Modern Disney Princesses: Relating To Modern Women!

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Modern Disney Princesses

Disney has produced us a variety of Princesses to cherish and go awe about. Although, you might often wonder how the modern Disney princesses differ from the ones who came earlier.

Your thoughts are absolutely understandable and correct because certain factors have made Disney Princesses more than just a mushball of gorgeousness.

Princesses are now braver, more positive, and most importantly, someone who has more value to themselves without a lover or a prince.

However, fantasy-related movies do need to have a bit of romance drama in some way. You can even see the refurbished versions of various Disney Princesses, who made a name for themselves decades back with a more strong personality and quality.

Now, if this got you intrigued, are you interested to know more about the Disney Princesses being reimagined in various forms in the era of empowerment? Read this article to know more!

A Woman Standing in the Woods
A Modern Disney Princess

6 Modern Disney Princesses Characters

Modern Disney Princesses have encouraged women to be free, to be wild, and to be the change. Earlier, princesses were often seen to have the ultimate motive to win a man’s heart or, rather, have the main objective to get married to a prince. This stigmatized rule book of Disney finally took a turn in the modern era.

Princesses are now more independent, vocal, brave, and humane. Now, princesses do not require their hero to save them from a large bear. They fight it themselves. And this is the change that has taken the Disney princesses to the next level.

Here, we look at some of the new age Princesses who have taken the mantle of encouraging young girls to be themselves as well as empowering them to be the queen of their own life! Check out the following:


Belle is the main protagonist of the Disney movie “ Beauty and the Beast. ” The voiceover is done by Paige O’Hara, which includes both the voice and the singing of the character. The story and character are based in France, making it the first movie and Disney Princess to have a home country.

She is just seventeen and a year away from becoming an adult. And she meets Prince Adam in his beast form. The story unfolds later when the Prince returns to his human form, and they marry at the end.

However, you might be wondering that this is a stereotypical storyline where the Prince and the Princess get together at the end. But if you’re thinking about something stereotypical, you are not entirely wrong. Belle is the reason for the Prince to recover.

In this manner, we can understand that her contribution to the storyline is much more important than what meets your eyes. She plays an important role where we see the bravery, fighting spirit, and love of a woman change her surroundings and society.

The story can be seen in a manner where a family or a person is not accepted in society, but the power of a woman in the man’s life changes everything wrong. From this, you can clearly understand the silver lining present in the movie and the character, Belle. A perfect resemblance and example of Modern Disney Princesses.


Mulan, or Fa Mulan, is the main protagonist of the movie title based on her name “ Mulan. ” She became a history maker in the Disney Princesses list as she is the first one to be taken inspiration from a legend of the past.

Ming-Na Wen did the voiceover of Mulan, whereas Lea Salonga was the voice behind her singing. She is not called a princess, or rather, she is the only Disney Princess who is not an actual princess in the movies.

Mulan is a warrior, a fighter, a legend. Now, you can understand how Disney has tried to imply that even though she is not a princess in the movies, she is still a Disney Princess. This speaks volumes so that you do not need to have the title of Princess to be the Princess of your own life.

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Also, you can be the warrior, the fighter, and the Princess, all in one. An amazing interpretation to be learned from Modern Disney Princesses.


Moana is another princess who has the movie named after her name, “ Moana. ” She is one of the recent introductions to the Disney Princess Universe.

Moana is the daughter of the village chief of Motunui. She was the chosen one to save her village from darkness by the divine ocean. John Musker and Ron Clements created her.

How does she can be a modern princess? If you look closely, it is evident. Moana was often denied to wander anywhere far from the village. But certain darkness was mounting upon Motunui. She broke free from the denials and went ashore to explore the world around her. You can connect the dots now, right?

Moana saved her village and as well as became a sailor like she always wanted once she broke free from everything that stopped her. An important and very inspiring character representation in the Disney Princess Universe for women and young girls.


Rapunzel is a refurbished character and a successful one. At first, you will not find appropriate contributions in the beginning. However, “ Tangled “ gave a representation of a wonderful and exciting woman because she broke through every struggle and stereotype to find her way of living.

Her favorite weapon to fight? Well, a frying pan. But it works! Doesn’t it?! Well, frying pans work pretty well, and that Rapunzel has shown us!! She is famous for her long hair, which has supernatural powers.

And she was kidnapped and raised by a witch who disowned her from going anywhere at all. However, she was made to understand how the outside world is fearful and dangerous by the witch.

But she believed her and never put a foot outside until one day when she got really intrigued about the prospect of the world that she had never seen.

She met a thief who later became her husband. However, he did play a vital role in it as well. She stood outside the tower and explored the outside world. However, she had to face many troubles on the road. But this is the thing even you need to understand that, even if the world is fearful and dangerous, you explore it and find out; not anyone else should do that for you.

Rapunzel brought this silver lining in such a beautiful fashion. It indeed makes the character and the movie one of the best of the Disney Princess Universe.

Being in the group of modern Disney Princesses, there is no doubt that it has played a revolutionary foundation to any other animated movies of women empowerment and humanity. So, you should break through the societal stigmas, domination and find your way to live and enjoy the beauty of Earth.


Merida is the protagonist of the movie “ Brave. ” A Disney Princess movie focuses more on discovering and uncovering the character’s potential than the romanticism of the Princess. She has red-colored curly hair and blue eyes. 

Kelly MacDonald did the character’s voiceover, whereas Julie Fowlis did the singing voice for the Disney Princess.  Merida is a princess born to King Fergus of DunBroch.

As a modern princess, Merida plays an essential role in uplifting the importance of working on oneself and evaluating and fulfilling one’s potential to the utmost level. Of course, the silver lining is simple for you to understand. And indeed, an important one to take inspiration from, for your life.


Cinderella is another famous princess that Disney produced. The movie is titled after the character. She is based on various European fantasies and fairy tales of the name Cinderella.

Many viewers have been vocal about the story, some have loved it, and some have expressed their disbelief. But what do you think? What do you think about her being an impoverished woman getting everything she could imagine in her life? Well, let’s see a different representation of it in this article about it, and then, the opinion is yours to make!

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Cinderella can be depicted as a character who has been through oppression, dominance, and female jealousy. She is the person who denied any signs of giving up, even though she can be seen to be scared at first, but her heart was pure, and no one could stop her, not even an oppressing family.

Things that you can learn? Obviously, fight and win against any form of oppression. And another one would be, have a pure heart and do not give in to negativity—another among the modern Disney princesses who inspire women and other people to fight and survive against the oppressive power.

A Woman Posing in a Wedding Dress
A Modern Disney Princess Reimagined As A Modern Woman

5 Disney Princesses Reimagined as Modern Women

Disney Princesses are often seen to be wearing formal outfits or a gown as they are the princesses. However, what if they are imagined as the princesses of the modern era? Let’s see and share your thoughts!


Rapunzel has spent around fifteen to sixteen years in a tower, wholly locked away. If she were to be reimagined as a modern character, she would somewhat become this mysterious, intriguing high school teenager! And of course, no one knows anything about her!

However, she is most likely to have no interest in studies but would have weird and extreme talent that no one knows about. Are you relating it to the character?


Ariel A.K.A. a mermaid would be fun plus one to hang out with if you reimagine her to be a modern woman. Her energy, enthusiasm, and joyful nature would light up the whole mood and have a “ great vibes “ experience for you.

She would probably be a popular girl in high school as well as in college. Of course, she is not that smart and disciplined but craves every inch of attention and love thrown at her.


Moana is probably going to be a popular teenager when she enters high-school. Her free-flowing and brave personality will make her the alpha among everyone as she is a pure leader of her abilities with the nature of stubbornness and boldness.

Her goals and successes will be something people with envy yet love around her, so if you can relate yourself to this, congratulations! You are on the right path!


Belle would probably end up being an intellectual nerd. Her nature will make her an academic genius and not care about anything except that. However, she has many other talents, probably a good painter. However, her focus is mainly on exploring the path of educational success.

Belle has a good heart which one can take advantage of in a manner, but she is fierce and short tempered, which makes her fearful for bullies to try anything at all. Perhaps, a lovable and relatable character that is present in your high school, right?


Elsa is not the one that you want to mess with in high school. She is brilliant yet calm. And nothing gets to her quickly as she is a great observer and a leader. Moreover, people will probably always ask for her pieces of advice and hail her as a savior.

She is the person people will try to talk to and take advice from, but her intimate nature drives people away and it is a little hard to approach her, but once you do, she will be the best friend you might have. Another relatable character? Well, you do want them at your school, that is for sure.

Final Thoughts

Modern Disney Princesses of this era play an essential role for young teenagers and kids to become the person they want to be. Through romanticism, drama, and animation, the exceptional messages are noteworthy and play an essential role in society’s development.

As we read about the character influences and how you can reimagine them in modern life, the most important note that you have to remember from this article is that you are a princess and the protagonist of your own life.

Empower yourself and everyone around you. If you relate to the reimagined characters, get inspired, become the person you deserve to be. Empower your inner Disney Princess in your life!