Nurse fired for video revealed what he earned per hour

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Mauricio Palacios, one of the nurses fired from the ‘temporary’ Hospital in Corferias. After recording a video, exploded against the mayor Claudia Lopez and revealed a labour controversy in the health sector. National media spoke with Palacios who assured that the Mayor’s Office “violated due process and that they also treated as criminals,” said the health professional. They threatened us with investigations before the Office of the Attorney General and Comptroller. In addition to a 25-year suspension at the public and private levels,” he said. After being questioned about the “disproportion” of the moment in which the video recording. In this article I’ll describe how Nurse fired for video and got viral.     


Getting know: How a Nurse fired for video and viral. 

Nurse fired for video

He assured that in the same application there are several videos of doctors, nurses and other health personnel in all parts of the world dancing in health institutions. It rejoicing for a few minutes between the days and for that reason they not dismissed. He considered that having recorded the video found as “an active pause” within his work areas. Still, behind the controversy that generated with the dismissal of 9 members of the health personnel. It was known what they earned working there. According to the contract, the cost of the hour was 9,000 pesos. The OPS contract that is the provision of service indicated for 15 days,” Mauricio said. 


This was really hard for us😔 #foryou

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It remembered that on several occasions, health personnel have taken to the streets to protest working conditions. 


Jessi Uribe is considered one of the artists

This new conjuncture with the district puts the employment situation of health sector professionals ‘in vogue’.  Even though his detractors think otherwise, Jessi Uribe is considered one of the artists of the moment in the country. His music is positioned at the top of the leading music charts at the digital, radio and visual levels, speaking of his video clips.The singer’s private life entirely exposed since he confirmed his romantic relationship with Paola Jara. Who also has to deal with hateful comments against her by users who blame her for her boyfriend’s divorce. The truth is that both have decided to ignore the speculations, and in this quarantine. 


Jessi published a video doing a dance challenge

They have been more united than ever making live broadcasts for their fans, and working on their next tour which will be completely virtual. The interpreter of ‘Sweet Sin’ is the father of 4 children he had with his ex, Sandra Barrios,  and recently fell into the trend of the famous social network TikTok. Because, according to him, his eldest daughter forced him. Jessi published a video doing a dance challenge that is very viral on that platform with her daughter. Which  consists of doing a small choreography in which she showed her dance skills with various hip and arm movements. Although her coordination not the best, who showed all her talent was the girl. 



Who explained that she already has enough experience in these challenges: “Sorry for the bad rhythm It is my first trend in Tik Tok, forced by my daughter”, Jessi added. Something that drew a lot of attention was to see them together again.Since Sandra was taking care of the children in Bucaramanga, and the artist was serving the isolation in the city of Medellín at Jara’s house. I hope you enjoy the article about Nurse fired for video. 


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