another Invisible enemy – Tiktok would be the enemyin this year.

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another invisible enemy

The President of USA, Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, is announcing on June 11. The return to public activities that paralyzed for the last three months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They did not imagine that they would face another enemy, like the cause of the epidemic. There was viral propaganda—the first act to resume the campaign was organized in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. A place historically relevant within the current context and the recent protests against police brutality, in 1921, a tragic episode of racism left a trail of death and destruction in a prosperous neighborhood with a black population. From a short video published by Mrs. Do you know, Tiktok would be the real another invisible enemy for young generations. If you learn more, then stay reading this article.


Tiktok will be the next Another invisible enemy in 2020

MaryJo Laupp, where she invited more people to reserve seats, not attend and cause the stadium to be empty, a vast viral campaign began. The plan worked perfectly, and only 30% of the stadium seats were occupied during the event. They are generating a severe annoyance to President Trump that was evident in his speech. What happened in Tulsa suggests that Tiktok, a digital service that allows sharing short videos. Besides it is operating the Chinese company Bytedance, will become a vital tool for advertisers and politicians in the coming months.The numbers demonstrate this. TikTok has been the most downloaded application on mobile phones in recent months. It is dethroning WhatsApp and being surpassed only by the Zoom videoconference application during March 2020 due to the increase in teleworking due to the effect of the pandemic.


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TikTok seems to have become the alternative apps

TikTok is undoubtedly a worldwide phenomenon in terms of adoption. Particularly by the segment of adolescents and young adults (16 to 24 years old) were more than 60% of its users come. This platform’s great success is due to the authenticity it proposes along with the multiple forms of content generation that feel closer to users and more real. Without further assembly or production. TikTok seems to have become the alternative apps of young age. These new generations were looking for as a result of the “digital fatigue” that Instagram. Content has generated. Ordinary users, personalities, celebrities, and brands make exaggerated efforts to show photos and videos with high standards of quality and production. They are creating, in many cases, an image of falsehood.Within a few hours of announcing that to attend the “rally” in Tulsa in person, it was necessary to book tickets through the campaign’s website.




 A viral movement of unexpected magnitudes began to develop on social networks, but particularly in the TikTok platform. TikTok uses advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence, and video processing technologies to offer personalized content suggestions. This use of technology has proven to be so effective. It increases the users’ time on the platform to levels never seen before. An average of users is estimated to spend 52 minutes a day in the app. During the time they watch over 200 videos, including carefully targeted ads to their target audience. This phenomenon has made many already think about the emergence of a new problem: “addiction to TikTok”. Tiktok will be next to another invisible enemy, be aware from these apps . If you have more information, then email us or comment on us .


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