How to Turn Off Location on Snapchat?

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how to turn off location on snapchat

Are you looking out for ways how to turn off location on Snapchat? Well, read on to learn about everything you need to know about Snapchat and some surrounding things that might be really helpful!

how to turn off location on snapchat

Snapchat’s Custom Maps

With Snapchat’s Custom Maps, you’ll find your friends’ anyplace they’re within the universe. It is a terrific social tool for a few individuals. However, it’s downright alarming for others. particularly the aged, since it’s a threat. concerning the safety of their young children that use the app.

You should activate “Ghost Mode” on Snapchat to prevent geolocation watching.

Snapchat’s Ghost Mode helps to cover your position from acquaintances. so that they cannot see wherever you’re on the map.

Additionally, you’ll disable geolocation information by disabling location access. You can try this within the configuration of your iPhone or Android handset.

Snaps are solely uploaded to the map once an individual selects to publish them to “Our Story” rather than “My Story”. Though you’ll still be able to read a user’s location on Snapchat. These days, we can help you specialize in how to turn off location on Snapchat and everything concerning it.

What is a Snap Map?

To put it in our own way, Snap Map effectively makes it simple to share your whereabouts. You can try this with all of your contacts or simply a particular cluster of friends. This, at the same time, permits you to navigate around a true map to examine wherever your friends are. You’ll choose whether or not to disclose your position after you activate the feature within the upgraded Snapchat app.

According to the claim, the goal is to encourage people to interaction with their contacts. Instead of simply using Snapchat to look at their habits. However, we do not believe Snapchat can ever actively urge its members to prevent victimization of the app. In fact, by forcing users to open Snapchat so as to examine their friends. Snapchat is paradoxically forcing them to utilize the service.

You may quickly find your buddies on a Snap Map if they share their locations with you. You’ll begin by searching for their Actionmoji. They’re going to seem to you like an empty Bitmoji silhouette if their Bitmoji profile isn’t connected. Simply tap the situation data icon in the bottom-left corner of the map screen. This may bring you back to your actual place.

Any crony you see on the screen is clicked on to open a discussion. You’ll additionally check the most recent time their position has changed. Tap search at the top of the screen and enter a friend’s name to seek them out. Breezy and simple.

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Now, let’s see how to turn off location on Snapchat.

What Is The Distinction Between Live Location And Snap Maps?

While this function permits you to look at your contacts’ positions on the Snap Map. You simply have a broad notion of wherever they are. As a result, their geolocation keeps ever-changing. It updates timely once their Snapchat map is active. Use Snapchat’s Live Whereabouts feature, providing, you would like a friend or member of your family to be able to follow you. It provides the correct position.

Give a friend access to your location at any time. You can avail yourself this for fifteen minutes, an hour, or eight hours by getting to their account Live Location. In an exceedingly long chat session, you and also the contact will keep track of your position data.

When you are traveling, going out for dinner, or catching up with friends and family, this is often for you. It’s designed to act as a “buddy system” to supply you and your dear ones with happiness and contentment that you’re safe. For confidentiality reasons, you can stop the geolocation watch at any time. This feature does not inform the opposite party.

Keep reading to find out how to turn off location on Snapchat.

Even when you’ve exited the Snapchat app, Live Location still exposes your actual position.

Who Will See Where I Am?


You can choose with whom you share your whereabouts on Snap Map as a result of its opt-in feature. After you use Snap Map for the first time, you may be prompted to pick your location service for the map. The configuration of geographical preferences can be changed at any time.

Only ME (Ghost Mode): nobody else is going to be able to see wherever you’re on the map. The whereabouts of alternative people are still visible.

My Friends: Any new friends you create, as well as all of your existing friends, are going to be able to see your position on the map.

Choose Friends : To whoever you would like to reveal your whereabouts, choose specific acquaintances. Friends you select are going to be allowed to examine your location. However, they do not understand that you just solely selected them to examine your geographical whereabouts.

If this scares you a small amount. Don’t fret. We’ll teach you ways to turn off location on Snapchat.

how to turn off location on snapchat

How to stop Snapchat from chasing your geolocation?


How to Turn Off Location on Snapchat? Here are 2 other ways you’ll attempt. Each on Iphone and android.


First technique


  1. On your iPhone or Android smartphone, launch the Snapchat application.


  1. Then tap the account image in the upper right corner.


  1. Click the settings button to make changes in the top-right corner.
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  1. Click “See My Location” beneath the “Who will…” column. By design, only your contacts will read your whereabouts.


  1. You’ve got the power to change the “My Friends” predetermined on your geolocation configuration page to “My Friends, Except…” or “Only These Friends…” to settle on people from your Snapchat address book. Opt for one of those decisions.


  1. Click the button at the top right of the screen to activate Ghost Mode. That prevents others from seeing your position. There will be a pop-up window where you’ll choose a length. This may be simply switched on momentarily, but if you would like it to remain on forever, opt for “Until Turned Off.”


  1. Return to Snapchat’s home screen, from which you’ll take photos or videos with your camera turned on. For the map to show, scroll down.


  1. If you’re presently in camera mode, a blue and white Snapchat ghost will be displayed next to your whereabouts. This may ensure that you are roaring in preventing geolocation information. Currently, you’ll access the location services page by sounding the settings icon within the top-right space.


You might even bear in mind it by Snapchat, with a pop-up that says, “Share your location with chosen friends!” By removing Snapchat’s geolocation access, you’ll avoid all this.


Second technique


Preventing Snapchat from making it permissible to watch another profile’s position in the first place is our own way of preventing it from doing so. Here’s a guide on how to turn off location on Snapchat on Android and iPhone. See the following.


The choices you are looking for, though, are similar on each system.


On Android


  1. visit the Account settings on your smartphone, keep scrolling to Applications, then decide it. Then click Snapchat by scrolling down.


Turn off the geolocation information on Snapchat.


  1. when selecting Permissions, close up the slider beside the situation.


On iOS (iPhone or iPad),


The iOS (iPhone and iPad) settings are the same as Android too.


  1. Launch the Configuration app on your iPhone, then navigate down the lowest to seek out the Applications listing. Choose Snapchat.


  1. Amend the Position choices to neverer to forestall Snapmap chasing your position.


how to turn off location on snapchat

Final Thoughts

Snapchat simply proclaimed this new performance recently. That uses your location data in a whole different method. It’s making many folks nervous. Snap Map locates you in real-time and pins your Bitmoji character on a map. Others will enlarge the image and pinpoint your location to the physical address. It’s kind of like Facebook’s Live Location and Apple’s iMessage, but on Snapchat.

Clearly, Snapchat views Snap Map as an agreeable and sensible tool to communicate with friends. However, heaps of parents realize the new performance is downright spooky. The “stalking effect” could be a concern for a few, particularly among younger Snapchat users. Since they will not even fully perceive the results of a tool that endlessly shows their whereabouts. With the assistance of this article, you can now simply know how to turn off location on Snapchat.