Talkspace Enhances Therapy Access for 40 Million Americans

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With COVID-19, the world faces the worst social, political, and financial crisis in history. The new measures involve working from home, social distancing, and isolation. The new lifestyle has significantly minimized the amount of time people spend in public places.

For most Americans, 2020 is, by far, the most challenging year. COVID-19 has taken a massive toll on the mental welfare of most people. This year has seen a significant upsurge in mental distress for Americans. Currently, most people are grappling with fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and depression. Despite the tough times, most guys have been forced to do without mental healthcare services.

Essentially, accessing proper mental care poses a significant financial challenge for most Americans. Additionally, most people aren’t aware that various insurance providers offer affordable access to telehealth and mental care. This lack of awareness has primarily shut out lots of Americans from accessing proper mental care.

In the wake of COVID-19, most insurance providers have gradually embraced digital healthcare. Through telehealth, patients can access essential healthcare services from the comfort and convenience of their homes.

Talkspace is among the therapy firms that have revolutionized access to affordable mental health. In August 2020, this digital platform announced its expansion to cater to over 40 million Americans using legitimate insurance covers.

About Talkspace

It’s an online platform that aims at providing quality mental healthcare. Essentially, this firm has a keen focus on offering accessible therapy in a space that’s free from stigma.

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This healthcare firm utilizes a mobile platform and an accommodative HIPAA compliant web. Since its establishment in 2012, it has made remarkable strides toward transforming the accessibility of mental healthcare. Currently, it has helped over 2 million people and covers over 40 million people through insurance.

Do Insurance Services Provide Coverage

Recent research shows that 60% of Americans think that insurance caters to mental healthcare. According to the study, only 20% of Americans believed that insurance covered telemedicine. Among the vital telemedicine services include online therapy sessions.

Top insurance providers who provide coverage include Humana, Optum, and Cigna. Various educational facilities and employers also cover mental health wellness services.

Accessing Mental Healthcare Via an Insurance Service Provider

Talkspace is all about providing the much-needed mental health wellness, especially in these difficult times. Since the pandemic began, users have grown by more than double.

To check whether your insurance caters to coverage, confirm your eligibility with the insurance service provider. You’re then required to fill an assessment, after which you select your therapist. Upon choosing your therapist, you can now get started on the path to mental and emotional wellness.

You could also incorporate insurance coverage into an already-existing account. Request the therapist to send you an eligibility questionnaire form. In case you require any assistance, contact customer support.

If your insurance doesn’t offer coverage, consider asking for reimbursement from the Health Savings Account(HSA). The Flexible Spending Account (FSA) could also provide reimbursement. Make sure to consult with the account administrator to establish whether you can use FSA or HSA.

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Your mental health comes first. So, don’t hesitate to reach out and embark on the journey to mental and emotional fulfillment.