Questions to Ask on Dating App To Meet The Love of Your Life!

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questions to ask on dating app

The dating app is great in terms of meeting your soulmate or casual dating. It is fun and thrilling as the idea of meeting new people will keep you swiping right or left till you come across someone with whom you match. The next step is to develop meaningful and fun conversations to light a spark in your relationship. Conversation plays an important part and for that, you need to start with topics that would help you to know her/him properly.

Let’s now take a look at the questions that you can ask on the dating app. So take it slow and don’t panic. Who knows, you might end up finding your soulmate in the process.

questions to ask on dating app

15 Questions To Ask On a Dating App

1. Why did you swipe right on my profile?

The first and foremost question that might give you a clear sign about what the other person thinks about you. So make sure you ask this question and get inside the mind of the opposite person.

2. What are you pursuing right now?

This question will let you know about their goals, their inspiration, their aspirations, and also their niche. This question is very important in case you want to know the person in-depth. This also shows that you are interested in knowing about them.

3. Where do you imagine yourself in the next 5 years?

The answer might sound cliché, but the answer is quite important for you. I’m explaining this in detail. Supposedly, you want to spend a boho or a gypsy life where you know no boundaries and you don’t want to settle in life before 35 years. But the person opposite doesn’t want that. He/she wants to settle and have a stable life in a particular city and isn’t ready for a long-distance relationship maybe. This will ensure whether you want to proceed further or not.


4. Top 5 things from your bucket list

This is a fun question that proves you want to discover and know more about the person. Maybe you want to proceed further with this person, and this helps you discover the other side of the person. Maybe there are some serious things that this person wants to achieve or some crazy stuff that the person wants to experience. For Example; staying in a ‘haunted house’ or stargazing the whole night sitting on a roof. It can be anything. Whatever it is, you can decide whether you want to be a part of it or not.

5. What is your favorite movie?

You get the taste of the person. You can also sync your taste with the person. The genre, the type of the movie, and everything.

questions to ask on dating app

6. Your worst blind date experience

Hahaha, honestly, this part is really funny, and you will discover weird and funny answers to this question. Here’s what I heard from my friend ~ the girl acted like a spoilt brat just because she didn’t like the hair of the guy! She behaved differently than what her real character or real self was.

7. Your past relationship experience

If only I could start this question as a very important question to ask. Make sure you ask this question; later on, take it slow. But ask this question to know about their experience, the type of relationship they were in, and so on. It also includes past traumas, pain, etc. Knowing this might help you to channel your feelings slowly and make sure you treat the person with care. You may discover a lot about the person through this question, and make sure not to force if the person isn’t comfortable with the topic.

8. How many members do you have in your family?

A classic question that never gets old. This is a casual question to know about their family, their relationship with their family, and also the way they grew up.

9. What are you passionate about?

There must be something that you are passionate about, and similarly, the is another person too. Apart from questioning this, also try answering this properly when asked from the other way round. This will reveal your ambitious part. Most people get attracted to that.

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10. What is your most used app on your phone?

A quick question to know the app that he/she likes.

11. Your role model?

There is a certain person in everyone’s life who motivates, inspires us, and has our back in all circumstances. It can be your mom, dad, sister, brother, friend, teacher, or even someone out of your known world, maybe someone from the virtual world. This makes a deep question that will tell you a lot about the person’s past and hardships too. You know how a single conversation can strike multiple topics.

12. Have you ghosted someone, or have you ever been ghosted?

Sounds weird, but this conversation can trigger a lot of conversations. Go on to ask this question. Don’t worry. You might not get ghosted!!

13. Your favorite subject in school?

Nothing more, a very common and simple question you can go for.

14. When was the last time you went out for a date?

A question to confirm whether she/he is going on random dates, and you can make your date a lot more special if you want to go serious. Most people go for casual dates often, but if things click with you, he/she might get fixated on you. You can even ask him/her to go on a date with you and fix a date accordingly.

15. What cuisine do you like the most?

Just a clever move to know the cuisine or the type of food he/she likes to fix a date on a consequent place. Maybe, she likes Chinese, then you can book or take her to a Chinese restaurant, and she would like that. She might think you pay attention to detail and that would impress her.

Well, remember not to ask him/her out for a date just after asking this question. After a few more conversations, you can go ahead and ask her.

questions to ask on dating app

Few More Questions That You Can Try Asking On Questions to Ask on Dating App

  • According to what is your perfect date?
  • What is your last googled thing?
  • Ever drunk called your Ex?
  • Do you still miss your Ex?
  • Are you a day person or a night person?
  • How many close friends do you have?
  • When did you start your Facebook account?
  • How many exes do you have?
  • When is your birthday?
  • The best compliment you ever received?
  • What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
  • When did you have your first kiss?
  • Ever had a crush on your boy-girl best friend?
  • Who’s your favorite singer?
  • Who’s your favorite actor?
  • Are you a bookworm?
  • Something crazy you did to impress your crush?

Final Thoughts

Dating and falling in love is just a matter of sync and trial. You can fall in love in the most unnatural and spontaneous way, and it’s absolutely okay. Go with the flow and take it slow in order to understand and read the person more. Go out on dates, have fun, read their favorite books and watch their favorite movies, and understand their point of view. Who knows, you might end up finding your soulmate.

This is it guys, for this article – Questions to Ask on Dating App. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Make sure you leave your comments below. Till then, take care.