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eminem biography


Eminem (born Eminem, real name Marshall Bruce Mathers III, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III) is an American rapper, music producer and composer. One of the best-selling music artists in the world, winner of fifteen Grammy awards and an Academy Award for Best Song to the movie 8 Mile, where he starred. Eminem Biography, the legend of world rap


Marshall Bruce Mathers III was born on October 17, 1972, in the small town of St. Joseph, Missouri, USA. His parents, Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. (born 1947) and Deborah Rey (Nelson) Mathers Briggs (born 1955) were musicians and played in restaurants at the Ramada hotel chain. They got married when Deborah was 15, and soon she gave birth to a son.

The birth was difficult and long – they lasted 73 hours and almost ended in the death of the mother. Six months later, Marshall’s parents separated, his father moved to California, got a new family with two children – Michael and Sarah – and completely forgot about his eldest son. Later, as a teenager, Marshall tried to contact his father and wrote him several letters, but he did not even print them out and sent them back. Trying to arrange her personal Life, the mother left her son after her father when he was not yet a year old, and from 1973 to 1977, the boy was raised by a cousin of Edna.

Then Deborah returned, but during the wanderings, she managed to become addicted to alcohol, and later several times brought home new stepfathers, none of whom were delayed for a long time. Eminem’s childhood is not easy. Marshall and Deborah constantly moved from place to place, mostly living with relatives, and rarely remained in the same house for longer than a year. A few years later, the mother gave birth to another son, Nathan. Finally, when Marshall was 12, the family settled in a suburb of Detroit. Friends of that time remembered Eminem as “a generally happy child, but reserved.” Life in the new place was complicated by the fact that the local guys did not accept the teenager, mainly black children from working families

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Marshall was introduced to rap by his uncle Ronnie Polkinghorn, who was only a few months older than him and became his first mentor in music. “My uncle was actually my best friend,” Eminem said gratefully. Ronnie recorded some of his cassettes for his nephew. The artist recalled. In addition to rap, the boy liked to compose stories and draw home-made comics. The teenager created the first rap duet at age 14 with his friend Mike Ruby, and then he came up with the pseudonym “M&M” (in the first letters of his name and surname), which later transformed into “Eminem”. Teenagers regularly participated in local unofficial freestyle competitions. Gradually gaining a place for themselves in a sphere that was previously considered the absolute prerogative of blacks, they gained more and more fans.


Marshall did not study well at school, especially in high school – not because he lacked abilities, but because he was not interested in studying at all. All he needed was to rap. Having failed to finish the 9th grade, even having sat in it for 3 years in a row at the Lincoln School, at the age of 17 he permanently dropped out of school.

In 1991, Uncle Ronnie shot himself because of unhappy love, and for Eminem, it was so shocking that he was numb for several days. The mother of the young man, Deborah, constantly clashed with him. Marshall had to earn extra money from an early age to help her support her family, and nevertheless, she very often drove him out of the houseEminem met his future wife at the age of 15. She was 12 Later, and the singer unveiled information that Deborah plus suffered from Munchausen syndrome – a mental disorder in which a person comes up with or deliberately causes a severe illness of someone close to himself to use the increased attention, sympathy and help from others.

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In 1995, Eminem made his debut as a professional musician with New Jacks, and then, when she split up, with Soul Intent, which also included his friend Proof and DJ Butterfingers. Unreleased album New Jacks + photo young Eminem Video does not work? Nevertheless, he was more interested in an individual career, and already in 1996 he recorded his first solo album “Infinite”.. Besides, the main lyrical theme of this work was the singer’s experience about how to raise a newborn daughter with very little money – to which he received a review: “Maybe you should go rock and roll? Eminem’s first album failed. The disc was ready, but it was not moving forward, and Eminem went to the Rap Olympics, the annual national rap battle contest held in Los Angeles. In this largest battle, the artist took second place, and the organizers drew attention to a talented young man. Eminem – The Real Slim Shady Video Doesn’t Work? 6 reasons why you should date a girl with a trailer One of them, Jimmy Iowin, listened to Slim Shady EP and “Eminem was shocked by this twist of fate because Dr. Dre was one of his idols for many years: “I didn’t want to behave like a fan or suck too much towards him … I was an ordinary white guy from Detroit, and before meeting Dr. Dre, I generally have never seen any of the stars. “