Panasonic drops360 Noise Cancelling In-Ear EarBud Review

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More people like traveling and traveling they like being entertained. One of the greatest forms of entertainment is listening to music audio using your earphones. There are two types of earphones i.e. noise isolation and noise canceling. Noise isolation earphones will operate by having a snug fit making a seal. Noise-canceling is the best and they operate with the help of digital signal processing to block ambient noise. Noise-canceling earphones will give you the best sound experience.

Panasonic has ventured into different electronics which include a sound system, cameras, earphones, and more others. Panasonic drops360° is among the earphones the Panasonic Company manufactures. They have an in-ear design. These earphones have microphones that will allow you to make calls. These earphones have a wired technology which makes it compatible with more devices. You will be able to manage calls and music with the help of remote control.

Design And Style

These earphones are available in blue, silver and red color. The outer casing is made of metallic material which makes it more durable. It has an in-ear design which gives you a comfortable fit. This makes it suitable for use while walking, working or just relaxing. This helps in isolating surrounding noise allowing you to hear only the best. With a coaxial-dual coil-driver, you will have a premium sound & a powerful bass. It has a wired connection technology hence compatible with more devices.

These earphones have soft ear-tips which will give you a long time of comfort. Panasonic drops360° earphones have a stylish & professional design. These earphones have microphones, which will help you make hands free phone calls. The airtight structure will help you in having a clear conversation. The earphones are feather light hence your ear canal won’t feel any pain.

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Sound Performance

These earphones offer a complete range of sound performance. It comes with the best coaxial-dual neodymium-magnet drivers. This will help in producing deep, clear and rich bass. It will also produce high-treble-tones within a frequency of 5Hz to 25 kHz. This will not be felt in ultra-compact earphones. The ear tips offer a snug fit which will isolate you from ambient noise. This will give you an immersive sound experience.

Additionally, Panasonic drops360° earphones have an in-built microphone. This will greatly help in making hands free phone calls that are safe especially for drivers. The direct-sound delivery technology will help in increasing the sound quality. The earphones are made together with a vibration-free aluminum casing. This greatly helps in minimizing the unwanted vibrations which you often receive when you listen to audio at increased volumes.

Comfort Level

These earphones have soft ear tips which are made using soft silicone material. You will be able to comfortably use them for long hours without any issue in your ear canal. It comes with three pairs of ear tips that have different sizes including small, medium and large. You will be able to choose those ear tips which suits your ear. With this model of earphones, be sure that they won’t fall most of the time.

These earphones come with a soft-textured travel-case which will help in keeping them safe. The earphones weigh 2.08 ounces and you will comfortably operate them for a long time. The cable has a length of about 47 inches. This will allow you to listen to music while your phone is still in your pocket. With the best noise-canceling earbuds you will have precise sound experience.


These earphones are compatible with Apple, Blackberry and Android Audio devices. You can still use them with a laptop and any other media device and still have immersive sound experience. Also, you will be able to use the in-built microphone to make hands free calls in all the phones. With these earphones, you will not buy others every time you buy a different phone.

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Ease of use

These earphones are simple to operate and use. You require no skilled experience in operating them. All you need is to plug the jack-pin in its port and you are ready to go. With the remote buttons, you will easily play, skip and pause music. You will also be able to receive and reject the call with the remote button. The cable is strongly made and in the end, they are fitted with a cord guard to prevent breaking.


  • Gives a premium sound with a powerful bass
  • Compatible with more smartphone and mp3 media devices
  • Has no distortions at increased volumes
  • Offers a snug fit hence it won’t fall easily from your ear
  • They come with three pair of ear tips
  • They have superior noise isolation


  • They are not Bluetooth enabled

What’s inside the box?

  • Panasonic drops360° earphones
  • Carry bag
  • Three pair of ear tips


Panasonic drops360° earphones are best to have. They come with a storage bag for you to store them when they are not in use. This will help in reducing misplacement and keep dust away from your earphones. These earphones come with three ear tips of different sizes. This will help you select the cap that suits your ear canal easily.

These earphones have big aluminum housing & a high-grade cable which helps in minimizing distortion. The dual coil drivers will give you powerful bass and a premium sound experience. With these earphones, you will be able to listen to music while traveling by train, airplane, and car. The reason which makes this possible is that they offer the best noise isolation. Above all, they have an in-built microphone which will allow you to make calls.