Legal Assistance available in case of Cruise Ship Accident

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Sea voyages on cruise ships are also rising (approximately 27 million passengers departing in 2018). Unfortunately, even at sea, it can happen to be the victim of an accident or suffer damage to things, luggage, and vehicles. How are accidents at sea regulated, and in which cases are we entitled to compensation for an injury sustained? If you are injured in a cruise accident or would like to claim damages, please feel free to contact Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer.

What is a cruise accident?

A cruise accident is defined as a shipwreck, collision, aground or capsizing of the ship, an explosion or fire on board, or a defect in the vessel.

If you are injured in a cruise accident, it is essential to have a Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer who knows how to handle your cruise accident compensation claim to review your case. An attorney specializing in cruise ship accidents will carefully analyze your case and define the rules you apply to maximize your compensation.

Different types of damages covered under cruise ship accidents

Passenger death and personal injury in the event of a cruise accident, the person who carries out the transport is always held liable for damage resulting from the death or personal injury due to the passenger’s accident.

  • Damage to valuables, and luggages

The carrier is also liable for damages concerning valuables (gold, jewels, precious, works of art) and the loss of cash, only if these have been deposited with the carrier. The latter has agreed to keep them in a place sure.

Finally, for damage and loss of mobility aids or other equipment intended for passengers with reduced mobility, the carrier must pay compensation corresponding to the replacement value of the equipment or the costs necessary for its eventual repair.

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Also, in this case, for cruise accidents, the carrier’s liability is always presumed. In contrast, for other types of accidents, it is the injured party’s responsibility to prove the fault of the person who carried out the transport by ship.

  • Hand luggage Damage

The delivery service is accountable in the occurrence of loss or harm to the traveler’s hand baggage (hand baggage is that which the passenger has in his cabin or which he has possession, control, or custody; those carried on or off are also included in this category. inside the vehicle).

Whenever there is an accident caused in the cruise the primary faulter is the carrier, presumed. Therefore, the burden of proof for the passenger to obtain compensation consists only in proving that the harmful event occurred during the sea transport and the extent of the damage suffered.

For its part, to free itself from liability, the carrier will have to prove that the accident did not occur through its fault.

In the event of loss and damage to hand baggage resulting from an accident other than a cruise accident, it is up to the passenger to be entitled to compensation to prove that the event is attributable to the carrier’s fault.

Assistance for any cruise accident

Regardless of whether you are a crew member who sustained an injury while working on a boat or a person injured during a cruise ship accident, you may have the right to seek compensation from anyone responsible for your damages. Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer assists victims of all types of accidents at cruise ship in claiming compensation from employers, boat owners, manufacturers, suppliers, and other companies, including cases concerning:

  • Engine room accidents
  • Equipment failure accidents
  • Fall accidents
  • Accidents caused by rigging
  • Accidents to crew members
  • Casualties during the loading of goods
  • Drowning
  • Accidents due to falling from stairs
  • Injuries caused by hooks on, cranes, and winches
  • Exposure to asbestos and benzene
  • Accidents in ports, docks, and terminals
  • Accidents during loading
  • Accidents in the terminal
  • Accidents in the recovery of ships
  • Accidents in shipbreaking
  • Accidents in shipyards
  • Accidents to operators of manipulators
  • Shipwrecks
  • accidents onboard cruise ships and ferries
  • accidents to tourists during short nautical excursions (for example, visits to caves; boat trips; fast transfers)
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Thousands of passengers are injured with cruise ships and ferries each year. Most of them return home and consult local lawyers about their legal rights. If you live in a location where no lawyers specialize in cruise accidents, lawyers may not be aware that most cruise ship contracts and tickets have a one-year statute of limitations. Almost all cruise ships must be filed in the United States by the Confederate Court of Southern Miami. Only a few lawyers who have passed rigorous exams are eligible to practice in federal court.

If you are injured on a cruise ship or port, it is essential to seek immediate help and report the accident. Cruise ships often defend cases based on “no reported cases.” It is also recommended that you consult an experienced Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer immediately to gain access to practice in federal court.