Privacy and security settings – The things you should know

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Privacy and Security Settings

The TikTok craze, previously, does not slow down; on the contrary, the COVID-19 pandemic that forced people home contributes to the success of this social network. Although it’s great to publish or upload videos to TikTok, not everyone wants to expose themselves more than they should. If you’re going to know the privacy and security settings of TikTok, you are in the right place. In this article, I’ll try to describe all things about these matters. Are you excited? Then let’s get started.


Getting know: How to know privacy and security settings

privacy and security settings of TikTok


Open the app and, on the Io tab, tap the three-dot menu to access Settings. Tap Manage my account.

You will see some necessary profile information such as ID, emailmobile numberpassword, and most importantly, Security. Select that.

You will see notifications from TikTok if they notice any unusual account behavior. For example, if someone is trying to access or hack your account without your permission, or check the devices currently connected to your TikTok account. Also, WhatsApp offers a similar function.

You can contact support or exit any devices you don’t recognize, but we also suggest changing your password to make sure that it doesn’t happen again and protect yourself from malicious hackers.



Go back to the previous screen and select Privacy and Security this time. There are many options, so let’s face them individually.

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The first option is the private account. Enabling this will force everyone to send you a follow-up request, just like on Instagram, before viewing the uploaded videos or that you liked them. TikTok makes it clear there that users who already follow you will not notice any difference.

The second option is to Suggest your account to others. It is useful if you want to get followers on TikTok. Who is not? Enabling this option will allow TikTok to use its recommendation engine to show videos from your account to those who show interest in similar content.

The Security header is where you will find settings that meant to protect your data. They are mostly easy to understand. Someone could download your videos, who can send you direct messages or DM, who can view the videos you like or the comments posted by others on your videos and even comment on your videos.


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When you come across a video of a user you want to block, touch the username to open their account. Don’t contact the ” + ” icon if you see one. That serves to follow him as his new follower. Touch the three-dot menu icon in the upper right corner.

A pop-up menu should reveal itself at the bottom of the screen. You can also block the user, but you can also report their account if you believe they are sharing questionable content.

You will no longer see any videos from that account. And just like Instagram or Twitter, they won’t even be able to view your content or account activities.



TikTok is very addicting and can help pass the time for hours. Especially if you are an active user who loves to upload videos to the platform and show all your skills. It takes planning and execution to do it well. Just make sure you have correctly set up you need to understand and use the best privacy and security settings of TikTok. Please do it now because you may regret it later as there may be trolls, scammers, and badly intentioned on social media. I hope you now know about privacy and security settings.