Some Lip-Smacking Arabian Confectionaries

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Arabian Confectionaries

Whether you are on to Middle Eastern tour or enter in Arabia to have your spiritual sprees of Hajj and Umrah, make your heated Saudi stay sweet and candylicious by trying the lip-smacking Arabian desserts.

Now we know that the Holiest Muslim month Ramadan is just about to grace us with its soothing presence. Besides being a month of spiritual showers, it is also a month of food and flavors.

If you find yourself staying in this rich Islamic land in the holiest month savor your Sweet craving with the super scrumptious Arabian desserts. These are very different from the other Non-Arab or Western chocolate sweets and cakes. In short, the Arabian desserts are simply unmatchable. These are beyond just delicious.

Here we have discovered some extremely delightful Arabian desserts for our fellow sweet tooth to make their Saudi visit the sweetest experience.


Ma’amoul arabian food

These are the crumbliest and butteriest cookies brimmed with crunchy munchy dry fruits like pistachios, walnuts, almonds or dates. It is widely served in Saudi Arabia in festivities and celebrations and all across the Middle East.

These cookies are formed into beautiful shapes and perfect patterns by using wooden molds. Nowadays, chocolate and sesame are also added into this already delicious Arabian dry fruit dessert to make it more flavorful.

You can also bring this amazing eatery souvenir back to your homes to enjoy them with kids.


Luqaimat arabian food

No festival or festivity in Saudi Arabia is completed without desserts or sweet dishes.  The sweet ball Luqaimat is indeed regarded as Ramadan favorite in Saudi Arabia and enjoyed mostly after Iftaar.

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These are mouth-watering brown colored balls dipped in honey. These are hot and really crispy. This is a donut-like dish which is not sweet itself but needs to be dipped in date syrup or honey for the phenomenal sugary taste.


Kunafeh arabian food

If you are a cheese holic, then this sweet delight is going to be a splendid treat for you. It is a very popular the Middle East and Arabian sweet dish with a super simple recipe. It has its origin in Palestine.

You can also savor your taste buds with the special Kunafa with Mozzarella cheese which is filled inside the Semolina brown cake. This rich semolina pastry of Kunafa is baked in the pie-dish and soaked to the core in a sweet rosewater syrup to elevate its sweetness.


Al-Haysa arabian food

It is an Arabian sweet date dish. It is not only delicious in taste but also nutritious in nature. It is an awesome mix of dates, ghee, and flour. You can enjoy it with the delicious Arabian coffee. It is a must-have dry fruit sweet in the wintry nights of Madinah.


Al-Haneeni arabian food

This delectable sweetened Arabian dish is enjoyed in family gatherings and weddings with loved ones. This is also a Ramadan special dish enjoyed in the festivities of the holiest month Ramadan. Like Haysa, it is prepared with dates, wheat flour, ghee, and sugar. This lovely dry fruit dessert has a long expiry date.




Muhallebi arabian food

It is the delightful milk dessert of the Arabian world. This delectable sweet milk dish was introduced into Arabian culture in the late 7th century by a Persian cook who served it to an Arab general whose name was Al-Muhallab Bin Abi Sufra. It is said that he loved it so much and entitled it after his own name.

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It is a tempting product of rice, sugar, rice flour, eggs, and milk. Its outstanding sweet dish is made even more flavorful with vanilla, orange or rose water. It is mostly sprinkled with pomegranate syrup, desiccated coconut or chopped nuts.


Kaleija arabian food

It is also regarded as the traditional cookie of Iraq. This sweet cookie comes in different traditional shapes and fillings. It is a popular date dessert found in the Saudi Arabian province called Al-Qassim.

This Arabian sweet dish looks like half-moon filled with nuts, sugar, and desiccated coconut. They are made even more tasteful with cardamom, and rose water. These are even made scented and colorful with Saffron.

After your visitation from Saudi Arabian Qassim, you can bring two sweetened souvenirs for your loved ones that are none other than Dates and Kaleija.

This sweet eatery is found in several varieties in the Middle East and Arabia. But Kaleija with date paste filling is unmatchable indeed.


Basbousa arabian food

It is an incredible Semolina cake soaked in curd and drenched in rosewater syrup really soothing for your taste buds. This soft cake is frequently sprinkled with coconuts. Saudis enjoy it very much. The good news is this delicious tasting treat is very easy to make.

It is a much-loved dessert in the Middle East and Arabia. This cake was first introduced in Egypt and equally enjoyed in Turkey as well. In Turkey, it is called as revani.