Huawei P30 Pro Review

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Huawei P30

Huawei P30 Pro Review

Huawei is the world’s renowned mobile phone manufacturer which is designing and establishing a standard of its smartphones by their larger sizes.

It prepares the mobiles with a larger display and better android performance. Among hundreds of models launched by Huawei, p30 pro is the most recent one which was launched in March 2019. Every time, Huawei manufactures a better model than the former one. Huawei P30 Pro has a larger display with a front HDR camera of 32MP.

One of the most interesting features of this Huawei model is the location of the fingerprint sensor; it is present at the bottom of the display that is a very reliable place with the user’s comfort. Every time companies manufacture smartphones, keep the easiness of their clients in mind.

Another rare hallmark of this phone is its 15W wireless charging which is user friendly. Talking about its memory, it has 8GB RAM. And when users have the different likeness of the colours, Huawei offers a range of fascinating colours.

Huawei p30 pro is available in aurora, amber sunrise, breathing crystal, black and pearl white colours.


Huawei has come up with dual-glass and a unique arrangement of cameras on its back. Moving from top to bottom, the first snapper is 20MP sensors with the ultra-wide lens, the 2nd position in this row is taken by 40MP sensors with optical image stabilizer (OIC) and at the end is 8MP sensor with OIC. Another sensor of 80 megapixels resides in the right position to the camera plate.

Huawei p30 pro design

Among all Huawei models, p30 pro has the largest display of 6.47 inches. It has a curved display frame on longer sides and a flat bottom. Though it is slippery, users should handle it with great care.

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It is offering a wonderful range of colours like aurora, amber sunrise, breathing crystal, black and pearl white amongst these, the aurora is the signature colour which will definitely be responsible for buyer’s crowd.

Most amazingly, p30 pro is waterproof. It seems to be more user friendly and also safe when used in rain. The screen is scratch-resistant.

A super-fascinating feature of this mobile is the absence of headphone jack and screen acts as earphone during the call. Isn’t it amazing? The sound producer is just 2cm beneath the front camera notch. In fact, the display also animates to tell the listener where to place his ears for a better experience. One thing that is different from earphone is that it produces a deeper sound and least dispersion of sound can be enjoyed even in club and noise because of the bone conduction sound technology.

Huawei P30 pro

There is only a single notch on the front display accommodating a single selfie camera. The fingerprint sensor is located at the back bottom of the phone body. This sensor is fastest among this type of sensor ever recorded. Whenever you hold the phone to unlock, this sensor is enlightened.

Its screen resolution is only 1080 pixels. Rather we can see the objects on the screen in a good manner.

At the bottom of p30 pro, there is a single unit of the speaker at the left side of USB-C port. The hybrid sim slot is accommodated at the right of USB-C port. The speaker is conventionally the same for all models of Huawei pro; 3.5mm audio port.

Because of its curved edges and display, it looks thinner than actually it is. This mobile is quite heavier having the weight of 192grm.


Huawei p30 pro is running the android pie 9. Its launcher is EMUI. It got a new version of 9.1. Day by day, Huawei is doing better regarding UI and it has been polished now. Of course, things are made possible by having a consistent struggle for them.

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This EMUI 9.1 version brings a lot of reasonable changes in every phone which is upgraded to this version.  EMUI 9.1 introduces a new file system EROFS; ERO file system which freed the storage taken by system files b 20%, brought 10% betterment in app startup, 3x shoot up in random reads. It has a stunning upgrade to Huawei share too which can share files to the PC faster and print them wirelessly.

Its other key features include GPU Turbo 2.0 support and a new password vault. Further talking about the changes in features EMUI 9.1 introduced, you can clearly see the optimizer app which was first known as phone manager. By this application, you can have access to virus scan which is boosted up by Avast, storage cleanup, blocked numbers battery settings and data usage.

It has a travel assistant by HiVision and in-house developed digital balance app which is going to be the best feature. By this balancing application, we are warned whether we have to use the phone less or no more use. Meaning, it tells us how much we are using any app. If a user or a kid uses any application, the application will be blocked and the second option is that the screen will be made monochromatic at the alarming condition.

This software has an efficiently upgraded under-display fingerprint scanner which requires less pressure for scanning. It has a face recognition option and for using this type of security unlock, it would be riskier because anyone can display the user’s picture in front of the camera and the phone will be unlocked.