Best way to reduce Belly fat, Chest fat and Love Handles for men

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Best way to reduce Belly fat, Chest fat and Love Handles for men

Not everyone will store fat in some places if you are a man your main problem areas are around Lower belly fat, Chest fat and Love handles. You find everything you’re looking for in this article.

Whenever I’ve fallen off the wagon, the stomach cushions or Love Handles were the main detect that I would see muscle to fat ratio beginning to collect. And this is definitely not just a problem for me, many men find that their love handles are not only one of the first spots to gain fat, but they’re also one of the toughest areas to reduce fat from, especially since there is no way to spot reduce that area with certain exercises. A lot of people will tell you that you can just crunch or hyperextend that lower back fat away, but there’s definitely no chance that that’s going to work on its own. Today I want to go over 8 things you can do within the realm of diet, weight training, and cardio that will work.

1. Reduce Refined Carbs & Sugar

Reduce Refined Carbs & Sugar fat

your first step with diet should be to reduce refined carbohydrates and sugar. But we don’t want to just impose a ton of restrictions. Since the lower belly and love handles tend to be the last spots to go we want to be on a diet that we can actually stick to. Because before your body starts burning those love handles it’s going to burn the fat from your face, your hands, your arms, and your legs first. So you don’t only want to do what most people do and simply focus on reducing your calories, cutting carbs really low, restricting yourself, and battling cravings all day and night long because that’s a losing battle. Instead, you want to optimize hormones like insulin, glucagon, testosterone, ghrelin, leptin, and growth hormone because all of them play an extremely important role in the fat loss process especially when we get down to the stubborn problem areas, that doesn’t seem to want to budge.

Controlling Insulin with your diet should be your first priority because insulin is like an on and off switch that controls whether you will be burning fat or storing fat. According to research having high insulin levels can also cause your body to preferentially store fat around your belly and love handles.

Every time when you eat Insulin level high but especially high when you eat high in carbohydrate and sugar this is the way the first step is to reduce refined Carbs & Sugar from your diet.

Refined Carbs include white bread, pizza dough, pasta, pastries, white flour, white rice, soda, and sweet desserts. So try to avoid these things from your diet.

2. Add More Sources of Protein

Add More Sources of Protein fat

Having Diet on higher-level protein helps you to lower the Ghrelin level. When a Ghrelin level is high you are consistently getting signals that you are hungry and for that, you need to eat. So you definitely want to eat more protein throughout the day to lower Ghrelin. Adjusting your Diet that 30% of your daily calories coming from Protein not only fell you full also helps to speed up your metabolism and increases fat oxidation this is because of the fact that protein required more energy to digest than other macronutrients.

3. Increase Healthy Fat eliminate Unhealthy source of Fat


Things like Avocado, Walnut, and Salmon can all help you stick to your new plan. Foods high in monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats will help in low digestion in the small intestine increasing fullness and decreasing your appetite.  You need to keep in mind that many high-fat foods really taste good but are dense in calories. Eating high calories will prevent fat loss.

Keep in mind before sky rocketing fat in your diet is that some people do better on high fat diet mean while some people completely do not. The people who have better respnse to high fat diet and stay lean are considered as having high fat phenotypes mean while others gain weight on high fat diet considered as having low fat phenotypes.

So before adding high-fat food to your diet check which is your body type.

4. Incorporate Unrefined Sources of Carbohydrates High in Fiber


High fiber carbohydrates such as Oats, Sweet Potatoes, Banana and Orange will help to regulate Ghrelin levels (which will helps you to manage your hunger). Many people avoid carbohydrates entirely when they try to lose fat but the truth is that almost all carbohydrates in the natural form always contain fibers. In fact, one of the main things that happen when food goes from unprocessed to process fiber will get removed. This is unfortunate because of the higher fiber diet can help to decrease insulin levels and burn fat.

Now has long as you keep your protien intake somewhere around 30% you can divide up your split whole unprocessed carbohydrate and healthy fats in a way that works better for you.

Both Higher fat and Higher Carbohydrates can work for reducing the size of your Love Handles. You can either choose any one or balance both.

5.Limit Alcohol Consumption

Limit Alcohol Consumption fat

You don’t want to give up drinking alcohol entirely with drinking alcohol in excess is associated with abdominal obesity. Most drinks are high in calories not only from alcohol also from added sugars that we want to avoid.




6.Full Body Weight Training

Full Body Weight Training fat

Do full-body workout once or twice a week. Even though you are using weights the primary goal of this full-body workout should be to burn fat that means you want to move quickly between the sets with short breaks around 60 seconds long. On these days you want to start with a weight that you can rep out for a slightly higher rep count around 10 to 12 reps.

I want you to choose a total you 8 exercises start with the ones that work your whole body before moving on to the exercise that hit lower and upper body separately.

Some examples of weight training workouts are Deadlift, Clean and press, Bench press, Overhead press, and Squats.

Workout like this may be difficult but it will help you to breakdown your muscle, Increase lean body mass, deplete glycogen stores and enhance insulin sensitivity while burning tuns of calories.

7. PHA training (Upper and lower body peripheral heart action training)

PHA training fatPeripheral heart action training sounds like something you might do in a doctor’s office, but it’s actually a form of training developed by Dr. Arthur Steinhaus in the 1940s. The idea behind PHA training is to elevate your metabolism by doing exercises in a certain order so that your blood keeps circulating throughout your body.

PHA is basically a type of circuit training that eventually became popular in the 1960s when Mr. Universe, Bob Gajda, started using this kind of training. The idea is that you do five to six exercises, one after the other, with no, rests in between just like a typical circuit training workout. The difference is that you alternate between an upper body exercise and a lower body exercise. That’s what keeps the blood circulating during the entire workout.

8. High-Intensity Interval Training

High-Intensity Interval Training fatHigh-intensity interval training is a cardio session arranged as short bursts of very hard work. The whole point of high-intensity training is to kick up the intensity of your cardio. In order to qualify as true high-intensity interval training, you’ll need to push yourself to the max during every set. That’s why they’re short—anywhere from 20 to 90 seconds, typically. It’s the opposite of going for a long run where you ration your energy in order to sustain the activity for longer.

High-intensity interval training helps you to boost endurance, increasing metabolism, regulating insulin levels, and losing body fat.