How To Shut Down And Restart Samsung Galaxy S20

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How To Shut Down And Restart Samsung Galaxy S20

Today it is very important that you know the complete process of how to shut down and restart your Samsung Galaxy S20. These two things are very simple but in the case of Samsung Galaxy S20 it is very important to know all these things.

However, if you are facing any performance issue then they are the most basic troubleshooting procedure to improve the overall performance of Samsung Galaxy S20.

In the new Samsung Galaxy S20 pressing the side key will turn on the display of your phone but if you press and hold the side key then it activates the Bixby.

So the side key is not actually the power button. In this situation, the question arises that how you can shut down or restarts your Samsung Galaxy S20.

In this article, we will tell you how you can do these things properly, so read the complete article very carefully.

👉 How To Shutdown Samsung Galaxy S20:

Shut Down process of Samsung Galaxy S20 is very easy and straightforward all the methods are given below

  1. Make The Side Key A Power Button:
  • First, go to the settings of your Samsung Galaxy S20
  • Then open the Advance feature option
  • After this click on the Side key option
  • Set the Power off Menu
  • When you press the side key, Power Menu will appear on your screen
  • Select the Shut Down option
  1. Shut Down Your Samsung Galaxy S20 With Button Combo:
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With this method, you can easily shut down your phone. All the steps are given below you just have to follow all the steps

  • First, press and hold the volume down button and side key
  • Hold both these buttons until Power Menu appears
  • When you will see the Power Menu then release the both buttons
  • In the end, select the Power Off button
  1. Shut Down With The Help Of Quick Settings:

This is the easiest way to Shut Down your Samsung Galaxy S20, you can open the Power Menu with the help of software button that Samsung provides you

  • First, scroll down the notification panel from the upper side of the screen
  • Here you can find the Power icon that is present on the upper right of the screen
  • Click on this icon
  • Power Menu will appear on your phone’s display
  • Press the Shut Down option

👉 How To Restart Galaxy S20:


You are noticing that your Samsung Galaxy S20 is slow then restart is the best option to refresh your phone’s memory.

In 2020 there are too many powerful devices are launched but we all know very well it doesn’t matter how powerful devices you have but at some time you have some performance issues of your phone.

In this situation restart your phone will become the best option. All the methods of restarting your Samsung Galaxy S20 are given below

  1. Open The Power Menu With Physical Button:
  • The first step is you have to press both side keys and volume down at the same time for a few seconds
  • After this power menu will be displayed on your Samsung Galaxy S20 screen
  • Now press the restart option to completely restart your phone.
  1. Change The Edge Button Function:
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You know that the right button of Samsung Galaxy S20 is not the power button, so when you hold this button for few seconds then you call its virtual assistant Bixby and power menu will not open as like other Android phones

However, Samsung Galaxy S20 provides you with the opportunity to change these settings and you can select other options that system supports. For this follow all the given steps

  • First, turn on your Samsung display
  • Go to the settings of your phone
  • Now click on the advanced feature option
  • Then click Side key option
  • In the user, menu press the Power Off Menu to provide you with the restart option
  • After all the steps when you press the edge button then your phone will display the Power Menu and you can select the restart option
  1. Open Power Menu With The Help Of Quick Panel:

Samsung Galaxy S20 also provides you with a shortcut to access the power menu. If you want to know the process then follow all the steps given below

  • First, turn on your Samsung display
  • Scroll down the notification bar from the upper side of your screen
  • Here power icon is present on the upper right side of your phone’s notification panel
  • Now click on the power icon
  • Power Menu will be displayed on your screen
  • From here you can select the restart option
  1. Restart Your Samsung Galaxy S20 By Using Bixby:

If you have not to change the function of the edge button operation then it will assist you to restart your device.

  • Turn on your Samsung phone display
  • Hold the edge button until Bixby icon is displayed
  • If you have changed all the settings then you can open the Bixby from the notification panel
  • When Bixby logo will appear, say Restart My Handset
  • After this virtual assistant will ask you would you like to restart your phone
  • Now click on the Restart option or click the Bixby button to perform this operation