Is Shawn Mendes Marshmallow – Finally revealed

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Is Shawn Mendes Marshmallow

Shawn Mendes’s stage name is Marshmello, like the sugar candy that inspired the massive helmet that covers his head and hides his identity. He is the 6th highest-paid DJ in the world, with a $ 23 million 2018 and highly respected featuring. Marshmello has performed to date at every concert and public outing wearing the famous mask. His real name is Edward Shawn Mendes, born in 92, but in his industry, he knows as Marshmello, the DJ dressed in white with a big helmet shaped like a marshmallow on his head made his identity a mystery until recently. From this content, you will know the answer of Is Shawn Mendes Marshmallow? Let us find the answer together. 

Getting know: Is Shawn Mendes Marshmallow or not?

 His debut was on SoundCloud, wherein in 2015 he enjoyed publishing his works and released “Wavez”, his first unreleased. After a series of small successes, his talent was noticed by the right people. Skrillex promoted “Find Me” on his profiles and from there his name began to spread in the right playlists. In 2016, Shawn Mendes released “Joytime”, a compilation of previously released tracks that debuted in fifth place on the Billboard Dance / Electronic Albums. The album also features “Keep it Mello” featuring rapper Omar LinX. To make his music even more fascinating is the mystery of his true identity, which remained secret until recently. 



Before the reveal, some industry insiders associated his style with Chris Comstock’s, and even Skrillex once approached him, by mistake, calling him Marshmallow Shawn Mendes. In March 2017, at the Electric Daisy Carnival, Marshmello took off his helmet and jokingly revealed that he was Dutch DJ Tiesto. A great friend of the producer. After months of hashtags and social tricks that kept fans in suspense. It was Forbes who confirmed that Marshmello was. Christopher Comstock, an American DJ known on the scene as Dotcom. But Shawn Mendes is the real guy.

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Shawn Mende’s success as a Marshmallow team member – Is Shawn Mendes Marshmallow?

During his short but glittering career, Marshmello has collaborated with some of the most relevant artists of the pop, hip-hop, Latin, and electronic music scene. It is including Zedd, Slushii, Jauz, Ookay, Khalid (“Silence”), Selena Gomez (“Wolves”), Anne-Marie (“Friends”), Lil Peep (“Spotlight”), Logic (“Every day”). The most recently the Bastille (“Happier”). His biggest solo hit, however, is “Alone” (Monstercat), which has garnered nearly a billion views on YouTube alone. His second album was released on June 22, 2018, and is called “Joytime II”

It is a collection of solo songs by the DJ and, despite having qualified at the top of the Billboard Dance / Electronic Albums chart, it has received mixed reviews from critics. Marshmello’s YouTube channel is dedicated to his music and a nice cooking column, “Cooking with Marshmello”, where the DJ prepares small recipes in the company of great artists and collaborators. Currently, his channel boasts have over 11 million subscribers. Recently celebrated with the release of Fly in collaboration with Leah Culver.

The question is finally revealed

Of the many recurring issues of the past twelve months, few have been as nagging as Marshmello’s true identity. Literally out of nowhere, the American artist managed in less than a year to monopolize the world bass scene thanks to an incessant social activity. A handful of mediocre singles (‘Keep It Mello’ feat. Omar LinX and ‘Ritual’ with Wrabel above all) and morbid attention from all the major EDM blogs – Your EDM in the lead.

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After initial skepticism, all the insiders had to surrender to the unstoppable rise of the anonymous white star. After the first moment of disorientation, the issue that took center stage was his identity, his true face. Who is hiding behind the mask? Who is Marshmello? How did it come to be such an explosive success? Legitimate questions with smoky answers. The answer is Shawn Mendes. He is the man of this platform.

What’s inside Marshmello’s helmet? – Is Shawn Mendes Marshmallow

Therefore A few months ago, however, doubts almost definitively resolved. The elusive DJ turned out to be a reincarnation of Chris Comstock aka Dotcom. A version, this, supported by numerous newspapers but never confirmed by the management of the artist or by Marshmello himself.

Therefore Although the mystery was no longer a mystery, interest in him did not seem to diminish. The web wanted at all costs a photo of him without a helmet, irrefutable proof that would hardly have come from official sources. To please the #mellogang we thought the good Feed Me who, struggling with a video on Instagram. Therefore  this inadvertently filmed in the mirror an amused Marshmello without a mask. Thanks Feed Me, now we can all get back to music and stop being investigators.

The Monstercat label with the song

Therefore He made his debut with the Monstercat label with the song Alone, which quickly became a worldwide success. He then begins to tour the globe, periodically releasing new singles and always getting excellent feedback. On 25 October 2017, he collaborates with Selena Gomez in the song Wolves, entering the top 10 in more than twenty countries. After the death of rapper Lil Peep, he released their collaboration, Spotlight, in early 2018. Therefore  He then worked with AnneMarie on the famous single Friends. The song with which he manages to establish himself more in Italy is Happier, a track interpreted by the Bastille. I hope now you clear on Is Shawn Mendes Marshmallow. Thanks for your attention.