Make it TikTok security, at data risk: Protect your data today

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How to add audio on TikTok

TikTok, the chat of the moment very popular among young people and celebrities, grows and becomes palatable even for hackers. It has a security flaw discovered by a group of researchers. It allows potential attackers to get hold of users’ data and videos. The vulnerability corrected by the company to which there are no attacks or violations and to be safe going to update the app. Before using this Chinese app, you have toΒ make it TikTok security. If you are finding the solution, then follow our article.


Make it TikTok security: Secured your app today!

make it TikTok security

But the Italian consumer associations are asking for the intervention of the Privacy Guarantor. The judiciary precisely because it is mainly teenagers who handle the application. Check Point Research researchers discovered the flaw. The same who a few weeks ago identified a vulnerability in WhatsApp, then corrected. They used the chat SMS system to demonstrate how to exploit the flaw. When users download TikTok register on the company website with their phone number. They receive a download link through a message.


The extraction of sensitive personal data

A hacker could potentially enter this step and, pretending to be TikTok, could send users malicious code or direct it to a dangerous site. It can thus carry out operations such as uploading unauthorized videos or deleting. The extraction of sensitive personal data includes name and surname, email address, and date of birth. In late November 2019, researchers informed ByteDance. The company that owns TikTok, of these vulnerabilities, “and a solution has been implemented within a month to ensure that users can continue to use it safely.” Check Point acknowledged that all the critical issues reported were corrected in the latest version of the app before they were made public.



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TikTok is growing the most today

No unusual access methods indicate an attack or violation has occurred,” explained Luke Deshotels of the TikTok Security Team. TikTok is the application that is growing the most today, also posing a threat to Facebook. It launched in 2017 and to date – according to the analysis company Sensor Tower – it has been downloaded a billion and a half times in the world. It is present in over 150 countries, translated into 75 languages. In the United States – where it has been banned by the army that considers it a cyber threat – 60% of the 26.5 million monthly active users are aged between 16 and 24.


Conclusion on make it TikTok security

It is also booming in Italy, where on average, 236 videos published per minute on the chat. Given the growing popularity in our country, consumer associations ask for the Privacy Guarantor intervention and the judiciary considering “a serious fact” the vulnerability itself and the fact that since the end of November, there has been news of it only in these hours. If you are a user of TikTok,Β make it TikTok securityΒ because it helps you secure your data. If you have more information, then don’t forget to email us.


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