They thought they had won the lottery jackpot, but they were wrong

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There have been a number of people who thought that winning the lottery jackpot was going to be the end of all their problems. They assumed that this jackpot win was going to set them up for life and make things easier than ever. But that’s definitely not the way that it goes for everyone. In fact, that’s not the way that it goes for most people.

Jack Whittaker

Whittaker actually won a $314.9 million Powerball jackpot but opted to take the payout of $113 million in a lump sum. But he already had a decent bank account when he won, with a $15 million a year business. He did some good and managed to help with charities and local churches. But he also suffered from theft and developed a drinking problem when he business started experiencing lawsuits from people who just wanted a share of his wealth.

Curtis Sharp

Sharp won a total of $5 million and started spending the money a lot faster than it was coming in. In just a year he left his wife for another woman, who left him not long after. He started drinking excessively and things started to go downhill fast. Luckily for Sharp, he managed to turn it around. But not before he had blown all the money he won.

William Post III

William Post had barely any money and yet he chose to pawn a few of his belongings to get lottery tickets. And he ended up winning over $16 million. He started spending it like crazy. In fact, his first yearly allotment was spent in only two weeks. And by the end of the year he was almost half a million in debt. He then lost a court case with a girlfriend who said he owed her half of his lottery winnings. He also suffered from bankruptcy, assault, and his own brother attempted to have him killed so he could claim the money. It didn’t take him long to run out of everything.

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Wild Willie Seeley

Seeley was actually one of 16 people who won a huge lottery jackpot but he started to see the downside, which was that there wasn’t a whole lot of money once it was divided out and it was also difficult to get away from the people who wanted a share of the winnings, even when they weren’t really entitled to anything.

Trying your luck

Now, just because there are a lot of other people who haven’t done so well with the lottery doesn’t mean that you’re going to be one of them. In fact, you should be taking a closer look at how they didn’t do so well when you’re planning what you’re going to do to improve your chances. And make sure that when you do buy a lottery ticket you get it from You won’t have to stick with only your local lottery and instead, you could win a huge jackpot from somewhere entirely different.