Things to do in Catalina Island To Create Memories Of A Lifetime!

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Things to do in Catalina Island

Located in the southeast of Los Angeles, Catalina Island, or rather Santa Catalina Island, is an intriguing place to spend the weekend or go on a vacation. It’s a place where one can tell; Santa Catalina is a hidden treasure that’s out in the open for everyone to see. With a luxurious white sandy beach, breathtaking view, scenic trails, and many other specialties, it’s no ordinary place to spend quality time.

The white sand beach, fresh seafood, island-brewed beer, and wine are all quality types of hooking on the foodies of the world. The Island’s history and the number of explorable sites Catalina Island holds can be astonishing or even overwhelming for a few people. Nonetheless, this beautiful beach has its specialty, sites, theaters, museums, food, weather, and atmosphere to get lost in the world of beauty. Now we can talk about the things to do in Catalina Island.

Things to do in Catalina Island

A little bit of history

It was in 1919 that the Chewing Gum entrepreneur William Wrigley Jr. bought an astonishing number of shares of Santa Catalina Island company shares until he owned a controlling interest. He had envisioned his plans for the Island. Though the Island wasn’t habituated for at least 8000 years, it wasn’t until the 20th century that the Island made its fame and name live up to be called a tourist spot. With William Wrigley Jr.’s plan, the Catalina Casino (the world’s largest circular ballroom), the first-ever theatre specifically designed to show movies, was erected, and with it, the Island gained a name for itself.

The Catalina Island Museum in Avalon has curated all of the Island’s history and many of its secrets, making the Museum a must-see spot for anyone and everyone who stops on the Island for a trip.

A couple of things to do in Catalina Island in November

It just gets exciting to talk about the things you can do on Catalina Island. Such an interesting and attractive place that comes with a lot more than one can expect. If we’re specific about the things to do in November, there are a lot more things to get engaged in than one might surmise. As the calendar steers to the lower dates of the year, Halloween on Catalina Island leads the time with a variety of things to do, whether it be multi-cultural or athletic. Let’s look at some key things to do in Catalina Island in November.

  • Take part in Gold Cart Parade: Take the time to participate in the Golf Cart Parade as everyone drives a golf cart and visits places on the Island. It does have several advantages such as meeting new people, enjoying the event, getting to visit different places, and many more.
  • Celebrate the Día de Los Muertos Catalina Island style: Catalina Island holds the Día de Los Muertos event. It’s a Catalina Island special event that’s celebrated on November 1st. This family-oriented festival features live music, face painting, tequila tasting, dance performances, and many more. You can enter the event for $20 being a non-museum member and $15 for museum members.
  • Celebrate Veteran’s Day: Show up on November 11th to celebrate Veteran’s Day. Quiet a memorable day. The residents of the islands left their homeland to take part in world war I. To pay respect and honor to the people.

Things to do in Catalina Island

How about some Romantic things to do in Catalina Island?

Did you know that Catalina Island came to be known as The Island of Romance? Right after the popular “26 Miles across the sea” song came out, Catalina Island became popular and made its name. Not to mention the environment the sunset and beach wind create are one of many aces up in its sleeves to offer.

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1. Visiting the beach

Going around the beach and spending time with your beloved. Always cranks up the mood meter, don’t you think? Getting the feel of the breeze and the sound of waves. A blissful evening

2. Watch for marine life out in the sea

Get on a cruiser and look out for an exquisite view of dolphins or even a whale (If you get the chance). It is sure to make the mood when the dawn falls, and the golden yellow sky lit up.

3. Ride on a bicycle

Rent a bicycle that’s made for two. Explore the beach on the roadway and the surroundings and experience the calm atmosphere. Have a chat and once again go head over heels (*wink*).

4. Plan for a picnic

The beach is vast, and seizes the opportunity to have an evening picnic on the beach. Food, wine, the atmosphere, and your loved one. Listen and share some music, refresh the mood.

5. Dine at the bayfront restaurant

Go on a date at the beachfront restaurants. There are quite many to consider. Like: Descanso Beach Club, Bluewater Avalon, The Lobster Trap, and many more


Take on the excuse of the trip to propose to the one you love and make the event memorable. The scenic places, the beach, and the atmosphere. When all these puzzles are set in a place, just go for it, big guy/girl.

It’s easy to get lost in thoughts and thinking of the things you want to do when having a romantic atmosphere. But don’t get startled or break your confidence. Just go for it.

Things to do in Catalina Island

December? Things to do in Catalina Island in December.

The beauty and attractiveness that Catalina Island holds even to this day, will startle you. Especially during the wintertime. December is one of the perfect months that makes the Island even more beautiful! Here are some things you can do on Catalina Island in December.

  • Gingerbread house building contest: Catalina Island holds a Gingerbread house-making contest during December and sets up a winner. Where you can also take part in if you happen to visit during this time.
  • Take pictures with Santa: There will be Santa Clause up in the street for tourists and visitors to capture the moment. December is the festive season due to Christmas.
  • Spend quality time during Christmas: Take the time to look around the Island during the nighttime. Catalina Island is breathtakingly lit with various lights and decorated for everyone to enjoy. Carolers stroll from day to dusk to sing carols, and everyone enjoy
  • Attend the New Year’s Eve Gala: On December 31st, you can also attend the New Year’s Eve Gala to enjoy the live music, food, and a fine festive atmosphere.
  • Celebrate New Year: Last but not least; you can celebrate the New Year on the Island with a hair-rising environment either indoors in the hotel or outside with known and unknown people.

Things to do in Catalina Island this weekend.

It’s March now, which means the summer is upon our heads. I don’t think there’s nothing much to do. Oh no, there’s a whole lot more things to do during the summertime and the heat. Let’s have a look at some ideas that you can do during the summertime on Catalina Island.

  • Spend time on the beach and sea: You can do all sorts of activities being on the beach. Make sandcastles, play beach ball, volleyball, frisbee, badminton, fly a kite, sunbathe and enjoy a good swim. Getting into the sea and playing is always cool for kids and elders alike. Have a few drinks while the sun goes down and the cool winds start to hit the place.
  • Stroll in a golf cart: There’re benefits of renting a golf cart. Don’t miss the chance out and take a golf cart and go for an idle stroll. Take an excursion on the Island and look around. It won’t be long until you realize how beautiful the place is.
  • Take some time to visit the Wrigley Memorial & Botanical Garden: The father and founder of Catalina Island, William Wrigley was the one who was authorized to erect the Wrigley Memorial & Botanical Garden on 31 acres of land just for visitors to feast their eyes.
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Things to do in Catalina Island during COVID

The pandemic made our chance to take a vacation a hard task and made the world a risky place. Nevertheless, IS CATALINA ISLAND OPEN DURING COVID? To your surprise, YES. Catalina Island is open for all tourists to visit, but there are precautions to maintain (We don’t want anyone to get infected, right?

  • Parasail: You can take advantage of being 600 feet above the sealine and get a broad view of the Island itself. The experience is surprising and relaxing if you have to describe it.
  • Dive underwater: The world beneath the seawater of Catalina Island is crystal clear with highly diverse marine life. If you are ever on Catalina Island, don’t miss the chance to get a Snorkel Eco Tour guide and take a view of the underwater world.
  • Most importantly: The authority excites everyone to exercise caution. The authority asks everyone to wear a mask regardless of whether they are being vaccinated or not.

How about on Catalina Island things to do for free?

Want to enjoy a calm and relaxing time? Sure, you can! Free of charge? YES

Now let’s look at Catalina Island things to do for free

  • Take a hike: You can go on an adventure, hive through the mountains and rocky places. Intake the view of wildlife, view of the Island from the top, have lunch on the mountains, and much more. Set up a camp, stay the night, and enjoy the starry sky.
  • Walk around the streets: Take a stroll around the block, and visit the souvenir stores and various local stores to get the hand of the specialty. Maybe walk a little bit far and experience numerous restaurants, cafés, and bars. Maybe get a drink and have a relaxing evening.
  • Take the organic view of the sunrise and sunset: Being the place, Catalina Island is an island that makes it easier to take the astonishing view of the sunrise and sunset for a more energetic experience.
  • Park: either with the family or friends, wife and kids, you can visit the park and play. Or enjoy the calm atmosphere.

Catalina Island Hotels

Looking for a place on Catalina Island can be as miscellaneous as the Island’s terrain. Numerous Hotels and lodging are available, ranging from extravagant to simple lodging. With various prices and locations, there’s no shortage of accommodation on Catalina Island. Here are a considerable number of hotels to check in when visiting Catalina Island. Here are some Catalina Island Hotels.

  • Bellanca Hotel: Overlooking Avalon Bay, this hotel is just a few minutes of walk away from the Green Pleasure Pier. Also, the Botanical Garden is around two miles away from here
  • Aurora Hotel: Just five blocks away from the ferry terminals and ten minutes of walk away from the Catalina Island downtown and restaurants, this beautiful lodging is situated. With various sides of beautiful and calm views, this hotel is one of the top pick ones on the Island.
  • Pavilion Hotel: From the south beach, adjacent to the street, this hotel is just 9 minutes walk away from the Catalina Casino and also 9 minutes walk away from the Green Pleasure Pier.
  • The Avalon Hotel: Being one of the ancient hotels on the Island, the craftsman style décor, this is a three-story tall hotel. Situated right behind the casino and overlooks Avalon Harbour.
  • Hotel Atwater: Just a couple of minutes of walk away from Avalon Pier, and almost around 8 minutes’ walk away from Avalon Casino, this hotel stands. Here’s a bonus fact, this hotel was built in the 1920s.

Final Thoughts

Coming to an end, Catalina Island is one gem that we humans got. Out in the open for anyone to visit and have fun. To spend a vacation, have a marriage or honeymoon vacation, to relax for the weekend, to spend some time with your partner, there are all sorts of reasons as well as excuses to visit and loosen up a bit. Given the fact that the Island has both mountain and beach terrains, this one small Island is easily a getaway place for mainland Californians and an opulent place to visit from overseas.