Roman Reigns Net Worth:

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roman reigns net worth

ThAre you eager to know who Roman Reigns is? Do you wish to learn more about this professional wrestler and how he reached the epitome of his career? Well, if you are, then it’s time you start scrolling down! Here we will give you a brief about him and tell you about Roman Reigns net worth and much more! Let’s dive right in!

Who is Roman Reign?

Leati Joseph Anoa’I, better known as Roman Reigns, is a professional wrestler born in Florida, USA. Roman Reigns comes from a family background consisting of wrestlers or, rather, a family tradition of entering this business. Wrestlers like The Usos, The Rock, and Rikishi are the famous family members of the Samoan family who have made their name known in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Roman Reigns has acted in a few movies as well. Although one can argue that his acting skills need to develop a lot if he is to make his name like The Rock. Still, recently, his heel persona has gotten over fans, and the brand of Roman Reigns that Vince McMahon and WWE tried so hard to establish has finally come to life.

Roman was John’s successor. Well, John Cena is the person who has been the top superstar in the business for more than a decade. Moreover, his appearance, built-up body, and apparel convinced the company’s chairman to make Roman Reigns the next ”John Cena.”

He has been in this business for a decade now while giving eight years of it to WWE. Also, he is one of the main eventers or top drawers in the hierarchy in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). There have been many downs in his run as a face. But he profounded himself and impacted the Wrestling business as a heel.

In this article, you will get to know a lot more about your favorite WWE Superstar, “ The Tribal Chief “ Roman Reigns. Let’s get into it!

Roman Reigns

Early Life

Roman Reigns (Leati Joseph Anoa’i) was born in Florida, the USA, on 25 May 1985. As a child, Roman had an inclination towards wrestling due to the success of the Samoan family. He grew up watching Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) winning an astonishing amount of titles, as well as his father and grandfather, who made quite a name for themselves in the business as well.

Roman Reigns was passionate about football as well. He was pronounced to be the best player on his high school team. Also, he became more inclined towards becoming a football player when he was nineteen as he got selected to represent Florida, his hometown. However, with the wrestling genes running through the blood, he could not escape the fate of being a wrestling great.

He followed the footsteps of his family and joined the wrestling fraternity in 2010. Earlier, he went on with the name ” Roman Leakee.” At the earliest stages of his career, he struggled to climb the ladder due to his poor wrestling capabilities. However, he worked hard and caught a few important eyes in the WWE.

His break came in 2012 as he got the chance to showcase himself in WWE NXT. The name changed to ” Roman Reigns,” It worked well in his favor due to a juggernaut structure of him sold by the commentators and the company itself to the fans. Someone who reigns everyone, that was Roman Reigns, at least that was the idea.

Turnaround in Roman’s Life

After the success in NXT, the most significant turnaround in Roman’s life came when he joined and made the trio of Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins together, ” The Shield.” The trio wreaked havoc across all big-money shows like RAW and SmackDown.

The WWE Universe, AKA fans, well-received them. Roman Reigns won the Tag Team Championship, US Championship, Intercontinental Championship, and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, making the ” The Shield “stint a massive success.

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Although he struggled to win over the fans sometime after the trio broke up and WWE massively pushed Reigns as the main eventer, but his lack of mic skills and wrestling arsenal of moves, he struggled to gain a positive response from the fan base. After that, “ The Tribal Chief “ persona under Paul Heyman was a masterstroke to get him over the crowd finally, and in 2021, you know he has been defeating legends and everyone crossing his path.

Personal Life

Roman Reigns is a family man. He married Galina Becker in 2014, and undoubtedly due to his popularity, Galina had received a lot of popularity as well. They both have three children together, two sons, one daughter. Roman is still fond of football, and you can often spot him playing with his friends. Another hobby or interest that he has developed throughout the years is traveling. Instagram and Facebook pages are filled with pictures from his endeavors with his family in lost cities and exploring the world’s beauty whenever he gets some off time.

He has a troubling past as he was arrested in 2010 for indulging in a fight in a public place. He had troubles with anger issues which have subsequently got better with time. Roman Reigns was also caught doping on illegal drugs to enhance his body in 2016, and he was banned for a month by the WWE Wellness Policy. Since then, he has been clean on artificial elements to increase the structure of the body.

He had leukemia, and there were chances that he might retire from professional wrestling. So, he took a break of ten months before setting foot in the ring again. He battled and defeated the disease, which was a piece of sensational and joyous news worldwide. After all, he is “The Guy” of WWE.

He is fond of tattoos as well. Like his brother, Dwayne Johnson, he has a traditional Samoan tribal tattoo on the right sleeve, extending to the right chest.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) – The Highs and Lows

Roman Reigns is currently one of the most popular and high earners of the company. He has gained several recognitions as well as won championships in the company, making him a grand slam champion; one is called that when he has at least won the possible championship belts once in his career.

Still, a long way to go; he has found success in every division he has put a foot in, let it be as a mid-carder or a main eventer. Before we learn more about Roman Reigns net worth let’s see more about the highs and lows of his career.

The Shield

The Shield is undoubtedly the most important aspect of Roman’s WWE career as it changed the whole outlook for him in the WWE Universe. “The Big Dog” persona worked well with a brutal approach towards the opponents, formulating destruction over others. His rise was significant during the run with The Shield.

Solo Run as a Face

A troubling time and one that WWE failed to gain favor over the fans. Roman Reigns did what he was asked to do, but poor booking and storyline did not help his cause.

The downfall started to occur when he got a humongous amount of shots at the title belts, whereas other deserving candidates were missing out, but all in the hope that Roman would be cheered by the fans, but it rarely happened.

However, he gained plaudits worldwide in countries like UAE, India; the Americans did not like him as a face. This made him go down the pecking order as well, and he had a stint as a mid-carder for some months.

Solo Run as a Heel

“The Tribal Chief ” persona is perfectly poised for him, something that is just for him. Roman was accompanied by Paul Heyman, who carried him well, which gained plaudits from critics from everywhere. Roman Reigns was finally over with the fans.

This persona is still ongoing for him with an angle of the family, including The Usos as his henchmen. Roman Reigns improved massively in this period as an actor, and his mic skills were fun to watch. He is currently the reigning, defending champion (in Paul Heyman’s voice), defeating the top Superstars coming his way.

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An absolute beast of a persona and a wrestler at this moment and one of the best heels in the industry.

More About Roman Reigns

The success story of Roman Reigns has few superstars who played an important role in his rise to the top of the hierarchy. You might not know the names about the superstars, but Roman appreciates the contribution of the following people:

Seth Rollins

Roman’s counterpart in The Shield, Seth Rollins, is one of the most talented and biggest superstars in the WWE at this moment, and he had played a significant role in the rise of the Samoan juggernaut.

Seth Rollins is natural with his mic skills and acting, whereas Roman was good at destroying the opponents. Roman has always said that Seth has helped him to be more confident on the mic and even pitch in his own ideas when he delivers a dialogue on the ring. The reactions, the dialogues must make the crowd believe it, and Roman struggled at doing that. Seth always helps Roman to improve his acting and mic skills during their stint together as well as even now. Whenever Roman requires support, Seth helps him out.

Dean Ambrose A.K.A. Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley is a top professional wrestler in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and in the independent circuit. Although, you might know him through his popular run as ” Dean Ambrose ” in the WWE. He was the other counterpart of Roman Reigns in The Shield. He played a persona of a crazy lunatic man looking to destroy even what cannot be possibly destroyed and someone willing to die to fight. His approach and wrestling skills have been one to behold in the WWE. He was one of the top stars fans loved, but he often did not get the main event roles he deserved. Of course, Roman Reigns was being pushed during that period.

Jon Moxley helped Roman massively, emotionally, and mentally. Rumors prevailed Roman took the main spot in the event.  But that was not the case. John is an experienced wrestler and much more prolific than Roman. He helped Roman to be the top guy that everyone expected him to be at some point. His advice and support have helped Roman to come all this way to the top. However, Jon Moxley decided to leave WWE, and it has worked in his favor as he is running the show everywhere in the independent circuit and AEW.

Roman Reigns Net worth 2021

Roman Reigns is one of the top earners in WWE right now. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) pays him more or less than $2 million every year. Before we know his net worth this year, let’s look at the rise of Roman Reigns net worth in the last five years.

Net Worth in 2016 – $ 5.6 million USD

Net Worth in 2017 – $ 7 million USD

The Net Worth in 2018 – $ 8 million USD

Net Worth in 2019 – $ 11 million USD

Net Worth in 2020 – $ 13 million USD

Roman Reigns net worth in 2021 is $ 15 million approximately. It is subject to increase as well. Apart from being a WWE superstar, he has recently played roles in movies and advertisements as well. He participates in different talk shows as a guest. And through that, he earns a few million here and there as well. Promotional products and merchandise of Roman Reigns earn him a few good USD as well from all around the world.

Roman Reigns net worth will increase around 20% by the end of 2022 as per experts and a 40% growth over five years if he stays healthy and plays a significant role as a main eventer.

Final Thoughts

Roman Reigns is one of the best heels in the professional wrestling industry at this moment. There is nothing stopping this man from being in the history books and the hall of fame in the future. However, he might not have struggled financially, but his emotional and anger troubles have been something of concern that he has conquered. We expect this man to become the richest wrestler in the world. And who knows, maybe even more prosperous than The Rock and John Cena’s.