Pupusa Revuelta: How to Make This Superb Recipe?

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pupusa revuelta

Are you looking to eat something healthy and find Pupusa Revuelta? Are you aware of what it is made of or how it is made? Firstly, do you know what it is actually? You know a bit of it, but are you looking forward to learning more about it? Don’t you worry at all! We got you right here and provided you with the answers you are looking for. Whatever you know might not be the complete information. Either you know and try to cross-verify it. It is actually okay. Everyone has their own set of questions and doubts. But all of those need to be answered by someone. That’s why we will try to cover all the questions and doubts in your mind in this blog. So, let’s get started already and gather information about Pupusa Revuelta!

pupusa revuelta

So, what exactly is Pupusa Revuelta? From where did this food actually originate? To begin with, it is a Salvadoran food that is eaten by the people of Salvador. This food is considered to be really healthy. It is a good for the heart kind of recipe. And this recipe has been recognized by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. It is a recipe that takes a minimum amount of time for preparing before cooking, like approximately 10 minutes. And the cooking time is around 45 minutes. So, the total time in preparing the entire dish is around 55 minutes or 1 hour. But this time is worth it for the delicious and healthy food that you get to eat.

Components used to make Pupusa Revuelta

Before you start making Pupusa Revuelta, you should know what and all in need to prepare this delicious and healthy food for your heart. Let’s walk you through the components required:

  • The breast part of the chicken
  • Cooking Oil or Vegetable Oil
  • Onions (as per the requirements)
  • Garlic (as per the requirements)
  • Green paprika or pepper
  • Tomatoes (as per needed)
  • Salt
  • Corn flour
  • Water
  • Cheese can be either mozzarella or Greek

pupusa revuelta

Preparation of Pupusa Revuelta

It is not that difficult to prepare Pupusa Revuelta. If you follow the steps or recipe for the preparation or cooking of this food, you can easily make it. So, let’s see the steps or orders to cook this specific recipe:

Step 1

Take a large non-stick frying pan. Please put it in medium flame and pour oil over it. Let it heat for some time, then.

Step 2

Then add the chicken breasts into the oil and then fry them. Let it fry until the breast pieces turn a little brownish in color.

Step 3

Take some Onions as needed for your preparing your dish and chop them into fine pieces. Along with it, chop the tomatoes into small pieces as well. Cut the green pepper into pieces as well so that it can be added to your food.

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Step 4

Now add the chopped onions, tomatoes, and green pepper from before into your frying pan. Also, add some salt to taste as per the requirement. Then stir it nicely in the frying pan with the help of a paddle and mix it properly.

Step 5

After the food attains a specific temperature of 165degree Fahrenheit, turn the stove off and put the pot down.

Step 6

Now, shift the mixture in the frying pan to a bowl and cover it and keep it inside the refrigerator.

Step 7

Now, start doing the rest of the preparation while the mixture gets cooled in the refrigerator. Begin with taking the cornflour and mixing it with water in a bowl. The mixture should look like dough to be able to make tortillas.

Step 8

Once the mixture put in the refrigerator has cooled, then add some grated cheese over it.

Step 9

Take the dough and make balls out of it as many as you can make it.

Step 10

Take each ball, that is one at a time, and with the help of your thumb, make a hole in between the ball.

Step 11

Use the chicken mixture as a filling for the dough ball. That is, with the help of a spoon, put the filling and fill it in the hole of each ball. After filling it, close the hole of the dough completely so that no air can pass through the hole of the dough.

Step 12

Now, take a frying pan and put some oil over it and let it heat for some time in low to medium flame.

Step 13

Before putting into the dough balls filled with chicken filling in the frying pan, press it between the palms to get a flat shape like tortillas.

Step 14

Once the pan is hot, one by one, start frying the flat shape filling doughs on both sides. Both the sides should be brownish in color due to the frying. Then only you will know that your food is ready.

Now, your Pupusa Revuelta is ready and can be served on the platter and eaten with pleasure. Along with Pupusa Revuelta, you can serve it with curtido, that is, one of the dishes prepared by the people in Salvador. Also, Pupusa Revuelta can be served with Tomato Salsa as well. You will get a nice spicy taste once you eat the dish you prepared with these side dishes.

pupusa revuelta

Different filling options for Pupusa Revuelta

Pupusas can be made separately and the filling separately. There are always different types of fillings that you can try to make. It actually depends on your choice and what you want to eat with your pupusas. Not every day, the filling inside should taste the same. Something different and flavorful is what you want as well. So here are some different fillings that can be tried:

  • Instead of the chicken breast only, you can try all other different types of meat, like pork, lamb, beef, et cetera. There is no stop to how many different kinds of meat are available. You can try making any of it you want, and since the miraculous taste, you get to it as a feeling in the pupusas.
  • Trying to keep your meal or food healthy is never a bad option. Instead of always having meat-like protein, you can try out to make some green vegetables into the filling for the pupusas. Nothing could go wrong with it. If you try making something different and delicious with the help of spices, you can end up making an excellent green vegetable filling for your pupusas.
  • The filling can also be made with a mixture of beans and cheese. It can be called a heavenly mixture. But you can make the beans soft enough before making it a mixture with the help of cheese. The bites of this filling can be really savory and delicious to your tongue.
  • Cheese is a must when it comes to filling. You can use extra cheese burst if you love cheese a lot. You can add cheese with whatever filling you choose, and it can, or should we say that it always will be miraculous. So, with cheese, you can never go wrong.
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Where can you find Pupusas in Salvador?

Are you looking forward to eating Pupusa Revuelta and do not know where you will find it? You can always look forward to these places for having some fantastic and delicious Pupusas! Let’s see the places then!

  • La Carreta, Antiguo Cuscatlan
  • La Antigua, Antiguo Cuscatlan
  • Pupuseria Chely, San Salvador
  • Pupusondromo Los Planes de Renderous, San Salvador
  • Pupuseria El Mirador, Carretera Antigua

Some other known different types of Pupusas

Other than Pupusa Revuelta, you can always try different other types of Pupusas as well. But you should be aware of what other types of Pupusas are available in the world. Let’s see the other different known types of Pupusas:

  • Chiplin Pupusa
  • Squash Pupusa
  • Bean Pupusa
  • Shrimp Pupusa
  • Cheese Pupusa
  • Jalapeno Pupusa
  • Chicken Pupusa
  • Pork Rind Pupusa

Final Thoughts

With this, we come to the end of our blog! Now you are well aware of what Pupusa Revuelta is and where it is from. It seems you got the information that you were looking forward to knowing. Now you can prepare your Pupusa Revuelta at home itself just by following the recipe and steps in chronological order. Remember to keep the ingredients prepared from before, so you do not forget them while cooking. You can put on your kitchen cape and start being the master chef of your house.

Never stop trying something you and try doing experiments with your Pupusas and give your family a chance to try something new. Definitely, everyone will enjoy the food, and you will also be able to savor the taste. Eventually, Pupusa Revuelta is known to be healthy for your heart, and eating it is pretty suggestable then. Let us know if you got the information that you needed and also if all your questions and doubts are cleared or not. Also, share it with your friends if you like this blog!