How To Straighten Your Beard Hair?

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beard hair strightning
Searching on ways to straighten your beard hair, get your answers here. Growing your beard is easier than when maintaining it. Some beard forms a dense and bad look when care is not taken and in the process, they may bring problems of hygiene, tangles, and texture. A shaggy beard will give you a bad appearance, self-esteem and also the respect that you deserve won’t be accorded.

Straightening your beard will make you look neat and attractive on appearance. There are different ways of straightening your beard. The method may be natural or artificial ways. Beard gets curled due to different reasons which include genetics, not taking care of the beard, not drying your beard properly, and not combing your beard.

Reasons Why Your Beard Get Curly 

1. Genetics

It may not be your fault to have a curly beard. You may have inherited from your family member more so your father, mother, grandfather or any other person that you are bloodily related. The first reason why your hair gets curly is the placement of your hair follicle. The second reason is the form of hair-strand.

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 2. Not taking enough care of your beard

Having a straight and shiny beard means that good care is given to it. You should always be taking care of your beard every time. Taking care means using the required ingredients which include hair jelly or lotion, proper drying, avoid using hot water and others.

 3.  Not using a beard brush or beard comb

Combing your hair using a beard comb and beard brush will help you in straightening your beard giving your face an attractive and pleasing appearance.

4. Using products that make your beard soft

Some products we use to cause damage instead of helping us. Using shampoo strips-off the natural sebum-oil from the skin which assists in moisturizing your hair-strand. However, shampoo shouldn’t be used regularly to prevent damaging one’s sebaceous glands.

How To Straighten Beard Hair in a Natural Method


Making your beard hair straight shouldn’t be an issue because there are so many simple ways of straightening it. Here are some of the natural ways.

1. Use of natural oils

Sebum oil is one of the most important products in beard development. The product helps in providing your beard with the moisture it needs. Also one can use beard-balm, which is denser and it will make your beard straighter. Other oils that are more preferred to your beard are coconut oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil.

2. Diet

You are what you eat. The food we take will generally affect our health and also affect the health of your beard. Eating a well-balanced diet will contribute to the general health of your hair by making it strong. Your hair will curl due to a lack of sebum. This can be eliminated by consuming foods with Vitamin C & E. Food rich in Omega 3 and unsaturated fats will also help in the general growth of your beard.

3. Use of Beard Brush & Comb

Beard Brush & Comb are the basic tools that are used in taking care of your beard. Combing your beard will make it straight and attractive. A bristle brush will help deliver sebum oil to your skin and hair making it appear straight and saturated.

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4. Use of Beard Conditioner

Beard Conditioner is also used to straighten your beard hair naturally. The product helps in cleaning the beard and also straightening it.

How to Straighten Curly Beard using a Hair Straightener

Using beard straightening iron to straighten your curly beard may sound exciting although it is not recommended. The method involves indirect heating of curly hair to make them straight. When the warmth is in excess, it may cause damage and breaking of your hair. The process should be done as fast as possible and care should be taken when doing so. After the method is done you should apply beard oil to moisturize your beard.

How to Straighten your Beard Hair in a Chemical Method

Straightening your beard chemically involves the use of beard relaxation-cream.

1. Use of beard hair-relaxation cream

This method is meant to eliminate the curl that is in beard permanently & give one a nice straight-hair. The best thing about this is that no harsh chemicals used hence your skin and hair will be safe. One of the major ingredients used in making this product is almond oil which is used in promoting healthy hair-growth, beeswax which helps in retaining your hair moisture and Shea butter which is utilized in moisturizing and conditioning your hair.

The process of using beard relaxing-cream

  1. Wash your hair and dry it
  2. Divide your hair into small groups
  3. Using protective, apply the cream on every section and evenly
  4. You can use a comb to distribute evenly the cream up to the hair root
  5. Let it stay for about 30-minutes then rinse the beard using water
  6. Use a blow-drier to dry the rinsed beard
  7. Use straightening-iron to straighten the remaining curls on your beard
  8. Use a neutralizer to neutralize cream
  9. Use shampoo to clean your hair and rinse it out
  10. Apply a moisturizer and leave it to stay
  11. After 30-minutes rinse it off
  12. Use a towel to dry your beard
  13. Apply sealer
  14. Blow-dry the beard and that’s all


In summary, you should be delighted with your beard whether it is curly or straight. Remember, the beard makes you appear more attractive than people who don’t have one. Having a beard is a genetic inheritance therefore not all people have it. A well-groomed and straight beard will present you more presentable. If you’ve tried all the ways of making your curly beard straight you can as well shave them off and still, you will be presentable. Everything considered, straightening one’s beards assist one in attaining a slick & better appearance, therefore, you require not to strain on the ground that all things are taken care of & the above article fulfilled as a definitive guide in attaining straightened beard hair.