Tiktok the Chinese app that threatens reign of M. Zuckerberg

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Tiktok the Chinese app

So far, Mark Zuckerberg, you have reigned only in the world of social media. The creator and founder of Facebook knew 15 years ago, along with some of his colleagues at Harvard, that the creation of a website where users could expose their privacy was going to be successful. And boy, has he had it. Today, Facebook leads the list of the most popular apps of the decade, with more than 16,000 million downloads. Do you know Tiktok the Chinese app that threaten the reign in 2020.  At the moment, this genius from Silicon Valley breathes with some tranquility. 


Getting know: how Tiktok the Chinese app has a lots of user

Tiktok the Chinese app

The first four applications that top the list published by App Annie, a mobile market data and analysis platform, are his property. Facebook is following by Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram as second, third, and fourth classified.The fifth position is for Snapchat, prevalent among millennials for its short videos and various effects, and the sixth for the Skype video call application.

But the curious fact is provided by the seventh classified: Tik Tok. It is a Chinese social network, valued at $ 68 billion.


This social network had already become the most downloaded


 Owned by Byte Dance and founded by Zhang Yimin, this project, also known as Douyin, was born in 2016 in the Asian giant, and it was not until a year later when it entered the foreign market. By 2018, this social network had already become the most downloaded application in the United States in October, and, in July, it had more than 500 million users worldwide.


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Unlike the Zuckerberg platforms, more aimed at Generation Y – those born between the 1980s and the mid-1990s – this app now moves on to the next, the Z, made up of those born from 1995, who have grown together with technology and social networks.


TikTok in the third position in its ranking


Tiktok is on the heels of Facebook and Instagram.

However, for Sensor Tower, another app analyst, Zuckerberg, is not alone on the podium. This company places TikTok in the third position in its ranking. According to El Periódico, and has highlighted that the annual increase of the Chinese app is 6%. Therefore, these data show that, although Facebook remains the leader in solitude, Chinese social networks may come close to its heels. However, the California-based company not spared from being the subject of scandals, especially in 2018.



When the Cambridge Analytica consultancy stole information from 50 million Facebook users in the United States. On March 19 of that year, the value of the American company fell to $ 37 billion. Due to this scandal issue. Social media is a booming market. According to Business Insider, the investment of advertisers in social videos will shoot up 128% in 2023. I hope you use Tiktok the Chinese app.

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