Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep – Get Enough Sleep For Good Health

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Once the bedroom is all cleaned up and clear of clutter, with all the beautiful things in place, we are ready to take care of the spiritual aspect of sleeping.

During sleep, we leave the body and go on an astral journey. We remain connected to the physical body by the silver cord but the body although safe remains empty. It is a good practice however, before going to sleep, to take extra care and ask for protection. No one is allowed in my space without my permission, other than my spirit guides. Thank you.”

It is a good idea to get into the habit, every night, before going to bed, to go over the day, to acknowledge the things you are happy with and intending solutions or answers for those things that bug you. If there is anyone that you want to help, you can say their names and you can be more specific with what they need assistance with.

When we go to sleep, we dream, and the dream state is the place where we create realities. Strange and far-fetched as it might sound, it is while we dream that we build realities easily, even if we do not remember our dreams when we wake up. Practicing being clear about the things we wish to create, including excellent health and well-being for ourselves and our loved ones, or anyone becomes then the way to use the dream state for bringing those desires and wishes into the so-called ‘waking reality’.

Sleeping has been purposely underrated. People have felt proud of their ability to go without sleep or to be able to sleep only a few hours per night for more good night wishes, messages and quotes visit the beautiful website for a good dream. But sleeping is the time that we recharge and the time that we create. If we go too long without sleep, we start to suffer from all sorts of disturbances.

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But sleeping far from what some try to make you believe, is not a waste of time, and it is not something we should ever go without. The odd night here and there with less sleep is not a problem, but as we are making efforts to create a conscious way of living, it is vital to remember that sleeping is one of the biggest aspects of this.

If we suffer from reoccurring nightmares, this is a way for the subconscious to bring into focus either past experiences that need remembering and healing or our innermost fears. If it is memories, we need to look at them, if it is our fears, then we need to bring those fears into the conscious mind and consciously choose to replace them with images of safety and harmony.

So if you are a newbie at this, start with protecting yourself, and then pay attention to what goes on in your dreams. Start with intending to dream what you want, in a way that you already have it. And when you have bad dreams, acknowledge that the buried issues are coming up, and ready for resolution.

Good morning — Good afternoon — and Good evening are 3 phrases that can really brighten your day. If you don’t trust me, try this a little experiment. Be the first when you step in to say one of those phrases at the appropriate time of day. That is to say, remain truly conscious and look the person in the eye and sincerely wish them to say one of these greetings.

I guarantee you will have a wonderful day, as well as the other person. But be careful of anything that surprises people because discussions in the office or at school are about people starting to notice that there is something different about you and it seems to have changed. The truth is, you have just begun to realize that you are making a little difference in your world and in others.

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When working with school-age children, I see how often words are forgotten and thank you. Maybe because I’m older, I begin to notice that these children still don’t understand how important these words are. Please, and thank you, they are just common kindnesses that we tend to offer strangers more easily than the people we sometimes live with. But again, it’s just a reminder not to take anyone alone, but to show respect for everything you find and let them know how much you appreciate them.

Last year, I went to the Greek Olympics, which has been a dream of a lifetime. Since I did not receive the gene that allows me to easily learn languages, one of my commitments was to ask people how to say these 3 sentences in their language. What I discovered was that people from all the countries I visited were happy to teach me because I had a genuine interest in wanting to know about them, their language, and their country.

It made my cut a lot easier and although I am the “Archie Bunker” for the language slaughter, they really appreciated my effort. Just by learning these 3 little phrases, I have truly become a world citizen and ambassador to the United States. Also, I could see how some of my fellow citizens were amazed because they expected everyone to speak only English. So if you are going to a foreign country and haven’t got the “foreign language gene *, learn at least the 3 little words. This will make your stay that much more enjoyable, as well as everyone you meet to appreciate their effort.

I was delighted to share this idea with you and thank you for letting me enter your life. I hope you have a good day, afternoon or night wherever you live!!