Nutrition value of sweet potato – we have to know

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nutrition value of sweet potato

The American potato, also known as “sweet potato” or “batata,” is a herbaceous plant native to Central America. It was introduced in Europe in 1500, apparently on Christopher Columbus himself. It is currently cultivated not only in the area of ​​origin. But in all subtropical areas and also in Italy, there are numerous areas suitable for its cultivation. We need a clear conception of the nutrition value of sweet potato. It helps to build our health.

The tuber is consumed from this vegetable, which is an excellent food for humans and is similar to the common potato but has a sweeter taste. Although we are talking about a different plant, it is known by many and regarded as a variety of potatoes. From this content, you will learn about the nutrition value of sweet potato.


American potato calories – nutrition value of sweet potato


The American potato is a tuber characterized with an elongated pyriform shape—thin brown skin and a very pasty and floury pulp, of excellent consistency, of white color.

However, the peel color varies from red-orange to brown-white. While the pulp, although generally white, can also be yellow or orange. The American potato has a delightful taste due to the high presence of carbohydrates.

 The American potato provides about 80 kcal per 100g, 20 carbohydrates, most complex, a fair amount of fiber from a nutritional perspective.

The protein and lipid intake are, on the other hand, negligible. 


The truth about sweet potato 


Potatoes and sweets are an excellent source of some micronutrients, such as potassium, some B vitamins, and vitamin A. Keep in mind that the average weight of an American potato can vary from 40 to 150g.  However, it also finds industrial uses for the production of starch.

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Nutritional values

It is a pure carbohydrate food but full of important nutrients, such as vitamin A.

Of particular relevance is the glycemic index, slightly lower than that of the normal potato, which is important for diabetic subjects who keep this parameter under control in their diet.

The protein and fat content is very low. Still, the dietary fiber content is considerable, so this food can replace refined foods in cases of people who cannot reach a fair amount of fiber in their diet or suffer from constipation.


Among the minerals, we find in the first place manganese and potassium.


 Manganese is an essential mineral because it is a cofactor of numerous enzymes and actively participates in multiple biological mechanisms, such as coagulation, thyroid activity, fertility, immune system. Potassium is a cation mainly located within cells and is very important for muscle contraction and nerve impulse transmission.


Sweet potato Nutrition properties


Although some people see the American potato as a real superfood, actually, it has no particular nutritional properties. The Center of Science in the Public Interest (CSPI, an American association) probably contributed to this belief. Which more or less recently placed the American potato in first place among the healthiest vegetables.

The main reason behind this choice was the high concentration of beneficial substances, mainly antioxidants, which were found not only in the W pulp. But also in the peel. 

The color – variable – of American potatoes is due precisely to the variable. Although commonly high, quantities of carotenoids  (mainly beta-carotene) which relegate this food to antioxidant foods.

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Another new factor om sweet potato


Although the importance and reliability of this ranking leave the time, you find. It said that the American potato undoubtedly a food to  considered as a carbohydrate source, despite a not exactly low glycemic index. We know not being so relevant when choosing food, which is still lower than the GI of ordinary potatoes. It has an exciting intake of fiber and micronutrients.


The properties of the sweet potato do not end there. The American potato is also rich in vitamins, such as vitamin C, capable of preventing cardiovascular disease and contributing to the treatment of diabetes. Plus, Vitamin C is a great antioxidant, which means: more sweet potatoes = younger skin! Vitamin A, of which the sweet potato is very rich, helps to maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes and greatly strengthens eyesight.


Important facts on nutrition value of sweet potato


This, combined with its high satiating power , and the not particularly high caloric intake (about 80 kcal per 100 g). Mainly due to the high water content, it makes it an alternative food to the common potato and typical cereals. Which traditionally represent the diet’s carbohydrate basis.


Unlike potatoes, it has 4.2 grams of simple sugars of which 3.2g come from sucrose and fructose .

Finally, some studies associate the consumption of American potatoes with a reduction in cholesterol and blood sugar. However, this property is probably mainly due to the intake of fiber. Which obtained, in the diet, from the adequate consumption of practically any other food vegetable).


Final word:


The sweet potato is a tuber native to South America with extraordinary success in Japan. Specifically in the Kagawa region, where local people eat it raw to treat diabetes and strengthen bones. From South America to Japan, the sweet potato and the properties it enjoys have traveled around the world to land. I hope now you know about nutrition value of sweet potato. If you have any asks don’t forget to knock us via skype or email us. Thanks for reading.