Top Paddle Boarding Places in the USA

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Are you looking for the best outdoor sport? Then Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is the best outdoor sport which you can enjoy, relax, fun and more. This sport not only give you an amazing workout, but you get to do it on the water, under the sun, and amongst some of the globe’s best attractive visuals and wildlife life. It is not a surprise to listen that paddleboarding is the rapidly growing water sport in the world!

Here is a place where the best sport for paddleboard in the US, from San Diego to Florida. Make sure you leave us a comment below in the comment section and tell us your favorite place.

Top Paddle Board Spots in California

The best sunshine place throughout the year and most people focus on fitness. California is well known as a place for all kinds of water sports. There are many beautiful places in the USA for paddling. But here I mention my best glorious place where you can enjoy a lot.

👉Lake Tahoe, California

The stunning Lake Tahoe – a freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada.

Stand up paddle boards have recently taken over the lake and stand up paddleboarding events have become very popular. This is due to Lake Tahoe’s crystal clear blue waters that provide a perfect view of the huge granite boulders sitting at the bottom of the lake.

Lake Tahoe, California

As you paddleboard around Lake Tahoe, you also get to enjoy the scenic snow-capped mountains surrounding the lake.

Lake Tahoe, together with Hawaii is known as one of the originators of the sport of paddleboarding.

This together with the paddleboarding events taking place in summer and early fall make this definitely one of the best spots to stand up paddleboard in the world.

The Ta-Hoe Nalu Paddle Festival is held roughly in the middle of August at Kings Beach, North Lake Tahoe. It is the longest-running and largest SUP race event in the United States. It’s a family-friendly event with various competitions including both distance and beginner races. There are typically more than $10,000 to be won in cash and prizes.

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👉La Jolla Cove Marine Sanctuary, California

That’s of course what makes La Jolla another top spot for stand up paddleboarding.

La Jolla Cove Marine Sanctuary, California

The La Jolla Cove in San Diego, California is a very small beach tucked between sandstone cliffs. There is a reason why this is one of the most photographed beaches in Southern California – its scenic beauty.

Lying within the Underwater Park Ecological Reserve means that marine life is plentiful here. You’re sure to see sea lions swimming underneath you or soaking up the sun on the rocks as you paddleboard in this unique spot.
You’ll also get to enjoy plenty of other marine life such as dolphins, colorful garibaldi, yellowtail, rays, and (if you’re lucky) even leopard sharks.

The cove itself is completely sheltered from surf making it an absolutely excellent spot for paddleboarding on flat water.

If you’re ready for some additional adventure, try to get into one of the caves for a huge surge of adrenaline whilst enjoying the breathtaking surroundings.

San Diego SUP board rentals are much happy to take you around the park. They also rent paddleboards or other SUP accessories you may have in San Diego.

👉The Shores of Coronado Island, San Diego

Shores of Coronado Island is another hot SUP board destination in California. It is surely one of the best spots to paddleboard in the country.

The Shores of Coronado Island, San Diego

Coronado Island is a great spot offering the best of both worlds, whether you just want to take it nice and easy or whether you’re up for an adrenaline-pumping surf session. The shores are sandy all the way, so you don’t have to worry about reefs or rocks.

If you’ve got a few hours on your hands and are up for the challenge, you might want to hit The Loop – a 10 mile long trip around the island, most of which can be done paddling. It’s not for the faint of heart – if you get even a slight breeze, the long stretches along the island can wear you down. If you’re lucky you might catch a few good waves which will give you a nice break.

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The experience and views are truly one of a kind. You will get to experience a perspective of the island from an angle that is quite unique – a view incorporating the Hotel Del Coronado, the Coronado shores, the Downtown skyline, the Coronado Bridge, and the mountains in the background – all at the same time.

👉Thurso Surf Stand Up Paddle Boards

If you are looking for best stand up paddleboards in the market. Then checkout Thurso surf paddleboards. Also use Thurso surf coupon code for extra discounts.

Thurso Surf Stand Up Paddle Boards.

There are five different models in Thurso surf. Each one is for different purposes. I have used all the five. These are of high quality and great for touring, adventures. You will enjoy every bit of time using Thurso surf stand up paddleboards. The cost is also very reasonable. They are giving 2 years warranty.

THURSO SURF Waterwalker All-Around SUP: This is best for multi paddlers on one stand up paddleboard.

THURSO SURF Expedition Touring SUP: This stands up paddleboard easy picks up its speed. This is best for long tours and adventures.

THURSO SURF Max Multi-Purpose SUP: This is for a multipurpose stand-up paddleboard.

THURSO SURF Tranquility Yoga SUP: If you are looking for YOGA or some fitness exercise. Then this could be your best buddy.

THURSO SURF Prodigy Junior SUP: This stands up paddle board is for small kids.

The Tahoe Cup, a racing series held in September includes the Tahoe Fall Classic, a 22-mile point-to-point paddle race from El Dorado Beach in South Lake Tahoe to Kings Beach State Beach. It is the longest inland distance paddleboard race in the world and draws hundreds of competitors from all over the country.

Paddling boarding in Lake Tahoe, surely experience the best paddle boarding spots in the world.


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