TikTok announces withdrawal from Hong Kong in this year

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TikTok announces withdrawal from Hong Kong

TikTok is one of the world’s most popular social networks but has criticized its Chinese owner, byte dance, and privacy concerns. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced only on Monday. TikTok had previously said that it would not respond to requests for censorship or user data from the Chinese government. If the companies do not cooperate, their services in Hong Kong could be blocked, as they are today in the People’s Republic. For that reason, TikTok announces withdrawal from Hong Kong in 2020. In this article, I’ll describe all about things. Stay reading.


Getting know: TikTok announces withdrawal from Hong Kong  in 2020

TikTok announces withdrawal from Hong Kong

International internet companies and chat platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, Twitter, and Telegram have announced that they will not respond to possible inquiries from Hong Kong authorities about providing user data. Facebook announced that it would first consult human rights experts on the effects of the new law before making any further decisions. According to data from Sensor Tower, TikTok recorded around 1.8 million downloads in Hong Kong in September 2019 – the city has 7.4 million inhabitants.

The law stipulates that service providers should “provide proof of identification or help with decryption” on request.


Police want to “intimidate” activists.

Late Monday, Hong Kong released further details of the law for the former British colony: security forces have overarching authority to search properties and prevent residents from leaving the city. The government in Hong Kong also declared the people’s protest slogan, “Free Hong Kong! It is the revolution of our time “for illegal. Pro-democracy activists are examining books in public libraries to see if they violate the new law. Local media reports that the police have warned some stores that democracy-friendly posters and decorations violate the new law.


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TikTok app from Indian cell phones

Therefore The programs endangered India’s sovereignty, national defense, state security, and public order, the Ministry of Information Technology justified the move to ban the Chinese TikTok app from Indian cell phones. There are several reports that user data is misused by some of these apps and transferred to servers outside the country, a statement said. Hardly any other platform is currently as controversial as TikTok. Authorities in the United States and the United Kingdom also check whether TikTok has passed on sensitive user data


Therefore TikTok and the other affected apps no longer found in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in India. Therefore What a further ban could look like is unclear. Indians who had already downloaded the dance and music app on their cell phones could still use them on Tuesday. 


Conclusion – TikTok announces withdrawal from Hong Kong

Therefore TikTok supporters are often branded “unpatriotic” on social media. Salman Khan from the northwestern state of Gujarat.  a namesake of the famous Bollywood star . It has become known with TikTok videos about the Hindi film industry in Bombay. That’s why TikTok announces withdrawal from Hong Kong from this. Year. Is it the right decision? What do you think? You may tell us via email us or comment on this blog.


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