iPhone 8 How Much – The Price And Its Value On Market

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iPhone 8 how much

This year Apple unveiled three new iPhones. The most revolutionary iPhone X. Which will only arrive in October, and iPhone 8, in standard and versions. This is our review of the smallest. This is probably least innovative, of the new smartphones. Apple. However, a phone that is once again a confirmation of the very high quality of Cupertino products. Although perhaps, more than iPhone 8. It would have been right to call it iPhone 7s. This year, the new smartphone adopts a glass rear body and an aluminum frame compared to the past. In this article, you will get a clear conception of iPhone 8 how much? So, let’s start the essay.


 iPhone 8 how much the original price and its market value


There’s also a unique gold coloring that’s arguably the prettiest this year. This is elegant and refines. I’ve always loved glass smartphones. So for me, this is a significant step up from the more slippery aluminum of the past few years. iPhone 8 feels more comfortable with its glass back and offers a generally more solid feel than its predecessors. But let’s talk about the screen. That of the iPhone 8 is the “usual” 4.7-inch screen. The most exciting novelty this year. However, this is the True Tone technology. Which, just like on the iPad Pro. It will adjust the screen tone based on the light conditions to offer better color rendering. Something almost imperceptible in everyday use, but which in the long run becomes comfortable. The panel remains bright and with one of the most faithful color reproduction around.


The design and comparison of the iPhone 8


The screen supports Apple’s 3D Touch technology, which allows new and advanced interactions with iOS 11. And then, under the screen, there is him. Perhaps for the last time on an iPhone: the much-loved Home button with Touch ID attached for fingerprinting. A confirmation that gives security and familiarity, compared to the more particular iPhone X that will give up this element. The Home button is virtual, precisely like that of the iPhone 7: you press it but you don’t push it. The pressure effect is generating through a unique sensor that will give us realistic feedback, but nothing will move. The Home button is integrating, as we said, the second-generation Touch ID, which is still the best solution to unlock the device quickly and safely and authorize payments with Apple Pay or download new apps.

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Graphic performance and others activity


However, the real novelty in the iPhone 8 is the A11 Bionic processor, a chip made by Apple itself that offers better energy efficiency and improved graphics performance thanks to the first GPU made in Apple. The new processor is genuinely unique in terms of pure power: the benchmarks show results even higher than those of the 10.5 “iPad Pro (already mighty. But it will still be difficult, at least for now, to take full advantage of the new device’s power. In daily use, you will not notice substantial differences compared to the iPhone 7. The RAM on the iPhone 8 is 2 GB, and sufficient quantity for a smartphone makes software-hardware optimization its strong point like all its predecessors.

The iPhone 8 is a smartphone that once again does not break with the past. The fourth year in a row, Apple is re-proposing the same winning design already seen in the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 7, albeit with some changes.



Sound Quality and the others characteristics – iphone 8 how much


The audio sector of the iPhone 8 is excellent and once again chooses a double speaker system: one is located at the bottom of the frame, while the other coincides with the ear capsule. This allows the iPhone 8 to reproduce the audio with an unmatched detail in the smartphone field. It reaches a significantly higher volume than that of the iPhone 7, all without distortion.

An exciting novelty is the introduction of Bluetooth 5.0, a standard not to be underestimated that opens the doors to various opportunities, such as the possibility of connecting and managing two audio outputs simultaneously. Bluetooth 5.0 also improves the range and connection stability of Bluetooth devices and reduces battery waste (a significant advantage if you have Apple Watch or AirPods always connected to your smartphone).

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Improvement of camera function


The company of iPhone 8 has also changed the camera on iPhone 8. Even if the most exciting news only arrives on iPhone 8 Plus (and in the future on iPhone X). For example, on the iPhone 8, the Portrait Lightning mode is missing. Probably the cutest novelty that we find on the more expensive models. However, there is also, in this case, some important news. The sensor remains 12 megapixels, and there is an optical image stabilizer. The lens’s aperture is equal to f / 1.8 and guarantees excellent shots in the dark and good blur. The most exciting improvements occur with photos in the dark, which, compared to iPhone 7, seem much less noisy and better lighting management. Only confirmations for the day’s shots among the best that obtained today with a smartphone.


The final verdict on iPhone 8 how much


But it is in the videos that iPhone 8 surprises the most. For the first time on the iPhone (and more generally for the first time on a smartphone). The new little one from Apple manages to capture videos up to 4K resolution 60 fpsSlow-motion is also improved. Which is now possible up to 1080p at 240 fps. With cameras of this level. It is also possible to enjoy the new augmented reality of iOS 11 enhanced by ARKit to the fullest. There are already numerous apps that support augmented reality on the App Store. It give their best on the iPhone 8. I hope now you know well about, iPhone 8 how much. Thanks for your attention.