Tiktok Marketers in 2020: What you know and what don’t know

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tiktok Marketers in 2020

Without wishing to offend, you are likely wrong about TikTok. We have been researching, writing, and sharing info about TikTok for a couple of months. But we remember also had the benefit of being chosen among the first companies in Spain to have direct access to this disruptive app. The results of our first tests are coming with TikTok Ads, the Chinese giant’s own campaign creation platform. And with them, we have seen how the preconceptions of the people in our sector disappeared faster than you can do a swipe-up. If you need information about tiktok Marketers in 2020 then you are in the right place.  


Tiktok Marketers in 2020 is for Generation Z only

tiktok Marketers in 2020

We already composed a post on this topic that you can read here. And the data continues to prove it: the app already attracts not only this group but also Millennials, Xers (my people!), And even quite a few BOOMERS. There are people of all ages creating content on TikTok, and the consumer profile has changed a lot as well, thanks in large part to the boredom resulting from this confinement that has propelled an entire audience to the app. We recommend this article from the Influencer Marketing Hub if only because the TikTok stats always entertain because of how new they are. But also to find citations like these that reinforce the point above: 

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TikTok users get older


There is no question that TikTok is incredibly outstanding with teenagers worldwide. However, there is evidence that your user profile is getting older. In countries like China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, there are more users between 25 and 34 years old than between 16-24.


25.8% of users in the US are between 18-24 years old

24.5% are between 25 and 35 years old, which seems to show that many TikTok users have not stopped using it because they have turned 25 years old.


TikTok is expensive

We assume this point will depend on who you’ve been talking to, but here at MonkeyFlux, it all aspects to this being FALSE. Our business is to achieve huge savings for our clients on their paid media in the most vital ecosystems.


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We have our monkey bots working on it 24/7, 365. They make critical adjustments throughout the day and don’t rest at night either; We have measured that 20% of bid adjustments take place while our clients sleep, dreaming happy dreams about their ROIs.


TikTok is only available through packs. 

Time and time again, the brands we spoke to tell us that they thought that the only way to break into the platform was through the fixed packs offered by individual agencies. Of course, these service packages have a lot to offer, but they are far from being for everyone. TikTok is taking its time to open up new territories for monetization.


Conclusion on tiktok Marketers in 2020

After activating most of Asia. TikTok seems to be taking it easy in terms of the territories . In which it wants to start opening its app to advertisers in the rest of the world. At least the partners we work within these countries can rest easy knowing . When these territories do finally open, they will be the first to take advantage of the power of this app. And while they wait, our algorithm is learning and improving processes. Which means even more incredible savings when it comes to them. I hope you well know tiktok Marketers in 2020. If you have any further queery then comment us or email us.