Manchurian Recipe: Origin & How to Make It?

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manchurian recipe

If you are a fan of Indo-Chinese food, then I’m sure you haven’t missed out on the delicacy that is Manchurian. Ordering your favorite Manchurian dish is great, but with the recipes, we are going to list below, you can even make them by yourself, at home! But before we get into the Manchurian recipe, let us know a little bit more about what Manchurian is and where it originated.

So, scroll down to know everything about Manchurian and we’re sure that you’re going to be eager to try out the recipe as soon as you finish reading the blog! Let’s dive right in here to see it all!

manchurian recipe

What is Manchurian?

Manchurian is a type of Indo-Chinese food, like chili chicken, chili fish, etc. It is made by deep-frying chicken, gobi (cauliflower), cabbage, egg, or any other type of vegetable, then sautéing it in a pan with soy sauce and other sauces. It was originated in 1975 by Nelson Wang in Mumbai.

The origin story of Manchurian is really something. Well, let’s check out more about Manchurian recipes and more!

Nelson Wang was asked by a customer to create a dish not available in the menu. He started cooking with the typical Indian ingredients like onion, garlic, and chilies. But he replaced the garam masala with soy sauce and then put it in the chicken. Thus, Manchurian was created, and since then, Indians have loved it as a snack or as a side to the main course. This Manchurian recipe has also been changed to incorporate vegetables, fish, and eggs even.

Manchurian Recipes!

Let’s check out what they are:

Chicken Manchurian recipe

Chicken Manchurian is a sweet and sour gravy dish with a hint of spice. Chilli chicken and chicken Manchurian (another well-loved Indo-Chinese dish) are cooked similarly, but they taste different. In chicken Manchurian, the chicken is minced and fried into balls, and a lot of soy sauce is used, unlike chili chicken.


minced chicken (250-500 gram), 1 egg, cornflour (1/4 cup), all-purpose flour, ginger garlic paste (2 teaspoons), green chili, flour, soy sauce (light), schezwan sauce (1-2 tablespoons), green chili sauce (1-2 tablespoons), chili sauce (1-2 tablespoons), minced garlic and onion, salt (per taste), ginger (1 teaspoon), oil


Prep the chicken- take a bowl, and add your egg, ginger garlic paste, soy sauce, ginger, salt. Add the minced chicken, and mix these well. Let it marinate for 20-25 minutes.

Fry the chicken- in the mixture, add your regular flour and cornflour. Mix it with the minced chicken and make balls. Deep fry the Manchurian balls in a pan. Remove the excess oil with a tissue if you need to.

Manchurian gravy- now, for the main part, the Manchurian sauce/gravy. Take a pan, and heat your oil in it. Start by putting your green chilies, ginger, and garlic (chopped), into the pan. Fry it for a minute, and add your onion. Let the onion cook for a while. Then add your sauces (chili sauce, green chili sauce, schezwan sauce). Now, in another bowl, mix a small amount of cornflour and salt. Please put it in the gravy, and mix thoroughly.

Add the chicken- now it is time to add your deep-fried chicken balls. Mix it well for about 5-6 minutes. Garnish with coriander or green onions. Serve it as a starter or beside any main course dish (rice, noodles, etc.).

Dry Manchurian Recipe

We learned the recipe of chicken Manchurian with gravy, but if you are not a big fan of gravy, then this is the perfect recipe for you. This dry Manchurian recipe (chicken) is very easy to make at home and does not take up a lot of your time. Since it is a dry gravy, it is best enjoyed as an appetizer. Or you can have it with any type of rice or noodles.


Boneless chicken (250-500 gram), egg, soy sauce, cornflour, salt, chili sauce, green chili sauce, ketchup, ginger and garlic (chopped), green chilies (sliced), onion (chopped)

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Prepping the chicken- marinate your chicken. Combine your cleaned chicken with eggs, soy sauce, salt, and cornflour. Keep the chicken aside and let it marinate for about 35 minutes.

Fry the chicken- after your chicken is marinated, heat a pan with oil, and fry your chicken. Fry your chicken until it is golden brown. Do not overcook your chicken pieces.

Sauce- first, mix all the sauces in a separate bowl. Then in a pan, add green chilies, garlic, and ginger. Sauté it for some time, then add onions. Cook until the onion turns golden brown. Then add sauce mixture. Cook it until some of the gravy reduces since it is a dry version of Manchurian.

Add in the chicken- add in your already fried chicken. Toss it along with the Manchurian sauce for 5 minutes. Make sure that the sauce coats the chicken completely and no extra gravy is left on the pan. Serve it with coriander or green onions, and enjoy.

Veg Manchurian recipe by Sanjeev Kapoor

This veg Manchurian recipe by Sanjeev Kapoor is a game-changer. It is a well-explained and optimized recipe by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. But before we get into the recipe, let us know a little bit more about who created the recipe, aka Sanjeev Kapoor.

So, who is Sanjeev Kapoor? Any Indian will recognize him immediately. He is a celebrity chef and tv personality. He has also hosted the TV show Khana Khazana, which is very popular in Asian counties. Sanjeev Kapoor is also the first chef to own a food channel called Food Food. He is also a recipient of the Padma Shree Award.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the recipe.


Small cabbage grated (1), medium carrot peeled (1), salt, cornflour (1/4 cup + for coating), refined flour (1/2 tablespoon), oil (2 tablespoons), spring onions, garlic cloves finely chopped (4-5), ginger finely chopped (1 inch), celery finely chopped (2 inches), green chilies finely chopped (1-2), vegetable stock 3/4 cups, soy sauce (2 teaspoons), red chili sauce (1 tablespoon), black pepper powder, vinegar.


Step 1- heat oil in a pan

Step 2- place a muslin cloth over a bowl. Put your cabbages, carrots, and salt on the cloth and set aside, so the excess water is released. Gather the cloth and squeeze out the excess water. Transfer the water to another bowl and reserve it.

Step 3- add cornflour and refined flour to the vegetables. Mix it and divide it into portions. Shape them into balls and coat them with cornflour.

Step 4- fry the balls in hot oil. Deep fry them until it is golden brown. Drain on absorbent paper.

Step 5- To prepare the sauce, heat two tablespoons of oil in a pan. Roughly chop the bulbs of spring onion, and reserve the greens.

Step 6- add the green onion bulbs to the pan along with garlic, ginger, celery, and green chili. Add one and a half cups of vegetable stock, the reserved cabbage carrot water, soy sauce, chili sauce, salt, and black pepper powder, and mix well.

Step 7- mix 2 tablespoons of cornflour and 1/4 cup vegetable stock in a bowl. Add this mixture into the sauce, mix it well, and cook for a minute until the sauce becomes thick.

Step 8- switch off the heat, add the balls, vinegar, and mix well. Set aside for 5 minutes

Step 9- diagonally slice the spring onions. Transfer the Manchurian to a serving bowl. Garnish with spring onion and serve with fried rice or Hakka noodles.

Veg Manchurian Recipe Dry

We have already discussed the recipe of veg Manchurian. But for those of you who do not like gravy, this is a great option. This dry veg Manchurian recipe combines sweet and spicy flavors, and you will surely love it.


Chopped carrots and cabbage, cornflour, regular flour, soy sauce, chopped green chilies (2), chopped garlic and ginger (2-3 teaspoon), salt, vinegar, red chili sauce (2 teaspoons) ketchup (1 teaspoon), spring onions, oil


Making the vegetable balls- combine your chopped carrots and cabbages, along with cornflour, regular flour, and salt in a big bowl. After the mixture is prepared, divide it into portions and make the Manchurian balls in a separate pan, heat oil, and deep fry your Manchurian balls. Fry them until they are golden brown in color. Drain the balls of excess oil. Keep it aside while we prepare the sauce.

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Dry sauce- take a little bit of cornflour and water in a bowl. Mix it and keep it aside for later use. In a pan, heat some oil, and slowly add in your green chilies, garlic and ginger, chopped onions, and spring onion. Toss it in the pan for a few minutes on a medium-high flame.

Then add your sauces; vinegar, soy sauce, ketchup, red chili sauce. Also, add in the cornflour and water mixture. Let it simmer and reduce for some time.

Combine it all together- add the veg Manchurian balls in the sauce. Sauté it in the pan until it becomes crispy. The sauce should coat the Manchurian balls completely, as it is a dry Manchurian recipe. After it is done, plate it and garnish with some spring onions and serve.

Gobi Manchurian Recipe

Gobi (cauliflower) Manchurian is the most popular form of veg Manchurian. It is not only popular with Indians, but it also has a wide fan base abroad. The cauliflower chunks are first fried in a delicious batter until they are crispy and then coated in the sweet and spicy Manchurian sauce.


Gobi (boiled, 2 cups), regular flour (half cup), cornflour (2 tablespoons), soy sauce, ginger garlic paste, chili powder, salt, oil, chopped garlic and onions, tomato sauce, red chili sauce, vinegar, spring onions (chopped), oil


First, fry the cauliflower- in this recipe, we will make a batter and fry the cauliflower in it. In a bowl, add regular flour, cornflour, chili powder, salt, and ginger garlic paste. Add water, and the batter is prepared. Now, dip the gobi in the batter you created and fry them. Fry the gobi until it turns golden brown.

The gravy- first, mix cornflour and water in a separate bowl and keep it aside. Then oil your pan and add chopped garlic, onion, the sauces (soy sauce, tomato sauce, red chili sauce). Sauté it, and add salt to your taste. Before adding the gobi, add the water and cornflour mixture.

Combine it- finally, add the crispy golden brown gobi in the Manchurian sauce you created. Mix it well and make sure that it is coated with the sauce. Serve it with spring onion garnish on top.

Cabbage Manchurian Recipe

This cabbage Manchurian recipe is an easy, filling recipe, which only takes 30 minutes to make. Make this when cabbages are in season, and you’ll surely love it.


Cabbage (finely chopped), chili powder, cornflour, regular flour, ginger garlic paste, salt, garlic and onions (chopped), green chili, capsicum, spring onions (chopped), chili sauce (1-2 teaspoons), soy sauce (1-2 tablespoons), tomato sauce (2 tablespoons), vinegar, oil


Make the cabbage balls- take your finely chopped cabbage and put it in a bowl. Then add chili powder (1 tablespoon), cornflour (1-2 tablespoons), regular flour (half cup), ginger and garlic paste, and salt per taste. Combine all of it really well and make a doughy texture. Then make the dough into balls and fry/bake them. You should fry them till they are golden brown on the outside.

Make the Manchurian sauce- in a pan, heat some oil and add garlic, green chillis, onions and capsicum. Sauté them for a minute, then add tomato sauce, soy sauce, and chili sauce. Add vinegar and salt to taste.

Combine it- lastly, take your deep-fried cabbage balls and add them to the Manchurian sauce. Toss it around until the cabbage balls are completely coated in the sauce. If you want a dried gravy, let the Manchurian sauce simmer and reduce for a while. Then add in your cabbage balls. Please keep them in the pan for 5 minutes and then plate your cabbage Manchurian. Garnish with chopped spring onions.

Final Thoughts

We have come to the end of this blog. I hope that everyone loves these tasty and easy-to-make Manchurian dishes. You can make it for yourself and for your friends and family when they come over. Be the most talked about a cook in your family with these recipes!