Is it possible to monitor kid’s computer?

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Youth is far more tech-savvy compare to the previous generations because they have opened their eyes under the immense influence of technology. Over the last ten years, laptop and desktop devices are on the rise and every kid love to have an individual computing device. They use it for a variety of reasons and one of them is for studying. On the other hand, kids and teens use it for the sake of entertainment likewise they watch movies, store their multimedia which they have captured via photo capturing devices. Furthermore, young kids and teens are using laptop and desktop computers running with mac and windows devices for using social media apps and websites. On the other hand, they are well known for social media addiction and for screen time. Therefore, parents want to know is it possible to monitor kids?

Why monitor the kid’s computer?

monitor the kid's computer

There are plenty of reasons behind the tracking kid’s laptop and desktop devices running with mac and windows operating systems. Teens are highly obsessed with computing devices and they used to spend most of their time on laptop desktop machines. They use social media apps and websites and often encounter the stalkers, cyberbullies, bunny hunters, sex offenders and other alike. These are the nightmares that kids can face at any point in time. Therefore, parents should realize that they should keep an eye on their activities on the web browsers and social media platforms of their PCs.

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How to spy on the kid’s computer?


There are plenty of ways that you can find out the web that how you can track someone’s mac or windows PCs. When it comes to tracking all the activities kids perform on the computing machines you have to use parental monitoring software to get the job done accurately and efficiently. Let’s get to know how you can get your hands on the tool that enables you to do surveillance on someone’s desktop device.


Step1: Subscribe computer monitoring app

Use need to use your cell phone or PC connected to the internet and then visit the web browser where you need to search for the best computer spy software. Once you have found it then you need to subscribe to the PC surveillance app. Furthermore, go to the email address that you have provided for subscription and you will get instant credentials in terms of password and ID.

Step2: Get Physical access on target desktop device

Now take the target laptop and desktop computer machine running with mac and windows OS into your hands for a little while and start the process of installation. Once you have ended up with the process of installation then you must activate it on the target laptop device.

Step3: Activate web control panel on the target device

Now use the credentials and get access to the web portal where you can visit powerful features to know what is happening on the kid’s windows and mac device. Moreover, it will benefit you in a way that the target person will not able to know that someones have installed a tracking app for PCs on their device. It works under complete secrecy to the fullest and remains invisible on contemporary computing devices.

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Use computer tracking software features for windows & MAC

Windows monitoring app features

Screen recorder

You can remotely get access to the target windows PC and further record back to back video of the screen and send it to the web portal. You can explore the dashboard and can see the videos to know about the activities.

Website Blocking

Remotely block websites on windows desktop devices if there is the activity of inappropriate websites. You can simply put the URLs into the filters remotely and it could be done.

On-demand screenshots

The end-user can capture screenshots on-demand and schedule multiple screenshots to the web portal where you can see the activities on windows.

MAC spy software powerful features

Users can remotely bug the MIC of the mac laptop device and start remote surround recording listen to the conversations and sounds on mac device.

Camera Bug

You can remotely bug the camera of the mac computer device and get to know who is up to the device.

Keystrokes logging

The end-user can remotely capture applied keystrokes on the target device such as passwords keystrokes, messenger and email keystrokes.


Computer spying software is only a tool of its kind that empowers you to spy on kid’s mac and windows computers to the fullest.