Tiktok abolishes direct messages to children in 2020

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Tiktok abolishes direct messages

As of April 30, Tiktok will only allow over 16-year-olds to send or receive private messages. Many teenagers use a short video app. You should now protected against harassment. The quick video app TikTok turns off private messages for people under 16 years of age. According to the company, it wants to protect children better. Tiktok is one of the most popular apps among teenagers and is considered the social network of the hour. The app hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Do you know Tiktok abolishes direct messages to the small child? In this post, I’ll describe all about things. Are you excited to know? Then let’s get started.


Why Tiktok abolishes direct messages to the children?

Tiktok abolishes direct messages

TikTok’s parent company Bytedance from China said in a statement: “As of April 30, only users aged 16 and over can access the news archive, send and receive new messages. In this way, children are to be protected from harassment, for example, through lewd messages from adults. It is currently “possible to use direct messages in a different way than intended,” the statement said, and further: “The latest step is to protect the younger members of the community.” Direct messages are not directly viewable for the company, like public comments. It makes them vulnerable to abuse.


Teenagers in a particular network on Tiktok

Tiktok allows people aged 13 and over to use the app. Anyone who joins guarantees that they are 18 years of age or older, or that they have permission from their legal guardian. Age not seriously checked by Tiktok. You may become a victim of stalking or grooming, an attempt to persuade them to engage in sexual activity or to meet adults. That is why Tiktok has recently stated that it has strengthened the protective mechanisms and tried to involve its users’ parents more. It enables parents to link their accounts to that of their children and control some of their account usage and privacy settings.

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Homosexuals and fat as special users.

“Our intentions good, but we take the wrong approach.” The previous regulation long since changed in favor of more nuanced anti-bullying procedures and protective measures within the app. According to the report by “Netzpolitik.org,” homosexual and fat people also ended up on a list of “special users” whose videos generally considered to at risk of bullying and capped within their reach. The actual content of the videos did not matter. The approach is “overarching and marginalizing,” quoted Netzpolitik.org, the organization Ability Watch for disabled people.


TikTok admits discrimination

Therefore  Homo sexuals, autistic people, fat people. The TikTok portal has admitted that it has deliberately limited the range of videos with “special people.” Therefore  The company justified the move as bullying prevention. Therefore  The quoted guidelines cite “disfigured face,” “autism,” and “down syndrome” as examples of the users concerned. The moderators themselves should judge in the evaluation process, whether someone has these characteristics and mark the video accordingly. They have about 30 seconds on average to do this.

Conclusion on Tiktok abolishes direct messages

Therefore The rapidly growing Chinese social network TikTok has granted discriminatory moderation rules, which revealed in a report by “Netzpolitik.org.” The platform had, therefore, instructed its moderators to mark videos of people with disabilities and limit their reach. Therefore  In response to an increase in bullying in the app. We implemented an awkward and temporary regulation early on,” said a company spokesman for the US portal “The Verge. I hope you know well now Tiktok abolishes direct messages to the small child. If you have any query, you may share with us as soon as possible.

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