Knock Knock Review: Is it Worth Binge Watching?

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knock knock review

If you haven’t heard of the 2015 erotic horror movie “Knock Knock”, you must be living under a rock, or your must count your luck that you did not know about it before. So, If you haven’t watched this movie before, you’re in for a surprise as Knock Know review is going to make you put that movie on your watchlist right away, or might compel you never to watch this movie in your life ever. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it and know more about Knock Knock review!

What is the movie Knock Knock about?

It is an erotic thriller movie directed by Eli Roth. This movie was released on October 9, 2015. It is a revamp of the 1977 movie Death game (Seducers), which was directed by the person Peter S. Traynor. It is produced by Eli Roth, Colleen Camp, Miguel Asensio, Cassian Elwes, Nicolas Lopez.


Before we get into details let’s talk about about Knock Knock review, let’s discuss more about the plot of it!!

Evan Webber, the main character, is a content, married man. He is also an Architect. One day, specifically Father’s Day, Evan is all alone in the house (with their dog, Monkey) because of his work and shoulder injury, and his wife Karen and his children go on a pre-planned family trip, to which Evan couldn’t go. Karen is also an artist, and she leaves her assistant Louis in charge of a very important sculpture that has to be delivered to the gallery because of her art show.

After the wife and kids leave, two women named Genesis and Bel show up in front of Evan’s door during a heavy rainstorm. They tell him that they’re here for a party, but their cell is malfunctioning. So Evan allows them to come inside and use anything they need to get to the party. The girls constantly flirt with Evan as they wait for their clothes to dry. When the Uber called by Evan arrives for them, they come out of the bathroom and start coercing Evan into things he does not want to do. Evan resists for a while, but eventually, he gives in.

What Happens on the Next Day?

The next day, Evan finds out that those two girls have destroyed his wife’s important sculpture. Evan got angry and threatened them with police and told them that he would say that it was a break-in if they did not leave. The girls left, but this was not the end.

Evan comes home to clean after those two girls but gets hit by Genesis with a sculpture made by his wife. The two girls then force themselves upon Evan and threaten to video call his wife and kids if he doesn’t do what they say. Then they proceed to assault Evan sexually and even record it.

Another Side

Meanwhile, Louis, the assistant, arrives to pick up the sculpture, which those two girls have already destroyed. A series of events happen, and Louis dies after he falls and hits his head. The girls then bury both Louis and Evan in Evan’s backyard and make it look like Evan was responsible for murdering Louis. Evan was buried in the hole in his backyard, with only his head sticking out. The girls, in the end, revealed that this was all a game, and they didn’t want to kill Evan. They uploaded the video of them assaulting Evan on Facebook even. After they are finished with Evan, they leave. His wife and kids come home to find him buried on the ground.

knock knock review

Knock Knock Cast

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves plays the role of the main character Evan. This man started his acting career in theatre and small tv films. Then he starred in his debut film Youngblood, which was released in 1986. His breakthrough was in the science fiction movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. After a series of flops, he starred in The Devil’s Advocate and received critical acclaim.  His roles in The Matrix, Constantine, and John Wick are also widely recognized.

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Lorenza Izzo

Plays the role of Genesis. She is an actress and model and has starred in movies like The Green Inferno, Knock Knock, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and Aftershock. She is a Chilean actress and made her debut in an independent film called “Instructions for my funeral.” Used to be married to the director of “Knock Knock”; Eli Roth, and has starred in another one of his movies; “The Green inferno.”

Ana de Armas

Ana de Armas plays the role of Bel. She is a Cuban-Spanish actress and started her career as a lead role in the romantic movie Una Rosa De Francia. She then acted in another drama, El Internado, which ran for six seasons. After moving from Spain to LA, she acted in Hollywood roles, like Knock Knock and War Dogs. However, she had her breakthrough in the Denis Villeneuve movie Blade Runner 2049. She was nominated for a Golden Globe award for her performance in Knives Out, and she won a Saturn Award for the same role.

Ignacia Allamand

She played the role of Karen, Evan’s wife. She is a Chilean actress. Her career began with the movie “Se arrienda.” She became famous in Chile for a Telenovela she starred in. Internationally, she began her career with the movie Aftershock. She then proceeded to work on two movies directed by Eli Roth; The Green Inferno and the movie we’re talking about; Knock Knock review.

Aaron Burns

Played the role of Louis, the assistant. He is an actor, film producer, director, screenwriter, and editor. He is seen to collaborate with Eli Roth frequently.

Colleen Camp

She plays the role of Vivian, Evan’s wife’s friend. She is also a co-producer of this film. Colleen Camp has a minor role, but her role is significant as she starred in the movie Death Game (1977), from which this movie is adapted. She has had lead roles in “The Swinging Cheerleaders,” “Apocalypse Now,” and “The Seduction.”


Knock Knock worst movie ever

It takes a lot for a movie to have extremely bad ratings and reviews. And knock knock is that movie. There are many reasons why it’s a really, really bad movie, and we’ll delve into that in a bit.

The movie has no soul, and it feels like it has been pieced together somehow to make it work, according to critics. The characters have no depth, no particular motive behind their actions, and they are driven to violence by convenience only.

The movie is supposed to make us feel fear and apprehensive of what’s coming next, but the dangerous element of the movie is never fully captured by the director. The audience is not looking forward to what’s going to happen in the movie. It’s a movie completely filled with gruesome moments of torture and sadism, and it might make us question our morality, but at the same time, the repetitive tone of violence makes us lose our interest in the movie.

Character Impact

The characters also have no reasons for their actions whatsoever. We see Evan making some decisions, but there is no context about it that is respected by those two girls. We never understand properly why he does what he does and why this happens to him. The young girls, Genesis and Bel, do this particularly for their own satisfaction, and it’s off-putting, to say the least.

However, we can’t only blame the plot and direction. The acting was equally bad. The actors were disconnected from their characters, which might be because they couldn’t understand their characters in the first place, as most critics and reviews say. The bad acting gives away the plot and takes away the suspense.

So, because of all these reasons, the plot of Knock Knock fails to deliver the erotic thriller suspense it was supposed to give. Critics say that it transforms into a mess by the end, and they’re not wrong.

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Knock knock Ending Explained

The ending of Knock Knock isn’t quite what we anticipated. It is okay to have several questions about what the ending means, and we’ll try to answer it below:

Anyone who has seen Eli Roth’s movies can vouch for the director’s depiction of extreme violence throughout the movie. And he has a tendency to confuse his fans, which is what happened with the movie Knock Knock.

Towards the end of the movie, we see that both of those girls give the impression that they’re going to kill Evan. They even bury him and try to crush his head. But then the plot twist evolves, and we find out that the girls have no intention of killing Evan. It’s just a “game” for them, and they have done this before, multiple times. So, Evan isn’t their first victim. Moreover, they give their reasons for doing this. They say they are doing this for all the women who have been cheated on and humiliated in their relationships.

After the girls are finished with Evan, Karen (his wife) and his children come back. His son looks at the scenario and says, “Daddy had a party.” This line might sound innocent but has an underlying meaning. It shows that Evan’s life is entirely destroyed, and he is about to lose his family. The “party” happened, but it’s a party that Evan did not see coming.

Knock Knock Alternate Ending

Yes, there is an alternate ending for Knock Knock, and some people say it makes more sense than the original one.

The alternate ending of Knock Knock leaves room for a sequel to take place. After Bel and Genesis are done with Evan, they leave the place and take Evan’s dog, Monkey, with them. However, what both of them did not know is that the dog had a tracking device in its collar. So, Evan uses that tracking device to track both of them, and the story takes an opposite direction, with the possibility of Evan taking revenge on Genesis and Bel for what they did to him.

In this alternate ending, it leaves us to ponder that why Genesis and Bel are like this. They might have been through some extreme psychological trauma to behave this way, and that might be their reason to attack people like Evan.

Knock knock rotten tomatoes

In Rotten Tomatoes, Knock Knock has an audience score of twenty percent, and the Tomatometer rate is thirty-eight percent. It grossed $34,000 in the USA. It is rated R.

Critics say that this movie tries to bring a satirical approach to horror, but it fails miserably, and the story becomes repetitive and horrendously campy.

Knock knock- Is it Worth Watching?

We have already established that Knock Knock is pretty gruesome. However, after it came to Netflix, people have been thinking about whether it’s worth watching or you can skip it guilt-free. So, let’s get into details about this blog and tell you whether Knock Knock is worth watching or not!

When it comes to acting, Ana De Armas really shines, as this is her first performance in an English language film. Her character might be poorly written, but she does her best to shine through it. Other actors try their best with what they’re given, but it’s lackluster, to say the least.

Knock-knock is a movie that definitely has the potential to be an extremely thought-provoking psychological thriller. But it’s a movie that got lost trying to navigate the roads of an erotic suspenseful thriller. By trying to give the audience everything, it ended up disappointing the people. But cinephiles understand that this movie can deliver. So, if you’re up for watching a very bleak, gruesome, and triggering thriller movie, then definitely go for it. But if this is not your cup of tea, definitely skip it.

Final Thoughts

We hope Knock Knock review provided you with enough insight into the plot, cast, and how the entire movie unfolds. Now you can easily decide for yourself whether you want to watch this movie or not! And don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below how you liked our blog and what you think about the Knock Knock review!!