Men Wedding Guest Outfit To Attend Your Closed Ones Big Day In Style!

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Men Wedding Guest Outfit

A well-tailored suit makes every man feel powerful. A suit is something that elevates a man’s natural look. And it looks good on anyone. A proper suit tailored to a man’s body is the best outfit for the man. However, when it comes to weddings, suits are something that can get a bit tricky. You cannot simply wear the same suit or the same type/color of suit to every wedding you are invited to. Moreover, some weddings also have a theme. So following the theme, as well as getting a suit tailored can be a lot of work. Also, you are not going to wear it only once, right? You also need to know how to repurpose your suits. So, don’t worry. We are going to talk about 16 men wedding guest outfit today. You are going to get all the fashion tips you need. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Men Wedding Guest Outfit

16 men wedding guest outfit

So, before you start adding things to your wardrobe, let’s check out 16 best men wedding guest outfit that you could try out!

1. Black tie

when you are given the wedding card, and you see the dress code as “black tie”, keep in mind that it is some serious business. A black tie wedding means that you need to be in your most formal outfits. For women, this generally means gowns. And women have room to experiment a bit with the cut and the colors of the gown. But men are stuck with suits and tuxedos. So, you need to make the best of your suit. Accessorize it with the perfect tie and the perfect pair of shoes. If you want to add more accessories, keep it simple with a watch.

2. Country spirit

So, you’re going to a wedding. And conveniently, it’s a farm wedding. It is all rustic, with stables and hoes. I think it’s the perfect time to bring out your cowboy boots. Men’s wedding guest outfits need not be suits and ties every day. Spice it up with a beige blazer, suspenders, and a khaki shirt. Wear any kind of pants you want to, as long as you spice it up with some cowboy boots.

3. Old school

Weddings are old school. Your outfit can be too. For a church wedding set in a beautiful backyard, go with an old-school outfit. Keep the suspenders on. And go with an oversized suit jacket, with khaki pants. It’s better if it’s all in neutral colors. Old-school outfits are obviously timeless. And they bring about a sense of maturity to your look. You can accessorize with a pair of loafers too. Ditch the dress shoes for this time.

4. Biker chic

You don’t think biker jackets and combat boots can be utilized for a wedding? Think again. Some weddings are like that only. They embrace their inner rock and roll. And you might have ditched that side of yours years ago, but it’s time to bring out that black leather jacket with chains on it and the combat boots or the doc martens. You might think this is not a wedding outfit at all, but you’ll be surprised at how many weddings have this dress code. Talk about a wedding where all the punk kids are gathered together.

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5. Movie inspired

You can literally get away with a movie-inspired suit at a wedding. Mens wedding guest outfit can be of different types. And don’t worry, the bride and groom do not need to know about the inspiration behind your suits. So, get a bit creative! Start watching iconic movies! Some suggestions obviously include The Great Gatsby. You can also look at movies like the Godfather and American Psycho for some amazing suit ideas. Get them tailored, and you’ll surely rock any wedding you’re at!

6. Soft neutral

Spring weddings are more usual. The weather is perfect for an outdoor or destination wedding, and it’s also convenient to plan the wedding. However, when it comes to you to plan the wedding outfit, you need to step up your game. A spring wedding means you can play with neutrals. Try going for a suit or tailored shorts which are neutral colors like brown or beige. You can even try pastels like green and pink. Honestly, a light pink suit might be a killer at a wedding like this. Remember, with soft neutrals, the less, the better. Your outfit needs to be good; the accessories are secondary.

7. The old-fashioned “suit”

An old-fashioned, tailored-to-your-body suit is something that never gets old. Literally, you could wear that to any party, and you’d be properly dressed. Plus, a well-fitted suit not only boosts your looks but also increases your confidence. The old-fashioned black tuxedo with the old fashion black tie or bow tie will always be fashionable. It will always be the perfect wedding guest outfit for men. However, if you want to switch it up a bit, you can always go for a navy blue or a deep maroon.

Men Wedding Guest Outfit

8. Beach

Imagine wearing a proper suit to a beach. You can’t, right? Well, what about a beach wedding that you are invited to and you have to go to? You can’t wear dress shoes and a black suit to the beach. So, you need to improvise. Ditch the suit jacket for a beach wedding. Lean more towards the casual side, but with a hint of formal. Try styling a pair of chinos with any kind of sleeveless shirt. It can be printed or in a single color. Go with some loafers to really bring in that formal but location-appropriate feel. Lastly, put on a pair of shades with your favorite watch, and you are good to go.

9. Casual

A casual wedding is the best kind of wedding. When a wedding is casual, it means that you are only with your closest people. And there is no need to show off or something. So, dress comfortably. You can just put on some dress pants and a striped shirt and you’ll be good to go. When you can dress casually for a wedding, it means that you can actually enjoy the wedding instead of thinking or worrying about your outfit.

10. Feeling the blues- colors

Playing with colors can be a really fun thing if you are preparing for a wedding. One of the colors which is very versatile and looks good on everyone is blue. Blue suits are amazing and very underrated. Blue suits can be worn to any type of party other than weddings. And a blue suit is very flattering on anyone. You can be young, old you can be middle-aged, and you will still rock a blue suit. So, look for shades of blue that you like, and you’ll surely find the suit that you will love.

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11. Shoes

Shoes are a very important part of your outfit. Any outfit is incomplete without shoes. Shoes are the one thing in your outfit which ties it all together. A shoe can literally take a boring outfit to the next level. So, pick the shoes for your outfit very carefully. If you are attending a black tie, stick to your dress shoes. If you have a casual outfit, just stick to your loafers. You can also go for brogues or oxfords if you want to lean into old-school outfits more. There is also the dress boot, which is perfect for winter.

12. Browns and neutrals

Playing with Browns and neutrals are more hard than you might think. You might just think that it’s all the same. No, it’s not. Different shades of brown complement different types of skin tones. Other neutrals are also very important to mix and match. For men, wedding guest outfits are very limited. So play with the colors and textures of your suits. Try different combinations of neutrals for your suits. Honestly, you can never go wrong with a brown or beige suit. Try playing with pastel colors too. Try green too as green suits are very much in trend. All in all, try to experiment with your style.

13. Tie options

There are a million ties that can go with your suit. But you need to find the one which goes with your overall look. There are a lot of ties available for you to choose from. You can find single-colored ties, like black, blue, red, etc. You can also find printed ties, which are very unique in their approach. There are beautiful ties with small, quirky prints which can be the showstopper of your outfit. It can also be the old-school flower pattern ties. Moreover, you can also go with bow ties.

14. Patterned Suits

Patterned suits might be really distasteful to some people. But if done right, you can be the most fashionable man at the wedding. The first important thing to look for in a patterned suit is a minimalistic pattern. Don’t go for sofa print patterns like harsh florals or abstract. Go for a simpler yet uniform pattern all over the suit. It can also be a pinstripe suit to your liking. Apart from patterns, you can also look for suits with a bit of work done on them. It can be a bit of bedazzling or some embroidery done on them.

15. Bold color

Bold color suits are in! Even celebrities on the red carpets are wearing bright red and pink suits! If they can, why can’t you? Invest in some suits which are a showstopper! These bold color suits will make you stand out at a wedding from other people. And these are also a great addition to your collection! The best thing about these suits is that you don’t need to style them much. Simple rings and a pendant might look good with this style of suit.

16. Semi-formal

Semi-formal suit looks are the best men wedding guest outfits. It’s casual for comfort yet keeps a bit formal. This means you can style a suit in a more casual way than usual. For example, skip the tie for the suit. Keep some buttons undone on the shirt. Skip the dress shoes and go with casual sneakers. These little things make a world of difference to your outfit. So keep in mind to make these changes.

Men Wedding Guest Outfit

Conclusive Insights

So, we have come to the end of our blog men wedding guest outfit. I hope that you found this blog. And you can use the information from this blog in your daily life. Also, these are some great tips to incorporate into your daily life as well! So go on, and attend that wedding looking amazing!