TikTok video app worldwide : Hong Kong activist warns of the TikTok app.

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TikTok video app worldwide

More than a billion people use the TikTok video app worldwide  – around 5.5 million users said to be active in Germany every month. The Chinese video portal offers the possibility, as was once the case with the mini-playback show, to produce music clips to which you only have to move your lips. Sounds harmless, if you can say that in the internet world without any blame. In this article, I’ll describe How TikTok video is going to popular day by day. So let’s start.


Getting know: How TikTok video app worldwide famous?


Meanwhile, a well-known Hong Kong activist is raising the alarm. Joshua Wong (23) is the name of the student who is currently the spokesman for the mass protests in Hong Kong and has gained worldwide recognition. In an interview with the Bild newspaper, Wong expressed his lack of understanding of the carelessness of many Germans when dealing with TikTok.


Just as he has no understanding that the German government does not want to exclude the Chinese company Huawei from the expansion of the 5G infrastructure, the activist condemns the German euphoria about the TikTok video app. “The Chinese regime provided free data that used to spy on Europeans,” the 23-year-old told  Bild.


Does TikTok censor content because of the government of China?

Not only is fear of espionage expressed against TikTok. According to a report of the World, the Chinese operating company will filter out content. It does not fit the Chinese government. The editors of the Welt am Sonntag found out in a test that the app for sensitive terms such as “Falun gong”. Tiananmen massacre” and “Tiananmensquare” shows no or very few suitable articles.

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The company rejected the criticism of the paper. In the app, mostly entertaining videos uploaded. That would explain the low hits for sensitive videos. Also, a spokeswoman for the World on Sunday emphasized that governments did not influence TikTok content.


Tagesschau starts its own TikTok channel

For Joshua Wong, the carefree attitude towards TikTok still not understood. “Insane that there is no resistance and that everything accepted,” the activist told the picture

Meanwhile, the time-honored ARD daily show ventures into the teenage World: On Wednesday (November 20). Their first TikTok video went online – with spokesman Jan Hofe. Who selects a tie in the right color at the push of a button.

In the questionable “Kulikitaka Challenge,” TikTok users post videos scaring cows. Farmers in Germany warn and even consider the trend life-threatening.