Net Working Capital Formula

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Net Working Capital Formula

Networking capital is the calculation of liquidity. It measures a company’s ability if they are to pay off its current asset and current liability. The total is important for the managers, lenders, and creditors because it shows its short-term liquid cash. It also helps the management to find out how effectively they use their asset. And  Net working capital formula helps to find out their ability as well.

It is the same as the working capital ratio. The active capital formula mainly focuses on the current liability. Liabilities like business debt, account debt, notes payable, which must be paid in the current year. This can make sense to the investors and debt holders. They would like to see how many assets they have and what amount of help convert in cash in the current year. So that the company is available to pay the liabilities. The liabilities should be paid within 12 months.

If a company cannot able to solve the current problems with the asset they have in the present. In that case, they have to use long-term investment. Or assets that produce income. To solve their current problems, This can affect less their operations and sales. It is an indication that more companies have more money problems.



The calculation of net working capital is subtracting the current liabilities from the existing asset. The equation is like

Networking capital= Current asset – current liability

Mainly current assets that add to the networking capital accounting. That is cash, accounts, accounts receivable and inventory, and short-term investment. The current liabilities section is mainly are accounts payable, account expenses, tax, deposits, business debt.

Some people can also be chosen to include the present portion of the long-time debt in the liability section. It makes logic because it looks like long term problem. The current part will have to pay again in the current year. So it is right to add it in with other issues that should complete within 12 months.

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Example Networking capital formula


Suppose there is a retail store and the owner operates all the women’s clothing. So the clothing store that has all the current asset and liabilities:

  • Cash $10000
  • Account receivable $5000
  • Inventory $15000
  • Accounts payable $2500
  • Other trade debt $5000

So the networking capital will be $15000=$30000-15000

The store’s current asset crosses the current liabilities because her working capital is positive. This means the store can pay all the current penalties by using the existing assets. In another way, when they have cash and financially, they can fix the short-term money. She can use the extra money to increase their business into their different apparel places.

If the store liability crosses the total asset, the result of working capital will be negative. The negative consequences show that short-term cash is not as high that it should actually be.

The use of net working capital

Positive working capital is indeed better than a negative one. A positive calculation shows the company’s debtors and finance holder can actually create enough money from its existing current asset. They can also pay all their debt to their debtors from current assets. A big positive amount could also describe that the company has the available amount of support to increase quickly without taking on new investors. Net working capital formula can also fund its own assets in the case of their increasing operations.

The negative net working capital

It should say in a way that a negative net working capital formula shows. The debtors and investors that the operation of the company is not producing enough. So that it can support their current business debt. If that loss continuous over time, it could be bad for business. The business might have to sell some of its long-term assets, income-creating assets to pay their debts. Debts like accounts payable and notes payable. Increasing business without taking a new loan or new investors will come out of the thought. If negative profit continuous, networking capital constant to lead the company to bankruptcy.

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By keeping in mind, a negative number can be worse than the positive one. But it does not make it mandatory that the company is going to go low. It is not just a sign of the short-term cash of the business is not that well. There are lots of points in what that creates a good, well-maintained company. For example, positive working capital may not really say much. But if the industry cannot change the inventory or the accounts receivable to cash in a short time. Technically, they may have more current assets than current liabilities. It cannot pay to the existing shareholders. So indirectly, it doesn’t matter. Another way negative working capital is not saying that the company is not in bad shape. If it has a lot of access to the short-term debt financing problem, such as a line of debt.

What is the more telling sign of an industry’s short-term cash that can increase or decrease their net working capital? A company that has a negative net working capital that creates continuous improvement every year.

Net capital working changes

One can say that how does a company replace their networking capital over time. There are mainly three ways. One of that is the liquidity of a company changes every year. First of all, the company can change the procedure of their accounts receivable payments time. Secondly, the amount that reduces carrying inventory back by sending unmarked goods to the supplier. Third, the company can manipulate its investors and suppliers for longer accounts payable amounts. Each of these steps wills the company improve its short-term liquidity of the company and positively impact its networking capital.