The difference between L-1A and L-1B Visa

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Dollars are one of the currencies that many individuals want to gain. For that reason, many people are taking a risk to go to America and work for some trusted companies. Thus, as you know, it takes time and effort to get approval. The best example of that is the L1 visa. Applying for this endorsement needs an L1 visa guide to make it possible.

As you know, there are some grounds that you must focus on when it comes to applying for a certain American visa. Classifying your condition and availability is also the key factor to manage your L1 petition. If you are holding a directorial position or executive and specialized knowledge then this endorsement is for you. You might also include it if you have specialized knowledge.

Furthermore, there is some classification for both of those positions. There is an existing L1 visa classification that you need to know. Yes, that is right. Even though there is an L1 endorsement, it is also composed of two sections. They are the L1A visa and L1B visa. However, they also have different components to consider.

Moreover, in this article, we are focussing on the difference between these two sections. We want to share with you the information that makes each of them reliable. To know more about these details, keep this content on track. 

What is an L1A visa?

This classification is for the person who has the position at the managerial or executive level. They are the ones who have the power over their employees. They can control and manage their underlings with great skills and reputations. If your company has an affiliate corporation in the US, then you are qualified for an L1A visa.

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Its qualification includes the managerial or executive person who has one continuous year out of three years of working in the company before applying for the American company. You must have the condition of providing executive or managerial services with greater capacity for the branch of the same employer or one of its certified organizations.

What is an L1B visa?

On the other hand, this classification is for the person with specialized knowledge about the company. Even though it somehow differs from the managerial and executive, these people have the skills and intelligence about the overall production of the company. 

They are the ones who know the petitioning organization’s research, equipment, products, services, management, other interests and its application in international markets, or an advanced level of knowledge or expertise in the company’s processes and procedures. 

Thus, in general form, this person needs to have one year experience out of three years of continuous work in the company before admission to America. Again, they have the specialized knowledge that will help the organization with the capacity to a branch of the same employer or certified corporation.


We hope that these two classifications can help you to identify which of them suits you the best. Applying for this kind of endorsement can give you so much headache, thus it can also provide excellent access in America. In that case, hiring an experienced attorney is highly recommended. They can help you regarding this L1 petition.

The information above contains a crucial role to know if you are capable of the request. Your position is essential to make this application happen. That is why you better follow and provide the demand of the immigration if you wish to work for the US company. It is also a great opportunity for you and your family if you get a positive outcome.

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We are grateful to help you to identify the dissimilarities of the L1s visas. We are happy to give you a bit of advice to manage this kind of endorsement petition. Good luck and God bless your application. Hoping for an excellent and positive result. Feel free to tell us if you get what you are hoping for. Thank you!