Some Basics of growing your business in a big city

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Here I am sharing for new entrepreneurs the most profitable small business ideas for men and women both. Business can be a very tricky field. Oversaturation and high competition to attract clients are just the two initial problems that need addressing. As a society advances, the interest and likeness of people advance with it. Hence using the business tricks of the past 50 years is not going to be very helpful. Though, One can learn lessons from it on client behavior and retailer response. Applying those lessons in real life is the real deal.

The key problem in initial business startups is visibility. A small business making its way into this large world is initially completely invisible. No one knows about its existence. The aim of the business and its target audience determine its extent and ease of visibility. A small-town bakery aiming to be popular in the people of the town wouldn’t have a much problem in becoming the talk of the town. A company aiming to go international is likely to have much higher ranking challenges.

Saturation is a key point too in business visibility. More saturation a market offers, more challenges are likely to show up in the initial, inexperienced days.

Take time to gain familiarity with your audience.

More is familiarity with the audience, more are the chances of knowing which points to hit exactly. Researching the likes and dislikes of the audience before the initiation is going to save a lot of time learning about them in the long run. A non-researched, unlearned startup is going to take time to learn about what the people around like and hate. it also may come with the price of losing fame and welcoming dislike.

A fashion-oriented startup, for instance, needs to know what attracts people of the city. Is it a glassed, fully bright shop? Or perhaps labyrinth style complexity that attracts people? What about the choice of garments and ornaments? Do the people of a place prefer light-colored or dark shaded clothes? How about small cute ornaments or large message-conveying pieces of jewelry?

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These are all the things a person must know before initiating a start. The business can be initiated without research, no doubt. But learning while doing business is going to cost more than a downgraded business. People who do not like a particular shade of color reflect the choice of other people living close by too. They will talk about the newly opened garment store that does not offer nice colors.

It’s a good idea to know the place

Big cities come with all things big. Big opportunities. A great variety of people. big choices. And of course Big challenges.

A newly started company in a big city with all kinds of people, Dubai for example, and all kinds of fancy companies can take on the colors of an ant amongst a crowd of humans. Or the color of an elephant in a crowd of humans. It all comes down to what is presented and more importantly how it is presented.

Opportunities in big cities can be enormous. So enormous it can make you a millionaire overnight, or make you drift into an abyss of nothingness in no time. Knowing beforehand which business thrives in a particular city and which face challenges is very helpful.

Think of a city like Dubai whose economy is largely based on tourism. Businesses like Maintenance services Dubai, tour guide services, souvenirs in Dubai, Fashion and IT have a high chance to boost. People in Dubai like cars too. And they need maintenance services for their skyscrapers as well.

The possibilities are gigantic. What people like and dislike in a particular city helps a lot in deciding where to start and where to not. The public in London, for instance, tends to have more intellectual orientation. And the French are more luxury-loving.

Being presentable

It takes at least a second to process a though generated by reading a shop’s name. It takes less than a second to process the thought generated by its visual presentation.

Making the place where you intend to do your business visually appealing can make a big difference. People are more attracted to presentable places, shops, and areas. It invokes in them the idea of ‘what might be inside this beautiful shop’. And initial traffic is a good sign of an eventual boost.

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Competition thrives In big cities where saturation is highly defined. In a highly saturated area, standing out from the crowd must be the top priority. Blending in with all the other businesses is just not going to work. What’s, even more, is that most of the already established businesses have an established brand. People know about these brands. So even if their business blends with the surrounding, they’re still going to stand out. Because they stand out in people’s minds.



In the world of today where availability of nothing is scarce, uniqueness is a must-have. Especially in a populous city with almost nothing’s unavailability. What is so unique about your idea? Why should people prefer you over all the other already established brands? What do you offer to people? Do you excite them? These are a few questions you must ask yourself before starting.

Uniqueness can also come in ways of delivering your services and how you give discounts. How unique is your attempt in giving your customer promotion is also a unique thing? An example could be giving your customers a discount that increases by 5% for every purchase within a month. A step towards attracting more customers and making them stick with you.


It all comes down to creativity and how you shape your simple ideas and present them to the world. Business can be challenging, especially ones that start in a big, saturated city. But every new challenge shapes a human into perfection. Populous cities also come with a chance of giving you a boost and international recognition overnight. Once the brilliance of your idea spreads among the people of the city, it’s only a matter of time to step into the light.

Among all things, creativity and brilliance. Being resilient is a must-have trait. Life is full of upas and downs and so is the business world. Being confident in your idea gives a nice impression of self-trust, something every businessman must-have.