Once Upon A Deadpool Review, Plot & More!

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once upon a deadpool review

If you haven’t heard of Deadpool yet, you must be living under a rock. Or you aren’t familiar with the quirky, badass, and overall amazing Marvel character that everyone loves. But even if you’ve heard of Deadpool and watched parts 1 and 2 of it, I bet you’ve overlooked this movie. So, want to know more about Once Upon A Deadpool review? Read more to find out about Once Upon a Deadpool review and much more. I’m sure this movie will be on your watch list before we come to the end of this blog. Stay tuned!

once upon a deadpool review
once upon a deadpool

What is Once Upon A Deadpool all about?

Most of us know about the blockbuster Deadpool movies. Any Marvel fan will know about the character Deadpool and movies based on him. Deadpool 1 and 2 were really successful, but both of them were R-rated, which means it was for adults only. It wasn’t a family-friendly movie, and people had objections about that, especially Twentieth Century Fox.

The idea for making a family-friendly, pg 13 Deadpool movie was going around since 2006, but it was finally completed, after a lot of hassle, in 2018. Hang in there to know more about once upon a deadpool review!


The story of Deadpool continues from where it was left off in the first installment of the movie. He meets a kid named Russell, who lives in an orphanage for mutants who abuses them. Russell is a moody kid, and Deadpool seeks out to help him when Russell is targeted by a genetically enhanced soldier from the future called Cable, who has his own story and own reasons for doing what he’s doing.

After a series of mishaps and near-death situations, he realizes that he needs help if he’s going to save Russell. So, he teams up with Domino, Shatterstar, Bedlam, and other characters and sets out to protect Russell.

The plot of the movie is the same as Deadpool 2, but the difference is that for the first time, this movie is PG 13. It is an action/comedy movie. This movie tones down the humor that is bursting in all of the Deadpool movies. It also parodies the Princess Bride character and has a grown-up Fred Savage in the movie.

Once Upon a Deadpool Cast And Crew

Since we’re discussing about once upon a deadpool review, we couldn’t miss out on talking about the cast and crew of this movie. 

Ryan Reynolds- plays Deadpool.

He is a Canadian actor and producer. He started acting in the Canadian soap opera called “hillside.” But his breakthrough came after he was cast as the titular character Deadpool in the Marvel movies. His performance made him nominated for a Critics’ choice movie award and a Golden Globe award.

Josh Brolin- played Cable.

He is a renowned and acclaimed actor. His awards include a Critics choice movie award, a Screen actors guild award. He has also been nominated for an academy award. He has also played the legendary character of Thanos in the Marvel movies; Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame. He has also been in movies like; No country for old men, Men in Black 3, and Sicario.

Morenna Baccarin

Her breakthrough role is playing Vanessa, Deadpool’s love interest. She is also a recipient of an Emmy nomination for the series “Homeland.”

Julian Dennison

Played Russell Firefist Collins, a mutant teen. He won the English Film and Television Award for best-supporting actor for his role in the movie Shopping, which was his debut movie. His breakthrough role was playing Russell in Deadpool 2 and Once Upon A Deadpool. He has also starred in the recent movie Godzilla vs. Kong.

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Fred Savage

Played Fred Savage himself; he was included in Once Upon a Deadpool as a homage for his character in the 1987 movie The Princess Bride. His inclusion and role in this film are very whimsical and over the top. But that perfectly describes the nature of the Deadpool movies.

Karan Soni

Played the Indian American taxi driver, Dopinder. He plays comedic characters and came to prominence after playing the character of Dopinder, a taxi driver present in the Deadpool movies for comic relief.

Once upon a Deadpool vs. Deadpool 2

We have already said that Once Upon a Deadpool is the PG 13 version of the R-rated Deadpool 2. But there are other slight differences in the movie that are quite impactful. So, let’s take a look at more about once upon a deadpool review and the differences.

Princess Bride reference

The major difference between this movie from Once Upon a Deadpool is The Princess Bride reference. It begins with a shot of the bedroom scene played by Fred Savage. But the surprises don’t end there. Fred Savage has been kidnapped and trapped in the bedroom by Deadpool.

Editing out the bar fight

There is no doubt that Deadpool 2 is a pretty violent movie. But it had to be made pg 13 somehow. This included taking out that iconic bar scene at the beginning of the movie, which depicted a lot of violence and gruesome killings.

Other scenes which have been cut

Other scenes which have been cut is the massacre that Deadpool did at the Sicilian funeral, the bathhouse scene from Tokyo has also been taken off from Once Upon a Deadpool. Another important scene that was cut is the strip club scene, which has a lot of violence.

No curse words

If you’ve watched Deadpool, you know that the movie is filled with curse words. There is practically no line in the movie which doesn’t have a curse word, and everyone keeps swearing a lot. But for the PG 13 version, they had to do away with the curse words. It made the film funnier, as Deadpool’s comedic purposes are served by the excessive amount of cursing and swearing which goes on throughout the movie. But without the cursing, it is even more hilarious.

The opening credits

The opening for the movie, along with the iconic Celine Dion song in the opening, is entirely removed from Once Upon A Deadpool.

Fred Savage

His role in Once Upon A Deadpool is extensive. He is a Cable Superfan and freaked out when it was revealed that Brad Pitt was in the movie as The Vanisher. He also ranted about wanting to fight with Matt Damon. Other than these differences, Once Upon a Deadpool has more or less the same plot as Deadpool 2.

Once Upon a Deadpool release date


This anticipated pg 13 Deadpool movie was released on December 12, 2018, worldwide. It was released around Christmas to be a fun watch during the holidays.

Once Upon a Deadpool box office

Once Upon a Deadpool domestically grossed around 6 million dollars, internationally 45 million dollars and worldwide 51 million dollars.

On its first day of release, December 12, it earned around a million dollars domestically. It wasn’t expected to be a huge hit, but people behind the scenes expected this movie to create a large enough distraction from the other blockbuster movies that hit the theatres around that time.

A million dollars in one day is definitely not a big deal, but they tested the commercial value of a pg13 version of an R-rated movie with this. It’s definitely not going to gross more than Deadpool 2, but it was sure worth a shot.

Once Upon a Deadpool: Meet the Characters


His real name is Wade Wilson, and he’s a fictional character appearing in the Marvel comics. At first, he was depicted as a Supervillain, but it graduated to a more toned-down version: an antihero. In Deadpool 1, we see Wade working as a mercenary. But he gets cancer. But his lowest point comes when he gets tricked by Ajax and turns into the disfigured Deadpool. His powers are healing and regeneration.

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His trauma and mental instability have made him vicious and prone to extreme bouts of violence. Moreover, his mental illness means that he is unable to remember his background and personal information. He is extremely unpredictable, and his selfish nature makes him more relatable to his fans. But he also has a strong sense of morality and never budges from it. He also has a wonderful and chaotic sense of humor.


He is a time-traveling, genetically enhanced mutant supersoldier who came from the future. There is not much information about Cable’s past. A significant incident of his past, however, is his encounter with Russell/Firefist, who killed his entire family.

Cable sought revenge for his brutally murdered family. Therefore, he came to the past to kill Russell/Firefist, to stop him before he could murder Cable’s entire family in the future.

Since Cable is a soldier, he is disciplined, steady, and focused. He can be lighthearted sometimes, as shown in his playful banter with Deadpool. His morals are also questionable, as he is willing to kill a child (Russell) for his own interests.


Vanessa Carlysle is Wade’s love interest/fiance. After a tough childhood, she started working as an escort in New York City. She met Wade during her work, and the two hit it off from there. Her death is one of the most climactic moments in Wade’s life, which just shows how much Wade loved her and how important she was.


Born Russell Collins, he is a mutant who grew up in the system. He can generate and control fire. Russell met Deadpool while he was on his path of revenge from the orphanage headmaster who tortured him.

Russell is an angry boy. He is short-tempered and has a foul mouth which can counter Deadpool. This temper stems from the abuse he went through for something he can’t ever change. He was tortured for being a mutant.

But he has a good heart beneath the years of trauma, and he protects those he thinks of as friends. He has potential and can do good.


Dopinder is another iconic and fan-favorite character in Deadpool. He is a taxi driver in New York city and drives Deadpool to his shenanigans.

Dopinder is a friendly person, and that made him instant friends with Deadpool. He really looks up to Deadpool. But Dopinder is meek and is heavily impressionable. He takes Deadpool a bit too seriously and follows Deadpool’s advice.

But Dopinder is a really likable character with great comedic purposes. His inclusion in the movies hasn’t been disappointing yet.

Once Upon a Deadpool impactful dialogues

Here are some dialogues that you must notice while watching the film:

His holiday spirit-

“Right before Christmas, a good guy in red is coming to theaters”-

This is Deadpool’s take on the classic Christmas holiday movie. But instead of the guy in red being Santa Claus, it’s the infamous foul-mouthed Deadpool. A good guy or not, he’s surely going to entertain!

Remember it’s PG 13

“You’re in a PG 13 version of Deadpool, filtered through the prism of childlike innocence-

This iconic line is to remind you that this is not like the other Deadpool movies. It’s for children, and Deadpool makes sure to remind you that by using a snide comment. As usual, expected of him.

Princess Bride dig

“And nobody does childlike innocence like you Fred! Nobody”-

A new inclusion in Once Upon a Deadpool is Fred Savage. His role as Princess Bride is parodied in this movie, and as always, Deadpool has to say something witty about it.

A Marvel dig

“It’s like if the Beatles were produced by Nickleback. It’s music, but it sucks.”-

This comment was made by Fred when he was telling Deadpool that he loved Marvel and Deadpool said, “we are marvel.” Then Fred said that they’re Marvel licensed by Fox and proceeded to insult them by this comparison to Beatles being produced by Nickleback. It’s a classic analogy and never fails to bring out a laugh, and Fred Savage served it in a truly “savage” way.

So, now that you have an idea how interesting once upon a deadpool review is, don’t waste a second in downloading the film and watching it sometime.

Final Thoughts

As we have come to the end of Once Upon a Deadpool review, what are you waiting for? Christmas is around the corner, and Once Upon a Deadpool can be a fun watch, by yourself or with kids. So, don’t waste a minute in downloading this movie and watching it with your friends and family to have a lovely time together! And don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below how you liked theonce upon a deadpool review and how enjoyable the film was!