Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Social Media Marketing

Social media has grown to be one of the most effective tools in marketing and branding. Looking for a big crowd? Social media is the place with the largest percentage of potential customers. Any successful business knows to go where the crowd exists. Unless someone is really out of touch with the technology they are likely to be present on at least one of the social media applications.

Some of the popular platforms are Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Each has its own distinct advantages but something they all have in common is that they connect people to each other. For business, it is very important as social media becomes a source for them to reach out to customers and for customers to interact back with them.

However, there are many who have yet to master the art of social media marketing and do not completely agree to its numerous benefits, especially for e-commerce businesses. It is probably because they are not using this platform efficiently. They are certain things that they need to avoid in order to get the best results possible.

We have made a list of a few don’ts when it comes to social media marketing. Keep reading to get to know about them so you don’t repeat these mistakes in the future.

👉 Common social media mistakes

“Content is fire. Social media is gasoline.” –Jay Baer

Common social media mistakes

Stop thinking that it is ineffective as a marketing tool. A common misconception that exists among the people is that social media is only popular among the young population. That is not true. Social media infiltration has made its way across all age groups. So get the upper hand in this game of marketing by using social media the outlet to maximum customers.

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Marketing is just like chess, you have got to plan your moves before playing them. It is crucial that you plan after thinking about all possible outcomes. A great plan will lead to success. Have specifics aims in mind. What is it that you want to achieve? Don’t start the game without the game plan.

👉 Wrong key performance

Wrong key performance

Another common mistake most people do is that they start looking at the wrong key performance indicators. They look towards their number of followers and fans but that is not a measure of effective marketing. What you really need to observes is the hike in your sales, your potential leads basically how social media is impacting your business growth. A real estate social media marketing company will need to see how many potential leads are converting into actual property sales.

You can’t fit all social media platforms into the same boat. Yes the connect people. But each is diverse in its style and approach to connectivity. Each social network has a certain language, customs, content type and audience that it accommodates. Your social media marketing strategy should take these factors into account.

Engagement and interacting with your followers is so important. If you fail to do that, trust us you are making a grave mistake. Respond to all the queries, messages and comments that make their way to you. Be it positive or negative, you get a chance to personally connect with your client.

Many people put their entire focus on increasing their followers, but we suggest don’t make it your main focus. Social media is not just about expanding your network but connecting to people. Social media does not create markets, it creates community. It gives you an opportunity to form personal connections with your audience.

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👉 Promotional Content

Promotional Content

Don’t make your content all about you, Yes people want to know your brand but they also want more than that. Good content is an optimal mix of informative and fun. Post content that people want to see, topics and trends they are able to relate with and creatively connect it with your brand image. Show your customers that your brand is all about them.

Be picky in your social media platform choice. If you take too much on your plate it is likely that you will be unable to manage your social media marketing strategy efficiently. You will end up stretching your marketing resources too thin. It is best if you pick about 3 social media apps depending on your brand demands. A few good choices can be Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

👉 To sum it up

We would like to end this by saying that social media is such a crucial tool in these times of marketing. It will be a bad move to not mark your business presence on these platforms. These give you an ideal space to connect with people and promote your brands. Just make sure to avoid making any of the mistakes above and we assure you will soon start seeing positive results from social media marketing.

Social media marketing is the promotion of your brand on a social media platform for greater revenue and more customers.