Real True Beauty

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Every day girls and women are bombarded with unrealistic portraits of women in the media. Announcements, contests, TV shows and Miss American films are responsible for the low self-esteem that many women face today. In the media, “beautiful” women are portrayed as thin, with perfect skin and large breasts. The reality is that many women aren’t thin, don’t have perfect skin and don’t have big breasts. Since they do not correspond to these “ideal” beauty images, many women believe they are not beautiful and do not attract men. This article removes these media beliefs about beauty by discussing what beauty really is, how beauty ideas differ around the world and what men really think about beauty.

As many know, there are two types of beauty: external beauty and internal beauty.

External beauty or physical attraction is the most media-focused type of beauty. Unfortunately, the media take maximum physical properties. The “beautiful” women in the media have perfect skin, perfect body and weight, which make women feel insecure and undesirable in the real world. Unfortunately, the media cannot be ignored. It’s everywhere.

It is on TV, on the radio, in movies, in advertisements and even in children’s toys. Therefore, it is extremely important that we begin to emphasize the importance of inner beauty for girls and young women. Inner beauty, which is often overlooked in media portraits, includes psychological factors such as personality, intelligence, courtesy, and personal charisma. Instead of focusing on unattainable physical properties, young women should focus on achievable inner beauty.

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It is easier said than done. Quite right? In today’s society, a woman’s pressure to be beautiful is stronger than ever. Unfortunately, most women don’t focus on inner beauty as it should be. Here are two tips for these women. The first is to ignore media representations.

There are very few women in the world who really fit a woman’s profile in the media. Even the women who arrived on TV are often modified and retouched to look at how they do.

The second point is that beauty ideas change forever. Beauty changes from time to time and from one place to another. What is beautiful for one person is not beautiful for another.

For example, in western cultures, extra-long necks cannot be considered a nice feature. However, the Kayan tribe of Thailand believes that elongated necks are ideal beauty. They are so in love with the idea of the long neck that women actually wear brass rings around the neck to give them a long look. This shows how different cultures have different ideas about beauty. The same goes for different people within the same culture. What is beautiful for one American may not be beautiful for another.

Likewise, most men in western cultures have a different idea of beauty than women. When you ask a woman what would make her more beautiful, she often describes physical characteristics such as better skin, better hair or larger breasts. Men, on the other hand, often don’t mention physical characteristics when asked what beauty is. Research has shown that men believe that happiness and health make women beautiful, not physical properties.

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Regardless of time and place, beauty standards are always there. Unfortunately, media presentations give young women unattainable beauty ideals that damage the self-esteem of girls and young women. Instead of trying to satisfy these unrealistic ideals, you should understand that beauty is not static. Everyone has a different idea of beauty. If one person doesn’t find you beautiful, another will. Also focus on your inner beauty. If you shine with your inner beauty, you will be happier and healthier and you will be able to reach your final goal of attracting the perfect man!