Shawn Mendes Tattoo: Hidden Meanings and More!

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A Picture of Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes tattoo has made quite a buzz and he has them on his arms, hands, and chest. All of the tattoos stand for a separate meaning of their own, and his fans cannot keep their calm while fawning over him and his ink.

Shawn must truly love getting tattoos, and we love the reason behind every tattoo as it makes us rethink the singer and his values. According to reports, Shawn Mendes has a total of fourteen tattoos inked on his body, and some of them are linked to his family, while some of them have a connection to music.

If you are looking for an article to know more about Shawn Mendes tattoo, then you are in the right place.

Who is Shawn Mendes?

Before we learn about Shawn Mendes tattoo, let us have a look at his personal background. Shawn Peter Raul Mendes, popularly known as Shawn Mendes, has remained on the headlines ever since his first single, “Stitches,” reached the top ten in the United States of America.

Born on August 8, 1998, his relationship with fellow singer and actress Camila Cabello has earned him brownie points from his fans.

It has been said that he has graduated from Pine Ridge Secondary School, where he was a part of the glee club.

Mendes quickly became the youngest to debut in the top 25 on the US Billboard Hot 100. And he had even won a Teen Choice Award in 2014.

He has been popularly known as a pop singer. Alongside, he has even revealed how some of his works have been influenced by some of his favorite pop singers.

Apart from his innate talent in singing, Mendes was also announced as the brand ambassador for Armani’s collection.

This became another turning point for the popular singer. Plus, sometime later, he was declared as Calvin Klein’s ambassador as well.

He has worked with various non-profit organizations to build schools and to raise the level of education. Moreover, Mendes had also raised created the Mexico Earthquake relief fund after the massacre in Mexico due to the earthquake.

Moreover, the Canadian singer has also been struggling with problems related to anxiety. And has been reported even to have therapy sessions.

So, now that we have learned so much about Shawn Mendes let us look at some of Shawn Mendes’s tattoos.

Does Shawn Mendes Love Tattoos?

We are already pretty aware that Shawn Mendes has several tattoos inked on his body. And this proves that he must love getting himself inked despite the pain that inking gives.

All of his tattoos have a beautiful meaning to them, it or so, as the theories and speculations behind the tattoos say. Here we have mentioned some tattoos that Shawn has inked on his body and the reasons behind the tattoos.

Please have a look at those tattoos and get to know why he had them tattooed on his body.

Shawn Mendes Tattoo Sunflower

In October 2020, Mendes tattooed “little sunflower” on his ribcage, and as expected, that speculated many theories from his fans. One of the most popular theories is that he engraved it for his lady love, Camila Cabello.

Here are some of the popular theories:

  1. The tattoo artist who made the tattoo gave an Instagram post writing for his little sunflower. Obviously, fans began questioning who this little sunflower is. But the tattoo artist didn’t reveal that information.
  2. One of the theories is that the tattoo is probably dedicated to Camila Cabello. Camila had once revealed to her fans that she loved sunflowers. So,  fans wanted to know if it is for his love, Camila or not.
  3. Shawn’s sister is also a fan of sunflowers.
  4. And since he already has several tattoos decided to his sister, it has been speculated that his might be dedicated to her as well.
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Shawn Mendes Tattoo Finger

Shawn really loves tattoos, and we know about the different kinds of tattoos he has. Alongside, he has many tattoos on his fingers as well.

The tattoos on his fingers look mysterious at first glance. But the meanings or theories behind those tattoos are very deep.

Below are the tattoos and the meaning (probable) behind them:

The Elephant Tattoo

Shawn has an elephant tattoo on his middle finger, and it is the cutest elephant tattoo ever. His mother also has the same tattoo at the same spot.

There have been no speculations about this particular tattoo. But it does not change that it is one of the cutest tattoos Shawn owns.

The 8 Tattoo

The 8 tattoo is also very intriguing that Shawn has inked. Moreover, Shawn has the number 8 tattoo on his middle finger.

And the meaning behind this tattoo is clearer. Apparently, Shawn considers 8 as his lucky number, and also, it’s his birthdate. So, this tattoo gives off a different vibe, and we get to know about the love that Shawn has for the number 8.

Shawn Mendes Tattoo Aaliyah

Shawn Mendes is known to be a family man who adores his family. More so, he has a special connection to his sister, Aaliyah. Of course, fans are aware that Shawn seems to love his baby sister Aaliyah a lot.

The popular singer has also inked many tattoos to show his love for his sister as a gift, and fans were heavily impressed by them. Below are some tattoos that Shawn has dedicated to his sister, Aaliyah. Let’s check them out:

The ‘Aaliyah Maria’ Tattoo

Shawn has his sister’s name tattooed on his left pec.

This tattoo is fairly simple, and there is no hidden meaning behind it. This tattoo is just a symbol of the love that Shawn has for his sister. And this makes us realize just how deep the brother’s love for his sister is. Plus, we truly adore siblings that care for each other.

The ‘A’ Tattoo

It is no secret that Shawn Mendes has an A tattooed in his right ear, and fans immediately understood the meaning behind the tattoo.

Mendes’s sister Aaliyah’s initial is A. Therefore, it is evident that Shawn had tattooed the A for his love towards his sister. And of course, it is needless to say that we love Shawn Mendes for being such a caring brother.

The Famous Guitar Tattoo
Shawn Mendes Tattoo: Guitar

Shawn Mendes Tattoo Hand

This popular singer has many tattoos, but the tattoos inked on his hand give off a beautiful meaning. And fans cannot stop admiring his tattoos.

If you want to look at the tattoos present on his hand, then read on. We have listed some of the popular tattoos present on his hand. Let’s check what they are:

Butterfly Tattoo

In 2019, Shawn Mendes tattooed a butterfly with a half wing on his left bicep. The story behind this beautiful tattoo goes like this- A fan had photoshopped a picture of the popular Canadian singer with the same butterfly on his bicep.

Mendes was heavily intrigued with this fanart that he had personally messaged the fan to get the picture of the butterfly. Later, he posted on Instagram the image of the tattoo. And fans were elated to see the ink on his body.

Lightbulb Tattoo

Most of Shawn Mendes’s tattoos have a meaning behind them, and this lightbulb tattoo is no different. Located on the back of his light arm, the singer has stated that this tattoo was to commemorate “Illuminate,” his second-biggest album.

Inked with Blue orchids and roots – the tattoo reminds Shawn to stay calm even in uncertain situations. And the fans were intrigued by the blue orchids. Soon they found out that blue orchids were his mother’s favorite flowers.

Meditating Person

Another interesting tattoo of Shawn Mendes is meditating person on his right wrist. Nobody knows when he had done the tattoo. But it was seen during 2018 in one of his performances.

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The most intriguing part of this tattoo is that his friend, Brian Craigen, has the same tattoo on the same spot. We have already mentioned above that Shawn Mendes has been suffering from anxiety. So, according to his statement, meditating made him feel calm. And we might conclude this tattoo could probably be an ode to the problems he was facing during that time.

Good Luck Tattoo

According to reports, Mendes got this tattoo inked while he was performing in October 2019. However, we do not know much about this tattoo apart from knowing it is inked on the back of his left arm.

This tattoo probably serves as his good luck charm before his performances. And as usual, fans are in love with this tattoo.

Good Boy Tattoo

Mendes tattooed the phrase “good boy” in May 2021 on his left arm. This tattoo left everyone guessing its meaning and importance. However, there have been no statements from Shawn Mendes.

Although the meaning is unclear, many theories state that it is for his dog, Tarzan. However, there has been no proof yet.

Shawn Mendes Tattoo Wonder

Let us come onto another of Shawn Mendes’s popular tattoos – The tattoo wonder, situated on his right arm.

Shawn Mendes had come forward and revealed that he had inked this tattoo in celebration of his new album, “Wonder.”

Speculations say this tattoo Shawn inked this in 2020. And Mendes had also revealed how his relationship with Camila Cabello had made him grow more as a person and how she had helped him develop the Wonder album.

One theory that made fans go crazy was that the tattoo was inked in Cabello’s handwriting. All of which has made his fans get enough of their cute relationship.

But there have been no confirmations about this particular theory. However, we hope that this theory proves to be true.

Shawn Mendes Tattoo Bird

Shawn Mendes also has a swallow tattooed on his right hand, which had quickly grabbed his fan’s attention. And Shawn replied that he decided to get a swallow tattoo when asked about these tattoos since he likes traveling.

According to Mendes, sailors who used to travel worldwide had a swallow inked on any part of their body. And this motivated him to ink a swallow. Mendes speaks about this tattoo and says it stands for his home. Also, he mentions that home is with people we love and care about.

Shawn Mendes Fe Tattoo

According to the reports, Mendes got this tattoo on his right shoulder in 2021. There has been no powerful inspiration behind this tattoo, leaving many fans puzzled.

Fe is the Portuguese word for Faith, and Mendes has not stated any reason behind this particular tattoo. It probably serves to remind Shawn Mendes about his Faith and how Faith is important. Because we all know Mendes is not the one to have a tattoo without any particular meaning.

So, we will probably have to wait for Shawn Mendes to come out and make a revelation.

Shawn Mendes Tattoo Guitar

We will end this thread with one of Shawn Mendes’s most popular tattoos- a guitar.  Inked on his left arm, Mendes revealed that the guitar had the Toronto skyline, the hometown of Mendes.

It has also been revealed that the tattoo also contains the wavelength of his parents and sister saying, “I love you.” Mendes feels a strong connection to the tattoo because it reminds him of his love and relationship with his family and home.

The singer has also stated that he had been planning that tattoo for a very long time, and he had wanted the tattoo to be very special. He is still happy with the outcome of the tattoo to this date. And fans became obsessed with him after the speculations about this tattoo were out. All of this is because everybody loves a man who adores his family.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have come to an end of this article about Shawn Mendes tattoo. Hopefully, this article has provided useful information, and you have learned the meanings and the theories behind each of Shawn Mendes’s tattoos.

We need to keep an eye out for Shawn if he inks another tattoo and the reason behind that tattoo. Till then, let us know which one of Shawn’s tattoos you like best in the comment section below!