The most relaxing travel destinations in Europe

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The most relaxing travel destinations in Europe

In many countries across the world, life is more hectic than it has ever been. Not only are we shook by the recent pandemic, with the economy taking a hit where it hurts and people’s lives changing at an alarming rate, who wouldn’t like to run away to somewhere where they can forget all about those hectic lifestyle blues and take a step back to enjoy a little relaxation time in one of the most chilled out, laid back places on the planet? Here, you can find a list of some of the best European places to go for a calm, refreshing retreat.

1. Norway

If you like remote locations with incredible scenery, historic cities with endless activities and interesting things to see, you’re going to love Norway. It’s filled with an abundance of hike or trek worthy mountains and glaciers, but definitely don’t forget to check out the breathtaking Scandinavian Fjords and the one-of-a-kind Northern Lights. We guarantee you will come back more relaxed than you have ever felt all your life.

2. Serbia


Serbia is known to be one of the cheapest places to visit in Europe, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the potential to give you a holiday full of endless relaxation. If you visit Belgrade, you’ll see a historic capital city with architecture  which will make you feel like you’re still in medieval times, and if you travel across the country, you will find out why Serbia stands out in terms of beauty and relaxation.

3. Italy


Where better to grab a taste of “La Dolce Vita”, other than the place where the phrase itself originated? Italy is known for its beautiful, quaint old villages built on cliffs  and a unique laid back lifestyle (with lots of great food), balanced with just the right amount of adventure-worthy nature. If you want the ultimate relaxation destination, check out the Amalfi Coast, one of the best luxury holiday destinations in Europe.

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4. Spain


If you’re into pristine beaches, art walks, spas, and more, you should definitely visit Spain. You can’t possibly have a more tranquil getaway, especially if you stock up at the cannabis clubs found all around the country. Then you can embrace the local culture by trying out the never-ending bite-sized snacks and downing Sangria into the colorful, exciting festival-filled nights.

5. Malta


Malta is one of the smallest countries in the world. It’s a teeny weeny little island located in the middle of the Mediterranean right underneath Sicily. Here you will find a particular old-school lifestyle, where everyone is laid back and relaxed, and the island is also blessed with beautiful tropical weather and surrounded by an abundance of sandy and rocky beaches. It’s also a tax-haven for igaming companies so you can expect the accessibility to all kinds of casinos and online slots!

6. Scotland


Few locations are more peaceful for a thorough emotional release than Scotland’s outlying islands. The Isle of Skye is among the most picturesque places on the nation’s West Coast, and it’s ideal for outdoor lovers. Stay in lovely Portree and take daily excursions to view Skye’s rough scenery at your leisure. Swimming in waterfalls, whiskey tasting sessions, castle exploration, and breathtaking sunsets are just a few of the activities available.

7. Switzerland


If you enjoy cheeses, the Swiss alpine village of Gruyeres is the destination to really be. This ancient village, which is ranked second due to its assortment of serene spas, also has some of the purest air in Europe, thanks to the snow-capped peaks that encircle it. Switzerland, as we all know, has a plethora of cheese options. So, whether you want your cheese in the form of a fondue, melted over pasta, or prepared in a soup (soup de chalet, made from Swiss cheese and potatoes, is a local specialty), there are plenty of cheesy alternatives available.


8. France


France is enriched with some of the most iconic landmarks on the planet, as well as world class architecture and unmatched art works. You’ll also find sensational food, beautiful countryside, epic ski resorts, amazing beaches, and a very advanced, glamorous lifestyle. But don’t let its modernity fool you, there’s a lot of important history in France you can learn about. All in all, it can be the perfect holiday destination for practically anyone.

9. Portugal


Last but not least, Portugal is a wonderful warm nation with unspoilt environment and stunning scenery, particularly in the Azores; the locals are also extremely kind. These landscapes are considered to be among the most beautiful in Europe. Enjoy a moment of exploration or leisure in the Azores by booking your hotel at the best guaranteed price, as well as your favorite activities such as a visit to Lagoa do Fogo or a Safari trip in Ponta Delgada.