Marijuana Election Results 2020

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Marijuana Election Results

While the 2020 Presidential Election dragged out and continues to cause controversy, the clear winner of the Election 2020 is good ole Mary Jane. Voters in various states were given statewide ballot proposals on whether to legalize using and/or distributing marijuana either medicinally or for recreational purposes. Some states have even proposed efforts to amend criminal penalties for marijuana possession – we are here for this cannabis evolution! Here is a roundup of the Marijuana Election Results 2020 and how this heavily contributes to the vast progression of normalizing marijuana consumption. 

Arizona Proposition 207 Election Results 2020

Arizona was in the hot seat for President Elects as a nail biter race to the results lasted all week. But when it came to MJ, residents of Arizona approved Proposition 207 to legalize possession and recreational use of marijuana for people 21 and over. With a 60% vote in favor of Proposition 207, this includes marijuana offenses being expunged meaning many individuals with marijuana possessions on their records moving forward can get a fresh start. Because who spread the rumor that a stoner should be locked up? The cannabis community is ecstatic to see this progress regardless and hope for expansion on this subject throughout the country. 

Oregon Measure 110 Election Results 2020

Although Oregon is already known for being an extremely green state in more ways than one, for Election 2020 this state continues to make milestones by 61% of voters approving Measure 110 to decriminalize not just marijuana but all drugs. Not sure how everyone feels about personal amounts of hard drugs being decriminalized but it is a huge wave of progress for cannabis regardless. Oregon also voted to approve Measure 109, to legalize therapeutic psilocybin, or mushrooms – what a concept! A lot of stuff is going down in Oregon so once the smoke clears we suggest you take a trip to Rose City and get all kinds of weird, it is Oregonaian tradition of course. 

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Montana Initiative 190 Election Results 2020

Montana made moves this year with 57% of voters approving Initiative 190 to legalize the possession and use of marijuana (up to one ounce or less of glower and 8 grams or less of concentrates). Medical marijuana has been legal in Montana since 2004 despite a ton of restrictions the first decade this law went into effect. Now it is easier to get approved for a medical marijuana card in this state, but Montana is also known for its harsh laws against marijuana use and possession so it is refreshing to see a continuing evolution. 58% of Montana voters also approved CI-118, which sets the legal age of 18 or older considered to be adult age and legal for marijuana possession and consumption. This is a soft win since most states in America recognize 21 years of age or older to be the legal age of adult use marijuana.

New Jersey Question 1 Election Results 2020

New Jersey did not come to play on Election day with a whopping 67% of voters in favor to approve Question 1 that legalizes recreational marijuana use. New Jersey’s cannabis amendment is for people 21 years or older, legalizing dispensaries to distribute cannabis and implementing an agency to regulate adult use. Now the guidos and guidettes of Jersey Shore can add 420 smoking accessories to their GTLS routine – Gym, tan, laundry, and smoke!

Mississippi Initiative 65 Election Results 2020

Almost 69% of voters in Mississippi approved Initiative 65 to approve the medical marijuana amendment to allow medical marijuana treatment for more than 20 qualifying conditions. This initiative won in favor of Alternative 65A, which limited medical marijuana treatment to terminally ill patients only. We feel for those in Mississippi, but this state is on the come up so let us roll a joint for our Mississippians and hope for the best. 

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South Dakota Constitutional Amendment A Election Results 2020

It was a victorious day for stoners in South Dakota with 54% voters in favor of passing Constitutional Amendment A to legalize possession, transportation, and distribution of up to one ounce of cannabis for those 21 years or older. Gone are the days of South Dakotians fearing the potential risk of getting in trouble when they want to partake in a little wake and bake or wind down with a nice blunt in the backyard. 

Overall, marijuana is now legal in 15 states and medical marijuana is legal in 34 states which shows a huge improvement in past mentalities of legislatures trying to criminalize marijuana possession and consumption. America has come a long way from the olden days of criminalizing marijuana and the cannabis community should be proud and celebrate these milestones of accomplishments. Who knows, another decade from now we could be looking at the entire country in support of living the high life! To every single American that showed up and showed out at the election polls to make it the highest voting election in the history of the nation, you are very much appreciated.