Tik tok app download apk – How to download fast

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tik tok app download

If you use TikTok, you may need to download the videos you like best to save them on your phone. The popular app, born with the name of Musical.ly and then renamed TikTok, is very popular with the very young who love to make funny videos in the lip sync. From movie dialogues to the most famous songs, this video sharing app allows you to create very creative clips that can then shared on various social profiles. In this article, I’m going to describe the tik tok app download apk . So, let’s get started.

Getting started: Download this social media platform – tik to app download apk

TikTok (ex Musical.ly) is probably the most dynamic social of the moment. Some users may want to download and keep the best clips, perhaps to share them with friends. After talking extensively about how TikTok works and how to be successful on TikTok, today is the time to talk about how to download videos from the young social network without the WaterMark.

How to download TikTok videos

To save one video at a time, we can use the native download option, which works fine in this case.

  • Open the video you want to download
  • If it’s a public video, just hit the Save Video button
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Suppose the author of the video has limited the audience to only their friends and followers. Currently, the app allows you to choose between All, Friends, and Off.

Download TikTok videos via Url

Another solution is the third party video downloader. Video Downloader for TikTok is one of the best as it is free, functional, has a simple and straightforward interface, and does its job well. All you have to do is go to TikTok> Share> Copy Link and paste the video link on the bar of this app. At this point, download it by pressing Download. TikTok Video DOwnoader shows annoying advertisements from time to time, but, there is an innovative solution that we are about to reveal to you.

How to download TikTok on iPhone

Do you have an Apple device and therefore are interested in knowing how to download TikTok on iPhone and how to download TikTok on iPad? I’ll settle you immediately. First, start the App Store by pressing the blue icon depicting the stylized white “A” located on the Home screen.

Then, click on the search result corresponding to  TikTok  (the stylized “T” icon ) to open the application description sheet. If you are working directly from the device on which you intend to install the app, you can speed up everything by clicking on this link to go now to the App Store section dedicated to TikTok.

After going to the application download page, tap the Get button (or the cloud icon, if you have previously downloaded TikTok) and confirm the Download with your Face IDTouch ID, or password. Apple ID. Easier than that ?!

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How and where can I download the Tik Tok application?

Until now, Tik Tok is an application compatible only with iOS and Android mobile devices. In such a way, that its use in computers is impossible. They will probably later develop a compatible version on the PC.

One of the application’s relevant features is that it is entirely free, and both the download and use procedure is straightforward. You have to look for the application in your device’s official store and proceed to download it.

How to download TikTok on PC – tik tok app download 

Are you wondering if it is possible to download TikTok on PC? The answer is ni. Officially, TikTok is only available for Android and iOS / iPadOS, not for desktop platforms such as Windows and macOS. However, you can get around this limitation by using an Android emulator. Which is software that simulates the operation of an Android device on your computer.

One of the most popular emulators out there is  BlueStacks. To use it, go to its official website and click on the green Download Bluestacks button. When the Download is complete, if you are using Windows, open the .exe file you obtained and press the YesInstall now, and  Complete buttons to complete the setup.

I hope you understand the process for tik tok app download apk .