition.

As for the bags under the eyes, the watchword is: deflate! It can be done, first of all, by drinking at least two liters of water a day, to drain the fluid in the body. A potato wrap can be a viable solution to the bag problem. Cut them finely and place them on the eye for about ten minutes. Another well-known panacea for tired and swollen eyes is cucumber.