Madison LeCroy Weight Loss: How to Gain Inspiration From This Lady?

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madison lecroy weight loss

Let me ask you this, are you looking for motivation to lose weight or keep a healthy diet? There have been many controversies regarding Madison LeCroy weight loss. But to state the fact, she didn’t have any overweight issues to start this regime, to begin with. What we should follow is her lifestyle and how she managed to keep a healthy diet.

Now give this article a good read. With all the sources, we’ve finally managed to get a hold of her diet plan. Yes, the Star from the reality show – Southern Charm. So, I’d like to bring Madison LeCroy’s diet chart into the spotlight for all of you concerned folks to consider following. Why don’t we get started with the Madison LeCroy weight loss program!

Madison lecroy weight loss

Who is Madison LeCroy?

Now, before we dive right into the diet chart, let’s know a little bit more bout Madison LeCroy.

Madison LeCroy, 31-year-old, the Star of the reality show Southern Charm – Seventh season in 2014. The current beauty we’re talking about, Madison LeCroy, was born on October 6, 1990. She didn’t just appear on the show Southern Charm for a single time, but for three times. Once appeared as a “guest” in the second season and later as a “friend” in the sixth season. Later on, she appeared as a full cast member in the seventh season.

Born to Tara and Ted LeCroy in the city of Greenville, South Carolina. She’s currently shaping her dream to take a solid form. Being a professional freelance makeup artist also hairstylist, she’s now fixated on building and growing her salon downtown: name, Maven.

Coming to the inspiration, she doesn’t inspire us to lose weight but to have a healthy diet. To maintain a fresh day, every day. Now let’s dive right into it and learn about Madison LeCroy weight loss regime. With her fitness diet plan.

The early life of Madison LeCroy

Madison LeCroy also carries the nickname of The Blond Whisperer, a fitness enthusiast. By now we know Madison LeCroy is celebrating her birthday on October 6 and is currently 31 years old. Growing up, she had a clear goal of what she wanted to do and what she WILL do. Madison LeCroy attended the Carolina College of Hair Design. Later she decided to turn into a hair and cosmetic craftsman in Charleston, South Carolina.

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Before she came into the spotlight in 2014, she was engaged to Josh Hughes, and after two years of togetherness, they got separated. And currently, she’s engaged to Brett Randle. Her being fit and enthusiastic about life and is also a mother. A bit hard to believe, right? She’s a mother to Hudson (8-year-old).

Madison Lecroy weight loss

Madison LeCroy Net Worth

So, what’s Madison LeCroy net worth? It was estimated to be $1.5 million according to Exact Net Worth. This 31-year-old incomed with her flourishing hair salon in Downtown Charleston and of course, from being a Southern Charm full-time cast.

Road to the Healthy Life of Madison LeCroy

Right when she gained recognition and became worthy of being highlighted on the news, quite a few health enthusiasts, such as herself, wished to know about her diet. How she’s healthy and what she eats or drinks during the week or month.

Not that she had some serious health concerns about starting the diet, but it’s her choice of life to go about that. Her diet plan consists of no artificial sugar, alcohol, or dairy product. A lot of workouts and exercises. Just some packets of tuna, celery, garlic, avocado, chicken, lots of fruits, and water (remember to keep yourself hydrated, kids).

madison lecroy weight loss

Madison LeCroy’s Diet Schedule

Since we already know what led The Blond Whisperer (Nickname of Madison LeCroy) to have a fine and refined diet, let’s move on to her diet chart.

1. LeCroy at Gym

Madison LeCroy works with her personal trainer, Gunnar Made, to make sure she’s always on top of her shape. Her stories, reels, and posts state that she’s working on herself with Made. The result of the research shows that she didn’t exactly share any routine like a diet chart or plan. But rather, she updated with various stories. And she said, “Day one. No alcohol. No sugar. 29 days to go” Madison LeCroy’s favorite workouts are sidewalks, lunge walks, and donkey kicks. And every of these with a resistant band. She also stated that she never skips leg-day showing off her go-to lower body workout on various Instagram videos and stories. She’s also seen doing squats and using a stair climber.

2. Madison’s Instagram posts

As soon as she started her Plant-based detox, she said, “I started this detox (plant-based diet) at 128.7 & 4 days later I’m 125.6 most importantly the body fat is down”. After emptying her fridge and her quote “Starting from scratch,” Madison LeCroy shared a few of her times and stories on Instagram. Along with that, she let all the world have a peek at her stocked fridge-freezer. Meals that consist of protein and loads of fruit shakes are on the top of her chart. Artificial sugar and carbs are no-go. Supplements such as Omega-3 and cod-fish oil are A-ok on her list.

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She’s shared her meal boxes on her Pinterest album; you can also have a look.

The Diet Plan

Day 1

  1. Two poached eggs
  2. One cup of low-fat milk
  3. One banana
  4. Plain yogurt
  5. Chicken breast
  6. A plate of Garden salad consisting of tomato and onion with a cup of crouton

Day 2

  1. One orange
  2. Large glass of non-fat milk
  3. A turkey sandwich
  4. A cup of low sodium vegetable soup
  5. Five-ounce sirloin steak
  6. Green beans, one cup

Day 3

  1. One medium bran muffin
  2. One cup of black coffee/herbal tea
  3. Low sodium chicken noodle soup with six saltine crackers
  4. One slice of Swiss cheese
  5. 8-ounce serving of turkey breast meat
  6. A cup of cooked kale

Day 4

  1. One cup of whole wheat flake with one cup of non-fat milk and one teaspoon of sugar
  2. One cup of black coffee or herbal tea
  3. One sliced avocado
  4. A cup of non-fat milk
  5. One serving of lasagna
  6. Small garden salad

Day 5

  1. One serving of turkey bacon
  2. One cup of orange juice
  3. One piece of French toast with a tablespoon of maple syrup
  4. A cup of northern beans
  5. An apple
  6. One trout filet

Day 6

  1. One banana
  2. One half-boiled egg
  3. One cup of whole-wheat pasta with one and a half cups of red pasta sauce
  4. Medium garden salad
  5. Four and one-half ounce serving of pork loin
  6. Sparkling water with lemon or lime slice

Day 7

  1. One cup of non-fat milk
  2. One cup of cooked oatmeal with
  3. Six ounces of baked chicken breast
  4. One baked sweet potato
  5. 3 ounce serving of baked or grilled salmon
  6. One cup of brown rice

 Final Thoughts

So, after reading the above discussion, it’s more of a dilemma on Madison LeCroy lifestyle to follow than Madison LeCroy weight loss. As her 8yo son, Hudson joins her fitness quest; all should join too. With a considerate amount of workout and celery juice (as she stated, to keep the skin smooth), follow this conquest of having controlling health.

The Southern Charm 7th season celebrity Madison LeCroy loves to keep everything in shape. Along with making her dream come true. Madison’s been posting about her fitness, diet plan, and lifestyle all on her Instagram account. You can also follow her on Instagram, @madison.lecroy.