How to Style a Jumpsuit Using Simple Accessories & Become A Fashion Icon!

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how to style a jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is a very versatile piece of clothing. You can wear it to any event, be it a casual outing with friends, a club, or a formal event. You can even style up a jumpsuit for a wedding! However, you need to know how to style a jumpsuit properly to get away with wearing it to different events. There are so many jumpsuits available that it’s easy to get confused when you want to style it. Every jumpsuit is flattering in a different way. You need to style it properly. in this blog, we will give you some tips on how to style a jumpsuit. So, let’s get into it!

Different Ways to Style a Jumpsuit

You can style a jumpsuit in multiple ways. The main step to styling any sort of clothing is accessorizing it. You can start with the basic purse/clutch. After that, you can focus on shoes, jewelry, etc. The key step is not to overdo it. Let’s look at some of the best tips below.

how to style a jumpsuit

1. Jumpsuit with a Jacket

The best way to accessorize a jumpsuit is by layering it. A jumpsuit is technically a single piece of clothing that covers you from the top to the bottom. It has no dimensions and can look flat.

The best way to change that is by adding more layers of cloth. Start by pairing your jumpsuit with a jacket. If you are wearing a casual printed jumpsuit, you can add a denim jacket to it. It’s a good thing if the jacket is cropped because it will flatter your body type. If you’re wearing a formal jumpsuit, you can layer it by adding a blazer. It will make you look more complete and formal.

2. Jumpsuit with a Bag/Purse

As we said before if you are trying how to style a jumpsuit, the best way is to start with a bag/purse. Look through your collection of bags/purses. Try on different purses with your outfits and what seems more convenient. If you are going for brunch with friends or just casually hanging out, a tote bag or a small clutch will do the trick.

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A formal event calls for a sling bag. A party, however, means a very secure shoulder bag so you don’t lose your things. Try matching the purse to your outfit and you’re good to go. And if you’re confused, just go with a black bag! Always works.

3. Jumpsuit with High Heels

Shoes are the most important thing when it comes to wearing jumpsuits. A jumpsuit can be a full-length jumpsuit that covers your feet, or a short, cropped jumpsuit that cuts off at the ankles.

For a full-length jumpsuit, wearing high heels is a must. It will make you look more put together and will give you that extra boost of height. If it’s an ankle-length jumpsuit, try to go for stilettos or kitten heels. Don’t opt for big, chunky heels. Sleekness and minimalism is the thing to keep in mind while styling ankle-length jumpsuits.

4. Jumpsuit with Boots

If you want to go for an edgier look, style your jumpsuit with boots. Boots can go with every outfit, even jumpsuits, if you style them correctly. For a shorter jumpsuit, you can wear ankle-length boots like Chelsea boots. It’s a bit reserved and formal and you’ll still look stylish and effortless without overdoing it.

If you’re wearing a full-length jumpsuit, try going for the boots with the biggest heels. It will create the most flattering silhouette on you. If you are a bit daring, we’d advise you to pair your jumpsuit with combat boots. It’s going to look very alternative and you’ll surely get a lot of compliments.

5. Skinny Jumpsuits

Styling skinny jumpsuits can be a bit hard. Skinny jumpsuits are those which cover your entire body and hug every curve. Your entire shape is on display in a skinny jumpsuit. You have probably seen that on red carpet events worn by celebrities. So, how do they style it?

The key is to keep things simple. Your outfit is the star of the show. You cannot overdo it with accessories. So keep it simple. Try going for a small heel and a small purse. Keep the jewelry simple. A small necklace and some hand accessories will do. Keep the makeup natural as well. If you want the jumpsuit to flatter your body, you can wear a body shaper/spanx underneath. It will accentuate your curves.

6. Jumpsuit with Sneakers

Another way to style your jumpsuit is with sneakers. Now, you cannot pair every jumpsuit with a sneaker as it will look odd and out of place. So start by putting on a very casual jumpsuit. It can be a cropped jumpsuit with any print. Try going for casual prints like stripes or flowers. Then pair it with a sneaker of your choice. The best sneakers which go with jumpsuits are New Balance sneakers, the Jordan AF1, and the classic Chuck Taylor.

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7. Flared Jumpsuit

Styling a flared jumpsuit is a challenge. A flared jumpsuit is very long and gives off a retro vibe. So if you don’t want to look like you came out of the 70s, follow these styling tips. Flared jumpsuits are best with high chunky heels. It highlights the flared bottoms and makes you look taller as well. You can also pair your flared jumpsuit with a hat of your choice. A small clutch is enough to complete the look. Remember not to overdo it because a flared jumpsuit can look like a costume easily.

how to style a jumpsuit

8. Jumpsuit with Belt

A belt is a very beautiful and versatile accessory. Any piece of clothing gets elevated with the right belt. So choose your belt wisely. If you’re going for a formal event, keep the belt minimal. If you’re going for that edgy, alternative look, you can go for a chunky leather belt. Sometimes a good-looking and well-fitted belt is all the accessory you need.

how to style a jumpsuit

9. Jumpsuit with Tank Top

If you’re trying to layer your jumpsuit, try a tank top. We have seen layering with a jacket. Now, you can also use a tank top to layer and bring dimensions to your look. If you are wearing a jumpsuit that has a sleeveless upper body, try wearing a tank top underneath. It’s very versatile and can transform your outfit in a minute.

Frequently Asked Question Section

1. What looks good on a jumpsuit?

Anything can look good on the jumpsuit. It can be a simple button-down shirt, a denim jacket, a corduroy jacket, or even a leather jacket. The key is what type of jumpsuit you pair with the jacket.

2. How do you make a jumpsuit look classy?

A jumpsuit can look classy easily. You just need to pair it with the right accessories. Try going for minimal gold jewelry and black/silver accents. It’s going to elevate the good and give it a high-class finish.

3. What body type is best for jumpsuits?

Any body type can wear jumpsuits. There is no such ideal body type for a jumpsuit. So if you want to wear a jumpsuit, go for it!

4. Do you wear a shirt under your jumpsuit?

Yes, you can wear a shirt under your jumpsuit. It’s called layering and it will make your outfit look better. It will also make a boring jumpsuit not so boring.

Conclusive Insights

So, we have come to the end of this blog. I hope that everyone reading finds these tips helpful. These are really easy tips to follow and if you follow them correctly, you’ll see a visible change in your simple outfits. So, next time you decide to wear a jumpsuit, style it according to our tips and see the magic happen!