TikTok introduces the minimum age for direct messaging.

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Tiktok introduces the minimum age

TikTok users under the age of 16 will no longer be able to send and receive direct messages. The new regulation will apply from April 30, according to the video platform, according to DPA. From a youth protection perspective, however, the new rule only works if young people have given their age honestly when registering. TikTok has set the minimum age of 13 in the general terms of use. However, the period is only queried, not checked, so that even younger children can be on the platform if they cheated when they registered. The same applies to outwit the limitation of direct messages. The community creates Tiktok introduces the minimum age for everyone. If you are interested in reading this article, stay reading.


Getting know: Why Tiktok introduces the minimum age?

Tiktok introduces the minimum age

Before, knows about this topic, we have to understand


What is this app?

The free app TikTok or DouYin (year of publication: 2016), as it is called in the country of origin, has been leading the download charts on the iPhone for a long time. However, this is primarily the case in China, not in Germany or the United States.

  • It is a social network similar to Instagram. Instead of pictures, however, short, self-made videos are accompanied by music. There is often dancing or singing along in sync.
  • In Germany, DouYin is available under the name TikTok – however, this is still relatively unknown in Germany.
  • In the western world, users relied on Muscal.ly before TikTok. It is a similar app to Douyin, but it launched in 2014.
  • At the end of 2017, TikTok bought out the competitor Musical.ly. The company’s over 200 million users were worth a billion dollars.

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Parents can connect with their children’s apps.

Parents who know or suspect this can then only prevent their child from writing or receiving direct messages in the so-called accompanied mode – or at least stipulate that words may only be exchanged with friends who are friends. To do this, parents must first install TikTok themselves. To activate the said mode, you then call up the settings “Digital Wellbeing / Privacy” and “Settings / Accompanied Mode“. A QR code then displayed, which the child must scan with their smartphone. In this way, the apps connected, and the child agrees that the use of TikTok may be regulated. However, parents cannot see what content their child is watching or what messages and comments they are receiving or sending.

In the United States, parents filed a class-action lawsuit against TikTok last year, criticizing the lack of data protection for young users. There are also US investigations into general data protection and censorship concerns against the Chinese app.


Conclusion on Tiktok introduces the minimum age

We know TikTok introduces the minimum age from now. The decision of the TikTok is beneficial without any doubt. Because the underages children sometimes addicted to using it. We should support their decision. If you have any message to us, you may inform us Via email.


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