The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

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wedding checklist

Wedding planning seems to be an endless, exhilarating yet stressful venture. There are always things that do not work in your favor or items that slip your mind but with the corona-virus outbreak and no sign of a vaccine coming out any time soon, you can prepare a checklist for your upcoming or already postponed wedding day. We have created the ultimate wedding checklist to save you the trouble.

Twelve Months before the Big Day

It is time for budget allocation and planning. A massive chunk of planning is done during this period. Do not worry if you have to change things along the way, the main focus should be on setting a budget, finding a venue accordingly and the rest will follow.

  • Plan your budget
  • Picking a venue – or destination
  • Setting a date for the wedding
  • Finding a wedding planner and deciding on a theme
  • Forming a bridal party
  • Arranging a guest list

Nine Months

It is time for bookings. Once the basic things are off the list, you can move on to the bookings – but only after thorough market research that is why it should be done as soon as the venue and date are decided.

  • Book the photographer/videographer
  • Deciding the wedding menu
  • Testing and finding caterers
  • Registrations for the venue
  • Finding and booking a musical band
  • Book the registrar and a toast maker
  • Book wedding cars and florists
  • Get wedding insurance, if you have any.
  • ‘Save the date.’
  • Start working to stay or get into shape for the big day
  • See a dermatologist get the perfect pre-wedding glow
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Six to Nine Months

Give a good three months to the wedding dress – since this is not going to be an easy decision. Research and see what gown fits your body type. Go for fitting from the beginning and see if you can realistically lose enough weight till the wedding day. Thus, the dress must not be finalized earlier – explicitly convey this to your dress designer or tailor.

  • Find a dress designer and start planning your outfit
  • Look for a tuxedo and start with the fittings
  • Get your bridesmaids’ outfits tailored
  • Start planning your honeymoon
  • Finalize the wedding décor fluff – that is linens, dance floor, lights, flowers, chairs, etc

Four to Six Months

Now that your dress situation is under control, be mindful of the rehearsals and how the event will proceed. Take these two months to meticulously build a timeline, the menu for the wedding as well as the rehearsal dinner. And do not forget about the groom’s needs too, while you’re at it.

  • Go for your dress fittings
  • Write out your reception timeline
  • Plan out the ceremony rehearsal
  • Book the final caterer and plan your menu
  • Pick out a cake design and book  a baker
  • Buy your wedding bands
  • Buy the tux

Two to Four Months

Here is to getting every personal detail scrutinized. Now that you have all the major things under control, you can finally start working on the chummier bits – from getting the wedding vows ready to picking out and listening to the readers. And just to stay on the safe side, recheck the bookings you have made before.

  • Write your wedding vows
  • Choose and finalize a wedding ring for your partner
  • Start sending the invitations
  • Double-check the previously made bookings
  • Book a hairstylist and makeup artist
  • Finalize the readings for the ceremony
  • Plan and finalize the rehearsal dinner venue

Two Months to Six Weeks

Here is to surrounding yourself with your family and taking out a few weeks to make them feel loved during the grand celebration.

  • Order gifts for everyone
  • Buy the accessories to go with your dress
  • Chart out the seating arrangement
  • Song selection

Four to Two Weeks

Final touches are here and its crunch time when you need to get things sorted without freaking out.

  • Confirm reservations and send out reminders
  • Keep all the respective payments in order and arrange them in envelopes
  • Confirm the guests who are going to show up
  • Get a haircut and dye
  • Book your spa sessions

One Week before the Nuptials

Try to calm your nerves during this time, and what can do that well than the spa sessions you booked earlier? Take the final week to sit back and watch everything perfectly align before the big day.

  • Re-check dress fittings
  • Pamper yourself with manicures, pedicures, facials, and grooming
  • Pack for the honeymoon

Arrange the rehearsal